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"NASA устроило на Марсе грандиозный спектакль"The name of Richard Hoagland-known to those interested in the problem of finding intelligent life in the Universe. It is the founder and chief specialist independent research centre for monitoring the activities of NASA (National Aeronautics and space), which is called the Enterprise Mission. Its task is to find out what discoveries made by NASA's Solar system over the past half century, hidden under the "top secret".

According to Mr. Hoagland, Curiosity Rover ("Curiosity") became the main character of the grandiose performance. No matter how much NASA to hide from mankind the true purpose of the Mars mission, though still swam out.

On Mars may be the ruins of ancient buildings

According to Hoagland, NASA long been aware of the fact that on the red planet are the ruins of ancient buildings, once created by the efforts of intelligent beings. However, the signs of the activity of extraterrestrial civilizations is in the whole Universe.

Precisely in order to find out whether these ruins of abandoned or under them, life goes on, and go to Mars numerous spacecraft. Richard Hoagland offers to take a little trip into the past, to understand why NASA is trying to keep secret some sensational discoveries showing that there is in the space of intelligent life.

Journey to the past

It turns out, back in 1950-ies of the Brookings Institute in Washington, the task of NASA conducted a special research and prepared a report entitled "the Forecast of consequences for humanity peaceful activities in space", better known as "the Report of the Brookings". In addition, it was estimated possible "consequences of discovery in the Solar system forms of intelligent extraterrestrial life or even artifacts, confirming its existence in the past." In the report it was recommended to classify all unusual data that can be obtained by studying the cosmos. At that time, according to Richard Hoagland, NASA already had a lot of such information, and began immediately, if not destroy, it's certain to hide from prying eyes.

The mystery of mount Sharpe

And this is the mission of Curiosity gave unexpected results, keep that in secret, it seems, will not succeed. As is known, the Rover has landed on the Red planet near Gale crater, which is 5.5 kilometers towering cone of the mountain Sharpe, which NASA is designated as the ancient giant tetrahedral education.

The perimeter of its Foundation is 32 kilometers. Judging by the pictures transferred Curiosity on the Ground, the shape of the mountain is very unusual and tempting to think of its artificial origin. By the way, close to the mountain is a huge pyramid complex, similar to the one that is in Giza.

The Rover soon "broken"?

In August, NASA held a press conference dedicated to the project Curiosity. The head of the group of public observers over the activities of NASA Kate Going on the phone asked one of the leaders of the project: as the Agency comes with photos from Mars that are instantly uploaded to the Internet, given that they can be "controversial"? And if they have specialist, instantly analyzing images to detect them anomalous phenomena and structures? What will you do employees NASA, if suddenly will detect anomalies of biological origin? The answer was very vague - say, if someone something on these pictures will be, let's take this to your imagination.

Richard Hoagland says that wouldn't be surprised if in the near future, NASA will announce breakdown of the Rover or about the loss of connection with him. After all mankind because of Curiosity mission fell as much evidence about the presence on the red planet or in its interior life that little bit more, and catastrophic consequences, promised in "the Report of the Brookings", will be not far off. Why disturb people in vain?

"Mystery of the twentieth century", November 2012
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