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onua.org » 2012 » Paul Sitnikov told the Tyumen on recent visits UFO and about what will happen on December 21
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Among listeners of lectures Paul Sitnikov, people of different age and social status, but all United by one thing - the interest in the world around us. Even greater interest is the mysterious world. To nachitalsya different secrets you can, of course, and on the Internet, but nobody will give guarantees in where fact and the fiction.

Where and when flying UFO

"My first lecture on UFOs, " explained Paul Sitnikov. - About unidentified flying objects that exist around us, committed all kinds of appliances. In this lecture I want to tell all accurate, including the last meeting, and with cymbals, and with aliens. Perhaps, this is one of my most interesting lectures, to which I added new facts, including a small sensation, which is open I will inform you later. The only I can say that local stalkers in Okunevo the Omsk region, where I am with a group of ecotourists was last summer, and found an artifact of approximately 30 to 200 meters. Of course, he has an artificial origin and was created not even the previous civilization that existed on the earth, and alien civilization. And there are three proofs. Unfortunately, nothing more until I can't say. For research need another expedition that I plan next year".

According to Pavel Sitnikov, UFOs can be seen by anyone, it is enough to get away from the TV, exit to the starry night on the street and watch.

"I believe that for 20 minutes will be quite enough, I am sure Tyumen Stalker. - And you will see some "drunk" satellite, which drastically changes the trajectory of jumping or swinging in the sky, ignoring all laws of physics. This is a typical example of UFO sightings of the first order. The chances of seeing a UFO in the sky approximately 50 to 50. We double-Lee thrice seen such a UFO during the summer eco-tours. Another thing is to see a UFO, which has a specific man-made form, it is difficult. However, there are many people who have not only seen, but also managed to take a picture of such objects".

As night turned into day

During the lecture, Paul Sitnikov gave some examples of visits UFO on the Tyumen land. So, at night on February 8, 2009 in Tyumen surveillance camera recorded a bright light - as if a thousand spotlights shone a huge territory. The same sudden flashes of light every few days residents observed in different districts of the Tyumen region. So it was never realized, because all who at this point was on the street, have been on for a while blinded by the flash. It is more than obvious that this light is of extraterrestrial origin.

Another example. Every year on new year's night in the vicinity of Tyumen artist Jan Baume photographing flying in the sky UFO. Photographs from a tripod. The pictures clearly visible luminescent orange figurine. That is, nobody knows. But it appears over our city regularly, just after midnight. The time will definitely take a look, maybe you're lucky.

How to spot a hoax. Expert advice

"Dish" appear not only at night. Cigar-shaped UFO was filmed in the area of TPP-2 November 7, 2010 in sunlight. On the screenshot from the video clearly visible "outsider" object. However, vouch for the authenticity of the frame cannot. Now if it was a photograph. In this lecture, Paul Sitnikov shared a secret, as ufologists determine the authenticity of the picture. Actually, everything is simple: open the snapshot with the "sensation" in the computer, right-click the "mouse" go to properties, then click "detail". If the image is original, the screen should display all information about which camera it was made, what shutter speed with which the diaphragm. You only have to stick together two images into one in photoshop, as all the data are lost. In the properties you already will not see them. Even if the photo is made on camera cell phone, in the properties of the image will be shown the brand of the phone. As an example, the lecturer took the picture, who recently flew all over the Tyumen Internet. Remember this "neveroqtno" a story of one business "Plant of Plastics" bought a cell phone and started to photograph them all in a row in the barracks. Into the frame translucent girl-cast, allegedly even merchant blood. In the properties of the "sensational" photo only specify the size to 20 KB. Would be the original of the picture, the answer would have been even more obvious. This "good" on the Internet in bulk. And those who hide the truth from us, these tricks are only at hand.


One of the most amazing UFO sightings occurred in 1983 in the outskirts of Vladikavkaz. Here in the forest, has made emergency landing the aircraft with anti-gravity engine. Mushroom pickers who first discovered, had to go inside and even take a picture, which later appeared in the Network. Unfortunately, acquaintance with UFOs for mushroom pickers failed miserably. They both died of cancer in 1988, obviously, having received a high dose of radiation. The object was taken to the military base and classified.

With great surprise all listened to the story with the so-called Kyshtym dwarf or Alashankou. 13 August 1996 it has found a pensioner at the local cemetery. Its growth was only 25 cm, and that he was a pensioner about a month until my grandma, who, they say, was not in your mind, don't put in the hospital, and "granddaughters" meanwhile died from hunger. According to another version it crushed one of the local drunks, when during the next binge drinking with friends, being in this house, sat on the stranger. On the way to Moscow, the body of the stranger mysteriously disappeared. Only fragments of blood and particles of the brain on the rag, in which he was wrapped after his death. Studies have confirmed the speculation of ufologists. But then, in 1996, this story on the background of many other tales, few took it seriously. All the same rights was the hero of the film "Men in black", which said that Earthmen have no reliable information about the interplanetary visits, except that in the yellow press faintly curious history."

"On 21 December...."

Speaking of the upcoming expedition to the countryside Okunevo, known as the Navel of the Earth, Paul Sitnikov with sadness in his voice noticed that she may never happen, alluding to the prophecy of the Maya. That supposedly should happen on December 21, on Earth, Stalker, unfortunately, believes.

"Everything will begin much earlier, from 15 December, eclipses of the Sun and then everything will go increasingly, said Paul Sitnikov. - The planet will be a whole week, in order to shake off all parasites. The advice is simple: have nothing to fear, sit with their children at home and try not to go far from home, because there may be problems with transport, with electricity. Still, let's hope for the best. I have so many plans".

"Paul Sitnikov is a supporter of healthy way of life, the organizer of great tours, has extensive experience of the traveler and a lot of useful information, which, undoubtedly, will be interesting to travel companies interested in development of local tourism", - explained "Vsluh.ru" the head of the Department of tourism development of the Department of investment policy and state support of entrepreneurship of the Tyumen region Galina Storozhko, who attended the first lecture.
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