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NАSА опровергло информацию о сенсационном открытии на МарсеOn Thursday, the jet propulsion Laboratory (JPL) NАSА, which experts led by the research mission of the apparatus Curiosity, issued an official statement that the rumors and speculation about "important discoveries"allegedly made by the Rover to the red planet, do not correspond to reality.

December 3, JPL will hold in San Francisco press conference, where he will talk about the work of the Rover. "We will inform about the study by the office of the soil of the red planet. Curiosity, among other things, leads his analysis for the presence of organic - carbon-containing substances, necessary for existence of life. At the moment, the Rover did not find any precise evidence of their presence on Mars", - is spoken in the message JPL.

Experts remind that Curiosity is not spent on Mars and four months allocated on a mission two years. "All systems Curiosity work surprisingly well. While the device surpasses all expectations. He had discovered an ancient riverbed, and there is every reason to believe that soon will be done amazing new discoveries," the researchers note.

Earlier media reported that the leaders of JPL ready to inform the public "something terrific", reminds ITAR-TASS. It is suggested that Curiosity could find on the red planet simple organic molecules.

American interplanetary spacecraft with Curiosity Rover on Board landed on the red planet on 6 August of the current year. The main goal of the expedition is to try to detect whether there was ever on Mars conditions for the origin of living organisms. The project is NАSА, it had cost $ 2.5 billion.
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