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Ченнелинг:Путешествия во времениTime travel, as we have said, was in Your future and the past. Although there are cases in which people temporarily transferred to other holograms time, very rarely happens that a complete transition. Your Admiral Byrd, indeed, temporarily made a real change of dispensation during his polar flight. Most of the disappearances of aircraft in the Bermuda triangle, which became public knowledge, not been ongoing transitions.

Violation of time really happened, but the aircraft has not disappeared completely in another period of time. Rather, it was connected with failures of devices that were asked the wrong direction and called radio silence, and the planes were just crashed into the sea.

Undoubtedly, your governments, working in secret tandem with secret corporations, already at the initial stage has developed mechanisms to time travel. They are not manageable, and the stress that man is very great, it makes you look older human body is approximately 7 to 10 years with each trip. Currently, they are able to travel in time by approximately 20 years, however, unable to travel in time. Over time, as the equipment will be transferred from the use of magnetic forces to use crystal bio-plasma fields, the process will be greatly improved, and navigation in time will be planned without random failures.

Optimal navigation in time happens in the Mer-Ka-On, by the perfect bio-plasma field, and although it helps so-called crystalline unit of the direction of time, first of all, the factor light consciousness traveler. Many of you are traveling in time quite often in the dream state, and this is the key to how this is best time to make, when You learn to be more aware state of expanded awareness. This is of course the Laws of Physics that apply to the management of time and space within the dimension.

In the not so distant future, Mankind will re-open these laws. When it happens, will be better understood apparent border between the future, the past and the present. As we have already explained, the experience of duality third dimension contains parameters that limit the perception of humanity higher dimensions.

Indeed filters three-dimensional create the illusion of linear sequential unfolding of time. This is the reason that mankind believes that there is a time and eternity, and the next moment comes, like the previous one, and it will also evaporate elusive in the fog of the past. We tell You all, and Omni-Earth, and even the Multiverse exist simultaneously. Only those who exist within three dimensional reality, manifested past, present and future. And programs that separate files period of time-periods on the Omni-Earth can move.

The past is Dynamic

The past and the future, as You believe it should be", exists as a series of electromagnetic receptors in the crystal part of the physical brain and the physical mind is in the ultraviolet zone. These electromagnetic codes can be changed, in fact they are in constant motion. You write Your destiny, and Your destiny is not linear - it is dynamic. Creating your past is as important as creating the present and the future. The past is quite flexible, it is no more fixed than the future. Your mental activity and beliefs in this create Your past, and there are many valid versions of the past and the future.

We say to You that if the next generation from an early age will be taught that the Roman Empire ruled the world before the 17th century, it really such a background will become a reality, and will be found the evidence supporting it. Nevertheless it would be a very different past, than the older generation. But both would be correct. It would have been different, but valid files within holographic program time.

As people in duality, you take it for granted that the effect of this can change the future, but this might just as well to modify and change the past. The past is no longer separated and not separated from your present, from the decisions You make now. We share with You this great truth, to make You think that everything you do is a result of Your past, and, therefore, You may remove the so-called injuries and wrong actions that happened a few years or a few lives back from Your current position. Moreover, all You have to do! Clearly, electromagnetic crystallographic portals have each of You inside the brain. Likely the past can be changed, and such changes are not uncommon. These changes actually occur randomly on a subconscious level. You can now learn to do it consciously, entering in Quantum Consciousness through the Measure-Ka-On.

You rarely remember linear aspect of the past as it was. Indeed, You are constantly changing your memory about the past based on the experience of each moment, each new event. It is a constant metamorphosis from the moment of the happening of any event. Your hypnotists know that pseudomorphinae about fictitious or modified past events can be embedded in the human brain through deep established motive, and, in the literal sense of this memories, and they kind of influence the present, becoming quite real. The reason for this is that the future, present and past are always re-created each person as beliefs, attitudes and unity of development and change. And notice that it happens in real time at rest, not metaphorically. Changes You make are quite real. You develop with years, but within you, the adult, remains a small child. But this inner child also dynamic, it is not "pressed" into a permanent version of what it was initially. The child within man is constantly changing every day, as a teen, youth, adult and Mature You in Your future.

The Power Of This

Now You are stuck because You enter into the energy of the ascension, to take control of energy now, and understand what You can and should change the past, Your individual past, from the standpoint of "now". "Now", You can enter the Mer-Ka-On, and to gain control within Your multidimensionality. It is a sacred Universal Truth, and it expands when You enter it. It expands into energy, which gives You support for the co-creation in a single moment of "now", above linear time and holographic stay within time Omni-Earth.
We say to You that personal problems and blocking can occur and indeed occur when the corresponding development in the past has stalled, and development could not happen next. In some scenarios, there is a serious neurosis, because he never changed his past. For example, was chosen a life in which You were a party of catastrophic events that led to heavy losses of life. This could be selected for numerous reasons for growth. Perhaps, as one example, in the lives of the people will be more to appreciate time spent with love because of the fact that I learned that life can suddenly end.

Such severe injuries, which were selected as a lesson in one of lives, often emotionally very expensive, because they could bleed and have a negative impact on other vital programs. These adverse bleeding, can be expressed as a strong fear of flying or fear of water, etc. of the Wizard, You can enter in Quantum Consciousness, remove the negative, and, saving the obtained experience, to replace the event completely positive alternative. You can change the past!

At that time, as you need to understand what the real reason that You chose a traumatic ordeal, it is also true that some traumatic or undesirable events happen to just to show You what can happen if You don't consciously will create its own reality. If You want to support in the mental state of the belief that the world is evil, or that You are unworthy of benefits, then the individual mental projection accurately displays adverse events in the physical reality that Your thinking showed them. In any case, You can and should learn a lesson, and then change, as if to dilute the experience of the past, turning it into a positive. This is necessary and can be made consciously in levels of consciousness Mer-Ka-BA and the Mer-Ka-On.

And again, the key to understanding that all of reality is mobile. All can be changed.

Quantum Consciousness

Your reality in all stays constant state of stress. Nothing from the past You is not "written in stone", but humanity largely forgot about this truth. Thus, we say to You that each scenario of Your event is just one of the many possibilities huge menu of probabilities.

The ones You do not feel, in Your terms, is as valid as those that occur. Accordingly, You can return to any vector through Quantum Consciousness Mer-Ka-On, any change reality. If You choose to change a particularly traumatic experience (if you have), You can change it to whatever select.

Always remember that the world was formed holographicif Your thought processes in the real images that reflect Your own universe. When You really realize that Your physical events and the environment is fully materialization of Your own structured mental universe and beliefs, then You hold the keys to the doors to the writing of the future and really rewriting what You think about both the past.

This is manifested through the intention and the best applications of Your divine will. But this requires a concentrated reflection and concentrated effort. During the realization of Your true power, the free will is a double-edged sword, until You become again the wisdom and enlightenment. Use Your free will haphazard in less conscious lives could turn and really transformed the physical reality into something less than what could be in Your present residence. But again because of perceptions that the result would be different for a reason, and because of Your greater growth.

Are you studying at the University of Duality" on the Earth plane, studying how responsibly to create, and this includes in the process of development problems and difficulties. All You'll ever finish, every heart in his time. You do not co-created the plan of duality to fail. No one will be left behind.

At a higher level of humanity remains to find your true inner nature and the divine, the spiritual purpose and non-physical source. But most people have lost contact with this wisdom in three-dimensional space. You are so much focused on the dense physical reality is the only reality, ktorzy You take into account and, therefore, think it possible.

Spatial-temporal portals

The Lemurians who fled from the Islands Mu, entered the inner sphere of the Earth, not just to tour the caves. They suddenly found the cave and went down deeper and deeper, until I came across vast abyss of the inner world. Rather, they went into another program Omni-Earth, just gathered in coordinate space-time portal, and increasing its frequency through intention and self-control, moved to another hologram.

This process is more scientifically and methodically continued during the Golden Era of Atlantis for different purposes. The Lemurians relied primarily on natural vectors gates of time; whereas in Atlantis were complex devices and crystals, creating portals time.

The opportunity to get rid of time, and, indeed, move it, has a small favor, consisting in healing himself in the multidimensionality. In certain areas on Your planet accessing holograms time and multidimensional aspects somewhat easier. Arkansas and Mount Shasta some of the most powerful in North America. Worldwide Titicaca, Roslin, Montserrat, Newgrange, Giza, Minas Gerais in Brazil and lake Baikal the most powerful.

This is due to the frequency energy radiated by the portals. It can be also achieved in the field Mer-Ka-On anywhere. No past events "written in stone", and the future is not predetermined. Any event can be changed not only before or during but also after it happened. You are here to learn, not to fail. All this dream was never intended to be a nightmare. It has a happy ending.

The conscious creation of Your future and change the past remain one of the final issues for many of You, and no time was no more powerful than "now". Be sure the end of the course will be held, You created it, and continue to do so.


Dear, the Rapture will happen. Leave your fears, and create the energies of 2012 and after, friendly completion, which You were waiting for a Millennium.

Nothing ends in 2012. Poles will not move the axis of the Earth will not bend, and the asteroid will not destroy the Earth. The economy will not fall in panic and chaos are not going to rule. What is the purpose of this? 21.12.12 - a new beginning. And You all, many of the "You" on many levels, many dimensions, many epochs of the past, present and future come together in the now, for this to happen. We assure You of this.

Land to expand, to rise 12.12.12, and the new matrix will be revived 21.12.12. "Higher education" Earth to 12 measurement provides a template for the ascension of Humanity approximately for 300 years and 15 generations. Many of You here to go!

All You will get higher education, all You Ascend.... every heart in his time. You do not co-produced the plan of duality to fail. No one will be left behind. This dream of a happy ending. Create it!

I am Metatron, and I share with You this Truth.

And It Is!

Made By James Tiberina
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