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Изображения "живого" Марса представил американский инженерThe engineer and programmer Kevin Jill from the USA demonstrated how from space could look like Mars in the past, if it existed on the planet life. With the results of the simulation can be found in the blog engineer, and brief comments to them passes the Universe Today.

Three-dimensional model of a Gill based on the data on the topography of Mars, which were obtained probe "Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter". Released in 2006 to orbit the red planet, this spacecraft made a map of all elevations its surface with high resolution 128 pixels per degree.

When drafting its model of Mars Jill used only objective data MRO, whereas most of the other settings, for example, water level, the chemical composition of the atmosphere and vegetation were selected without any scientific substantiation. For clarity, the output image were also exaggerated 10 times features relief

Temperature, which currently prevails on the surface of Mars, does not allow the existence of liquid water. Many studies made with the Mars Rover "Spirit" and "opportunity"and a number of orbital apparatus, showed that under the surface of the Martian soil may be deposits of water (in some areas to a depth of only a few centimeters). The temperature of the planet in the past was significantly higher than this, that made quite the existence of liquid water-and possibly life, theoretically.
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