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Будет ли жизнь на Марсе?Science fiction becomes reality. It is likely that at some time in the planet Mars mankind will be able to equip life - NASA experts are already working on projects to create Mars habitable conditions.

Scientists believe that Mars is the most suitable planet in the Solar system to create it conditions under which potential human life. Launched by Americans Curiosity Rover was able to collect on the planet and analyse soil samples. On the Rover has the necessary equipment for the relevant experiences - laser spectrometers, mass-spectrometer, gas chromatograph and chemical-mineralogical laboratory. It is with their help, released in the heating process of the Martian sand gases were able to explore and find out what's on the planet there are organic chemical compounds containing carbon, which may be part of living beings.

In addition, it is possible that found in samples of soil and organic compounds that contain oxygen and chlorine. However, scientists cannot yet confidently say that carbon was before on Mars - maybe he got on planet together with Curiosity Rover.

However, regardless of the already existing on Mars conditions, the American scientists believe that to create the necessary for human life conditions on this planet. To do this on Mars just to make... global warming. Practically, this task can be solved in the following way - to create a factory that will generate greenhouse gases such as chlorofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons that the Kyoto Protocol prohibited the release into the atmosphere of the Earth.

To generate these substances specially created Grand complexes will use those chemical compounds that can be obtained from the Martian soil and atmosphere of the planet. About a hundred of such complexes continuously operated in over a century, will be able to raise the temperature on Mars is even slightly for a full human life, but quite enough for the production of carbon dioxide, which will predetermine the beginning of evaporation. This will allow to raise the temperature of up to acceptable human body temperature.

On the whole process of creating conditions for human life on Mars will take several centuries, however, it is possible that with the evolution of technologies, some processes will be possible to expedite and accelerate this process. And who knows, maybe this generation will be able to go to Mars on a constant residence.
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