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В 2013 году будет доказана жизнь за пределами Солнечной системыIn 2013 it is proved the existence of life on another planet, which is most similar to Earth. The opening will transform humanity about their place in the Universe.

In recent years, astronomers have found several exoplanets (planets outside the Solar system), which is similar to Earth - like temperature, volume and so on, However, signs of life on it was found. However, according to scientists, the existence of life on this planet will be proved in 2013, informs Fox News.

For the first time astronomers have discovered exoplanet in 1995. Since then there have been found more than 800 planets outside the Solar system. In addition, there were plenty of celestial bodies that are just claim to be exoplanets.

For example, the space telescope NASA Kepler" only since March, 2009 has opened more than 2.3 thousand potential exoplanets. But only 100 of them were as such after a more detailed review. Scientists estimate that about 80% of all candidates for the title of exoplanets finally don't get it.

The first exoplanet was called the heavenly bodies, reminiscent of Jupiter in size and excited because of their proximity to their parent stars. However, as technology developed, astronomers began to see smaller and dimmer celestial bodies, which, however, its characteristics are more like the Earth.

Last year Keller discovered planet, which is 2.4 times more Land. It, probably, there is water and possibly life.

None of the alleged exoplanets not compare its size with the Earth. Each of these celestial bodies are noticeably more of our planet. In addition, they are all too close to its parent star. Therefore, scientists weed out those planets that are in the so-called "habitable zone"where not too hot and not too cold for that could arise in life.

Over time, the telescope opens more and more distant planet.

The main tool used by astronomers to search for planets - HARPS (Search engine radial velocity of the planets), which works with high accuracy, even when watching the planets in other galaxies. This equipment is installed on the telescope of the European southern Observatory, located in Chile.

If telescope "Kepler" explores the heavenly bodies that are very distant from the Earth, the HARPS monitors the nearest planets. And if the first can give only General data on a celestial body, HARPS - more detailed information about it.

According to scientists, in the milky Way galaxy sure there are plenty of planets suitable for life.

"Today we have discovered about 200 billion stars, among them at least 50 billion planets," says Mikko Twomey, researcher, University of Hertfordshire (England).

"Planets resembling our Universe may be about 5 million," he added.
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