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Эгрегор «конца света»Hypothetical "doomsday" humanity "waiting for the" not for the first time. The prediction of a "day of judgment" is almost all peoples, in all the religions and cultures. So, the idea, which has many supporters, over the millennia could not form a powerful egregor! Humanity is constantly creates the egregor "end of the world"by feeding it with their energy.

Egregore - energy-informational structure arising from the actions of a group of people with common aspirations. The larger the group and soglasovanie emotions, thoughts and actions of people, its components, the more power he possesses. Egregore - "pure reason", interested only in their own existence, affecting peace and "pulling" all new "citizens". Egregore is a force capable of managing human lives in the global aspect. Among these forces: "Good" and "Evil", "Life" and "Death", "Order" and "Chaos".

All egregors out from a single source, forms and methods of influencing people for thousands of years the same, the only change is the external environment. One of the standard methodical developments egregor is to prepare the consciousness of people to the "end of the world". About it speak and write in the media, published in many magazines and books, are a different society, all aimed at people were waiting for the end of the world".

The structure of the egregor depends on the system of spiritual knowledge that is preached. Representatives of a certain doctrine through prayers, mantras, spells create energy flows and constantly nourish the egregore. Thus, around the globe there is a constant energy network of egregors.

Reasonable Ocean Stanislaw LEM is the only inhabitant of the planet Solaris, extracted from the subconscious earthlings innermost emotions and materializovyvalis them in the form of images and specific objects. Something similar could watch the aliens looking at our Land. They would see our civilization in the form of a six-dimensional ball, colored iridescent spots - egregors.

In the esoteric knowledge of the concept of "egregor" use for a long time. This is a spaceless and timeless Association of people on those or other characteristics: family, nation, state, religious...

In the egregor unite not only live in the moment people, but those who once lived or will live.

There are different egregors: States, Nations. religions, clan, magical orders, philosophies, creative schools, social movements... Many egregors restrict themselves idea, goal, social group. It is difficult to determine what is primary is some egregor, who created man, or the man who gave birth to the egregors. Daniil Andreev mean by egregors large energy-informational education.

As said Victor Rogozhkin: "the majority of people has a powerful abilities that "brothers in mind" is used for karmic perebrosa through various esoteric clans and egregors". The images form the astral thought-forms, which, in turn alter the physical plane. Egregors almost always, consciously or unconsciously, use magic energy, thoughts, words, actions. Traditions, holidays, rites, rituals, miracles, phenomena and other such things - all this magic. The more they developed and enforced, the more magic power, the more they affect people. Parades, demonstrations, processions, fires ku-Klux-Klan, torchlight processions fascists, fireworks, salutes - all this mass, various forces magical effects of certain egregors.

Man is a social being, and needs to uniting different motives, realized in various forms. At the present stage of development of society without most egregious human existence difficult. As with any phenomenon, the egregor has a positive quality. He carries a unifying principle. The evolution of mankind from community to today's social forms are examples of the birth and development of numerous egregious.

Disadvantages are manifested in the egregor when he begins to level, suppress individuality of people, to fit them into certain ideas, under the unified world view. Man, in this case, losing their individuality, it becomes part of the egregor, the executor of his will. Most people unquestioningly obey the egregors, and many do it consciously, trying to use them to achieve their specific goals. But this is an illusion. In fact, these individuals carry out the roles written for them egregors.

Politics, religion and many doctrines use suffering as a method of influence on people. Through suffering can Wake up man to the adoption of this or that leader, of God, to bring under protection egregor-of the Savior. But through suffering will not come to harmony! This path is a dead!

One of the most powerful was the egregor of Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian priests had occult knowledge and created the world that they needed. The pharaohs were educated by the priests and were performers of their will, and tried to make independent steps - were destroyed. The power of the priests was undivided.

For each of us will not be difficult to move the stone lying on the ground with a stick. But is it possible to move it with a straw? It is almost unreal. A thought is the straw. But if hundreds of people will try to push the stone straws, they can't move him, and if not to move, something in stone will change. The conclusion is simple - large groups of people, United by a common intent, give rise to an egregore.

The egregor "end of the world" - the vampire feeding on our fears. The task of humanity is to take his food." Doomsday will not happen because it egregor completely useless destruction of the world. Because in this case will disappear all vernopoddannye this egregor - and he will disappear. But an upsurge of mass phobias gives it tremendous power.

Now it is very important to fill the information space, the consciousness of the planet and the egregor of the Earth, kind, beautiful thoughts, feelings, actions and deeds. And the more they are, the higher will be the sound of planetary egregor. In this case, it will find support from the relevant egregors of the Universe and the evolution of mankind will be favourable. This depends on every person on the planet!

Author:Valentina Zhitanska
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