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Грозит ли Земле нашествие инопланетянOn Earth there are areas H a kind channels, or window, for a penetration of extraterrestrial intelligence on our planet Such Windows are in Germany, Brazil, USA, UK, Australia, Japan, France and other countries. In particular, a rich UFO events the U.S. state of new Mexico.

There are also the preferred route, along the guides (they are called ''fiducial marks") arrive alien ships. It is with their pomoshyu can explain the phenomenon of the concentration of UFOs in certain parts of the globe. Navigation reference guide goes on day and night. We do not see many phenomena only because these areas remote from human settlements, and UFO-events occur mostly at night.

The invasion of such creatures can be expected on the Ground in the near future? What are they? With whom we may have to deal with?


It humanoids, reminiscent of insects. Quite rare, but distinct. They have long, thin limbs forequarters over what'kind of capture or claws, eyes ~ huge compound

If this kind of humanoid really exists, as in some cases describe the alien's witnesses), these being the easiest could endure terrible acceleration (40 g)that arise in the long interplanetary and interstellar flights. That insects better than mammals and generally highly organized animals, carry huge gravitational overload, knew Tsiolkovsky, who personally conducted similar experiments with cockroaches.

Congestion can also occur not only at the start and braking of the spacecraft, but when they^those are complex and the earthly measures ^unthinkable, pirouettes, when UFOs, without reducing speed, change the direction of flight 90 . Sharp maneuvers alien ships, suggest, can only make the insectoid.


Some humanoids can be qualified as reptoides. Their hallmark H leather cheshuichatoe patterns, like snakes, crocodiles and other reptiles. The body folded, on the hands and feet H claws. Eyes glowing yellow and green.

Humanoids of this type differ cruelty, abuse people, including sexual.

The reptoides some witnesses identified with Satan, or Satan's army. They are believed to belong to the infernal fields of the Universe, to the infernal forces. According to testimonies, the mention of the name of Christ gives them a strong reaction. It is assumed that reptoides was a type of the devil in the New Testament, which appeared in the form of a serpent who tempted Pervolia.


A popular place for visits H lower Saxony. The growth of these creatures 2-2,6 m Head is huge relative to the body. Eye readable, as two lights on the truck Ears and nose are not visible.

Leather giants ' ' has a light-blue shade too blue Yai their blood?). Especially impressive are the hands of giants: hands-almost twice the head Brush three-toed, two fingers and the thumb.

In appearance these space Polygamy seemed males.

Extraterrestrial players usually accompanied being small in stature: so to say, there comes a tank, and followed by a space infantry.


That's the ones that follow. But there are alone.

The growth of these beings barely reaches 90-100 see Legs short end some hoof, that does not prevent these humanoids to move quickly and get away from the troublesome witnesses.

Surprisingly, this race is also the three-toed. Hands disproportionately long, terribly thin and hanging down to the ground. On the masquerade or dressed people cannot be and speeches. People with such anatomical features on Earth is simply no. And who needs this masquerade in faraway places Lower Saxony?

On the face clearly differ large, slightly almond shaped black eyes. Nose, mouth and ears indistinguishable. The impression is that mikrohitel of the Universe are upon the face of protective breathing mask that hides the details of the face.

Space dwarfs dressed in silver jumpsuits. The peace-loving nature.


Gray beings also stunted (from 90 to 120 cm). They have grey leather, disproportionately large head without vegetation, superficially poorly developed limbs, slim torso.

The classic type of grey humanoid has either a small or undetectable nose, small lipless mouth, thin fingers. Fingers over claws or suction cups. Messages about the gray humanoids come mainly from the USA. In rozvadsky events of 1947 in the state of new Mexico, when they found the body of aliens, it was gray humanoids. The body was exposed to the autopsy and found some amazing anatomical features of the internal structure.

So, they don't have the digestive canal, outlet, instead of the blood of some liquid. The heart and liver were missing or were not found by the pathologists. The brain was well developed, but its structure is different from the gray matter of the person. In the state of new Mexico and Texas crashed several flying saucers with crews gray beings. The impression that grey was chosen for his expeditions it was the United States of America. The number of accidents with UFO in 1947 in the area was so great that the authorities are seriously expected invasion of aliens. As it turned out, then H has carried.


This type of humanoid different because they are very similar to humans, but dressed in a black robe, producing a very frightening impression on witnesses. Men in black resembling command of the SS Nazi Germany, encountered practically in every region of the globe. They usually appear from aircraft, landing on top of the people in connection with the repair. Out of the UFO groups of twos or threes.

Treat population rude, demanding. Speak good English or any other language, sometimes even in the slang used by criminal villains and gangsters.

Wearing these creatures in a well-pressed suits and wear a black armband on their heads. Willingly ask interlocutors about the kind of their activities to be interested in such details, as ballpoint pens, and other everyday items, giving the impression that this is some hermits, long isolated from civilization, for example, a secret military bases 4th Reich left over from Nazi Germany and located in the remotest corners of the globe.

In conversation with witnesses constantly applied threats, requiring disclosure of their aircraft. Usually they are the terror of those who talked with them.


Again reminiscence with the Germans, as this type of humanoid very similar to humans, but is distinguished by its special stateliness, beauty, blond hair, as we believe is inherent truly Nordic type.

These were mostly men, but occasionally met the woman of rare beauty. According to the American kontakteeruda, he met with the female fish, which, according to him, called "the captain Aura Previously". She was the commander of the space ship aliens who came to Earth in 1952. She met with Bathroom at night in a lonely places (!). The last two meetings were held in the home of the American.

The alien has assured Buturama to establish in the world "Sanctuary thoughts" H international organization, the activity of which would be aimed at the preservation of peace on our planet.

Humanoids this type refuse to be photographed and avoid appearing on the eyes immediately many earthlings.

T&Kim way, according to eyewitnesses, Nordic type is the most humane and mirolubova of all races extraterrestrial intelligence.

Considering the different types of aliens allows to make a conclusion: among extraterrestrial races of civilizations is very aggressive and very peaceful. Most of the stranger" talking about the need to save the Earth, stop wars, but some is threatened by accidents and violence to the population of our planet. There are those who seek to colonize the civilization of Earthmen, now using it for their own selfish purposes, in particular for change and improvement of their gene pool, which kidnap people and carried out genetic experiments.


Cases of sexual contacts aliens with representatives of the civilization of Earthmen in the last burden has increased. The aliens are implanted earthly women extraterrestrial genetic material. Women have so-called hybrid children.

According to some women subjected to sexual violence on the part of Venezuelan, they conceived and gave birth to children of Bapi they then selected. However, sometimes they are allowed to see and even hold in hands hybrid offspring. On responses of women, children genius already in infancy, are rare physical strength and intelligence of the Most famous case of abduction with sexual intercourse American women Betty Andreasson Hatch and Betty hill. The latter case is described in the book Difuria "Interrupted journey" (1966).

Half men-poluprikolki, perhaps, are now also among us. Occasionally there are also reports of people with unusual properties or anatomy. So, I myself was a witness that a young girl's eyes were vertical, like a cat that cannot and will not happen to men. This girl, photo, which showed me that lives in Russia in Orel.

Find amazing even infants under circumstances that exceeds the imagination of man, but, undoubtedly, showing that it's not the people. It is about the unearthly child, or at least H a hybrid origin

Swiss Explorer Bspeller in the Brazilian forests in the region of town of Anori found a baby about 14-16 months old. Views of the child unusual. He has a natural pointed ears, colorless eyes with small point pupils, who sometimes become the mirror, tubular nose. Baby contain at a military base near Anori, baby physically fit. Speaking in an unknown language, decrypt, which has so far failed!

Tubular nose H detail, strange to earth person. I personally twenty years ago when a completely ordinary situation met the man, looking at which immediately thought: "I do not alien is it?". The meeting took place in a crowded Moscow bus station "Dynamo", I sat with a man aged about 60 was standing. Was immediately struck by one thing: he had a nose for me from the bottom shone through, and a nose that was one of his hole. The impression was that the man cut off his nose and put in its place prosthesis, by type of plastic. I am talking about experience. Actually it felt creepy, and I hurried to get off the bus at the next stop. In the rest the man also frightened by their strange and unintelligible, to explain that it was difficult. Maybe some special cold, ice-cold, dispassionate view. In one word, then I have almost no doubt that I met a foreigner .


According to one of the quatrains of Nostradamus, after 1999 on Earth is expected invasion of aliens. Says the great king, who will descend from heaven during the terrible war "And all will see that he is sent by Heaven" (quatrain is 4.93).

Prophecies and predictions of the invasion of alien see not only of Nostradamus, but in the Bible. If you shift the description contained in the first Chapter of the book of the prophet Ezekiel, in modern language, something like a tornado is approaching from the North. Tornado includes a sparkling cloud. In the centre of the cloud object of a silvery metal. Inside the object the four beings, endowed with both human and non-human Traits, such as wings. Being quickly move in space, etc.

Ezekiel gave the vision that he collapsed face down on the ground. Then he became audible voice, applied on top. "Wheels Ezekiel" usually interpreted in terms of the disc-shaped UFO, and the vision H as a prediction of a future invasion of aliens. In 1973, NASA engineer Gamurec, who took part in the creation of a carrier rocket Saturn"that brought Americans to the moon, tried to interpret the vision of Ezekiel, Using cells aerospace technology, he modeled a hypothetical aircraft, the prophet saw. And realized that many of the details of the ancient descriptions coincide with modern technology. This and knots landing equipment, and company blades helicopter engines, etc.

Theologians also predict the invasion, the intervention of extraterrestrial forces, but in the form of the model of the last judgment. Teodor Eastern Orthodoxy, father Seraphim rose, the Abbot of the monastery in the USA, have correlated the frequent contacts of the inhabitants of the Earth and aliens with biblical prophecies about the end of the world. He took the UFO to the category of signs that would indicate the proximity of the appearance of the Antichrist, his brief reign, and then about the second coming of Jesus Christ. UFOs represent a system of extraterrestrial control and are designed to cause disturbing actions in people's souls.

Some other Bible prophecies also be interpreted in the light of the UFO phenomenon. In this regard, the most often mentioned the gospel of Luke, saying "the fearful sights and great signs", which will precede the coming of Christ at the end of this Millennium. It is characteristic that one of the projects, the U.S. government for the study of UFOs and called the H "Sign".

Lev Melnikov
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