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Юпитер превратится в раскаленный адGas giant Jupiter is not among the hottest of the planets of the Solar system. However, in a few billion years, the picture could change dramatically, American astrophysicists believe the Nikko Madhusudhan and David Spiegel. Jupiter close to the Sun and heated up to enormous temperatures. However, the Land that time, most likely, will disappear.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar system and the fifth planet from the Sun. Its mass is about twice the mass of all the other planets of our system together. During the great struggles Jupiter visible to the naked eye and is one of the brightest objects in the sky after the moon and Venus. Although the pressure and temperature in the interior reach big values, the atmosphere even in the lower layers of the planet is usually does not get warm above -100 degrees Celsius. No wonder some of the same size planets that are found in other star systems, was called"hot Jupiter".

The so-called class extracolonic planets, the weight of which is approximately equal to the mass of Jupiter (1,9 x 1027 kg). However, unlike Jupiter, which is located at a distance of five astronomical units from the Sun, this planet is from its star at a distance of about 0.05 astronomical units. "Hot Jupiter" it is easy to see from the shift of spectral lines, through significant short-period perturbations that they contribute to the movement of the stars. According to calculations of scientists, when so close to the stars, the temperature of the surface of the planet may reach 2 000 - 3 000 degrees Kelvin. Compared with his hot "brothers" our ative" Jupiter - just ice.

However, in about five billion years, the Sun will exhaust the reserves of hydrogen fuel required to maintain the thermonuclear reaction, and will turn into a red giant. The so-called stars that have already burned my hydrogen. The core of such objects consists of helium, but as the temperature of nuclear helium burning is greater than the temperature of burning hydrogen combustion engine does not occur. However, since the kernel is no longer able to provide energy, it starts quickly be compressed and heated under the influence of gravity.

In the compression process, the core temperature rises, and this leads to the inflammation of the thin layer. He starts to produce the energy that pushes the outer shell of the star outside. Despite the fact that the temperature of such stars is not very high, due to the large size of its luminosity radius of the object increases. As observed red spectrum of light, such a star and get a characteristic red giants.

As red giants are very massive, they have finished their evolution explosion. With most of their mass with great speed carried away in space and the kernel as a result of collapse transformed into a superdense neutron star or black hole.

As the Sun will lose weight, reduced its force of gravity. As a result, the objects in the Solar system can move from their orbits and go to the "open swimming". However, most of the planets, most likely, will be burned at the stage of the red giant. But Jupiter in their number will probably not come.

As shown by simulation conducted by Madhusudhanan and Spiegel dimensions of the lights grow up hundreds of times, and the distance between him and Jupiter will be reduced from 765 million miles just to 500. As a result, the surface of the planet is not just warms up, and heated to temperatures above 1000 degrees Kelvin and will cast a faint reddish glow in infrared range, much like the flames of hell... But we will hardly be able to enjoy this amazing spectacle, because by the time bloated Sun will engulf the Earth. However, most likely, already lifeless.

By the way, according to the calculations of researchers, Jupiter has destroyed your own kernel. And, ironically, the perpetrators were hydrogen and helium, which once, being attracted by gravity of the planet, turned it into a gas giant. Now scientists suggest that the most massive exoplanet may have no nuclei.

In 2016 the orbit of Jupiter should go American space probe "Juno", which will measure the gravitation of the planet and will help us obtain more precise information about its current condition.
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