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Что ждет человечество вместо Конца света-2012?The end of the world is cancelled. So I tell futurologists. Unlike psychics, they do not predict the future. They analyze scientific data, achievements of science and technology. And on the basis of information are forecast what should be tomorrow humanity. What would be our future?

To answer helped us scientist, futurist, an activist of the Russian transhumanist society Danila Medvedev.

Ass and Breasts will increase through the computer

People will live forever. To travel to star worlds. And to learn a foreign or alien language can be for a few hours. It's not a fantasy, but quite possible reality.

In the modern world, if the person is in trouble and he tore off the arm or leg - for him this is the end, lifelong disabilities. In the world of the future, say the futurologists, the problem is not a problem.

- Now there are artificial grown organs, " says Danila Medvedev. - In Krasnodar, for example, at the invitation have been successfully works Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, which raises the trachea and bronchi. Two thousand hearing impaired children in Russia has already implanted artificial ears. There is an artificial legs and arms. Hands in comparison with native bodily work while 25 percent, legs - 80. But development continues, the prospects are very good - artificial organs cannot be distinguished from the real ones. I have a friend athlete who runs around with one artificial leg. And few people know that the leg had "not his own".

In the near future without any problems you can replace any of the aged or "ill" organs: heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and the list goes on. And diseases to disappear altogether. Science long ago discovered that viruses and bacteria are living. So, you can talk to them... and to agree to go.

There is another good news, especially for women. It will be possible not to worry about cellulite or "bad" form of the nose. Don't like your feet - replace artificial, are as real - smooth and long. Or increase breast size. Not with the help of plastic surgeons and a remote battery-powered - own body can be managed this way. To monitor your body will be a personal computer. One of its objectives medical diagnosis: "Hey, boss, penetrated cold virus, let him speak what he wants?" Also with the help of smart cars you can model your body. And change it depending on my mood. For example: today I want to be the blonde with the fifth dimension and feet from the ears. And tomorrow will come up with something else!

You will not need a stylist-visagiste and tons of makeup, only your own imagination. Similarly, you can create clothes for every day. Quickly and without tiring shopping.

Artificial macho will not drink

You can "order" a husband. However, says Danila Medvedev, the family in the present concept will cease to exist now in developed countries, people are not in a hurry to burden the knot. But in Russia samotnym life women sometimes want to lean to reliable men's shoulder. And men normal enough.

Fortunately for us, rapidly developing robotics.

- After 10 years of robots externally will not differ from the people, - said the scientist.

You can buy a robot with certain parameters. For example: caring brunette with brown eyes... And score in the program of his male responsibilities: take out the garbage, doing the dishes, do not throw your socks... Not man - the dream!

All well and good, but how to give birth from artificial macho? And did. According to the calculations of futurologists, the concept of "bear and give birth" in the future, he will disappear from the lexicon.

- Because births - and you can't not agree with me - it hurts, it is dangerous, " says Danila Medvedev.
The prenatal period will be held in artificial incubator. And you can lay a half - boy or girl - and qualities of character. Will disappear definition of "abandoned, unwanted children," and so on.

"Overpopulation of the planet", which afraid separate skeptics, do not be alarmed. You can live in the virtual space - it is infinite. World wide web - the Internet is already called the "fourth dimension", and the Network develops. Also there is a giant space, the universe is populated only an insignificant part. Is where to turn.

Will disappear and sex in current understanding. All the pleasant sensations can be obtained also through the Internet.

The partner is not needed, just plug in sensors.

It's not utopia, - said Danila. - You just need to say this world we need, and further care of scientists.

But in our society it is accepted to speak about the problems facing the coming famine, the end of the world, the depletion of the Earth's interior...

And it is necessary to speak about progress. After all, when you organize a holiday home, you don't say to yourself: "it is Necessary that no one was poisoned vodka, not fell from the window, was not drowned in the bathtub..." Principle of construction of the future world, in fact, is not much different.

Kataeva Viktoria
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