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Апокалипсис вызывали? Получайте!"And when He had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse, and its rider, whose name "death"; and hell followed him; and power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.
And when He had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held. And they cried with a loud voice, saying, how long, o Lord, Holy and True, until you judge and avenge living on earth for our blood?" (Revelation 6:7-10).

Why these lines are perceived emotionally touching alive, "get"? If hurt for a living, so, first, it is alive in the people there, and secondly, it's live in the person responds to live external heard. Our subconscious reality knows in its entirety, but this Knowledge we are almost inaccessible, because we are the voice of the subconscious hear weak. And remember us in a series of incarnations, most of all events it is emotional, it usually catastrophic events. In a series of reincarnations of such events were many. The threat of harsh living conditions, and even the existence makes the search for the meaning of what is happening. Therefore, in times of instability increases the number of people seeking to philosophy and the meaning of life.

A spectre is haunting the planet, the specter of the Apocalypse, "end of the world". Everybody feels this. And there are no people who would be absolutely indifferent to this topic. Reacts and nature, even that which is called inanimate nature - increasing number of disasters, climate change, the coming change of magnetic poles. Oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, or rivers overflow so that fill half of Europe, or Russia - which is already summer in the fire. Weather anomalies have become the norm, and if a year was normal, it shall be considered abnormal. News Bulletin that reports from military actions. In society, the tensions... 2012 is the year, then there was the year of an active Sun. The Apocalypse is more than likely is the opinion of scientists, and his vague premonition is the Ghost that is haunting the world.

We live in a paradoxical time. On the one hand - the rich few, who acquired great wealth, destruction of food are kept in different places of the war, the plundering of natural resources; development and use of new weapons, and much else. On the other hand lives in extreme poverty, disease, cannot be controlled with medications, malnutrition and starvation of millions of people, and many other problems. People are given freedom of will, and in the historical Way of the people is evolving, and someone gets worse, so much so that is incapable of further evolution. And for the last occasionally arranged for cleansing the planet and life on it that Sodom and Gomorrah, then the deluge. And in our time, for the same reasons occur on the rise of a catastrophic event, there is another such cleaning, some people are removed from the Earth...

It is believed that civilization may die from something outer, come from outer Space, or from the Ground or other external causes. But it is not. Already more and more people have come to understand that as individuals and entire peoples leave from the historical scene because of violations of the Higher laws. People disappear, leading a parasitic way of life disappear people-parasites and member parasites. If scientists are becoming more connected by a catastrophic event with the problem of reduction of spiritually-moral level of mankind, philosophers, sages clearly indicate the reason.

From the point of view of the ancient Oriental philosophy, sin is the violation of the norms of morality, this negative energy. The space is arranged on moral and ethical laws that govern everything. Therefore, a violation of human laws of the world harmony inevitably entail the alienation of the individual and society from nature, the division of his Space. To contain in itself a manifestation of negative emotions, stop accumulating irritation, resentment or anger - not only means not to add poison to a crowded them and without that the space of the Cosmos and the Earth, but also to preserve their health. Only part of the negative energy of the person goes in the General field of the Earth, while the other part remains in his aura, poisoning his body. Here to talk about the caret God, but it is more correct to call it not God, but our own.

Should anyone be afraid of the Apocalypse, or the "end of the world"? It should be afraid of those who do not want to follow the path of reason who do wrong and deny the harmony of the Universe. Thus, the end of the world may come not from external causes, but from the inner state of the people. How this is implemented on the physical plane is not so essential. All mankind will not be destroyed, neither in 2012 or in other years. But will survive not all - some people are removed from the Earth, there is such information. People are always removed from the society, from Life, from History, all of the death, now this phenomenon has a mass character. Appeared diseases at which the medicine is powerless. You can't even say will survive most.
There is the only way to avoid personal end of the world is not to do evil, neither in thoughts, neither in words nor in business.
Our time - the last such "the dark", selfish and "lazy", when man himself causes a lot of harm. Because, first, the truth is very close to quickly and easily recognizable, and secondly, as he is a Supreme intelligence reports through the chosen people, those individuals that do not want to go the way of development, spiritual growth and cooperation which has been removed from the planet. In the basis of the actions of those people selfishness, ignorance, laziness, lie, greed, and other vices, such people live only for themselves is inexperienced people - blacksmiths of his grief. Wicked deprives health and often life not only themselves but also their children.
The root of all problems in Russia is that Russian people lack understanding of the meaning of his life. But is increasingly becoming a pure soul of people who do not want to live only "the law was given to Adam and eve" and are increasingly seeking the Truth and the meaning of life. They will live in the best future. We live in a time of enormous change, first in the minds of people, then life on Earth.

"Everyone is responsible for shaping the future of mankind. Let's try to make this contribution. Be a good human being with good heart. This will give you energy and inner strength" (the Dalai Lama).

Now there is a transition of the Earth and of mankind from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, with a higher level of all aspects of life. Age of Pisces lasted 2,000 years, it is characterized by disease, war, disasters. Unlike the Piscean age, the age of Aquarius, the era of Spirituality, the era of the New time is characterized by the transition to a higher level of unity between man and the Cosmos, the improvement of all aspects of life is health and well-being, peace, freedom, reason, creativity. With the beginning of the age of Aquarius is a transition to a higher, it is the human level of life and development.
According to the Slavonic calendar, in 2012 ends the Fox era - the era of darkness and falsehood, it is replaced by the era of the Wolf - the era of cleansing the world, with the patron - God Veles.

According to Eastern philosophy, now Kali Yuga with its backwardness and degradation replaced Satya-ugoj, the Golden age of civilization.

If catastrophic events occur because of our wrong perception of the world and thinking, then we need to bring to the norm, and truth, and all of this will be better if we will go the way of the mind, of cooperation, of humanism. Best case scenario is it for all the best: to solve all the issues intelligently.

Who is the Master in the House, called the Earth? Wasn't He who created it? And if He manages in His House? People are given freedom of will, and sometimes in very wide limits, and people's freedom who turn in permissiveness, immorality. But to harm the Universe, human society and the individual, it is impossible not to get the same attitude. "But I tell you that the land of Sodom, it shall be more tolerable in the day of judgment, than for thee" (Matthew 11:24).
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