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 ТелепатияTelepathy (Telos - "far, far away", pathos - "feeling") - send and receive information directly from the brain of a person or animal. Studies have shown that about 10-15% of the people participating in them, is able to receive information from the brain it is good for them familiar person regardless of the distance between them.

Even up to 70% of the participants of the experiments can do it with a probability of 0.5.
Substances that can escape such exchange of information, not found. Transmit information in the brain of another person or animal currently capable of units that, most likely, is the result of genetic abnormalities.

Telepathic ability of a small group of gifted people allow them sometimes even without any intent to mislead others, causing them to believe that a telepath actually is, for example, a fortuneteller, or a soothsayer. In such cases, the telepaths intentionally or uncontrolled receive information directly from the human brain, but not from the future.
It is assumed that telepathy is the result of any of the fields. In particular, there is a hypothesis that the phenomenon of telepathy can explain the low-frequency radiation of cells of the human organism (animal). On other versions of telepathy is a manifestation of torsion or chronal fields.

Empirically established that telepathic communication method does not require knowledge of a foreign language and understanding in this case is not based on vocabulary words. Known, for example, the case with some psychic ETC.

Wished to meet him five Englishmen he asked telepathic some action. Each and every fulfilled his: got up, sat down, etc. and Then a telepath asked them to come up on the issue, but not to speak. And then he said the answer for everyone.
Of the many stories of people involved in full-time and correspondence contacts, it is known that the aliens in most cases (almost 100 % of all correspondence "telepathic" and about 50 % of all full-time) contacts are telepathic, mental connection with people.
Examples of such telepathic conversations quite a lot.

Day 21 July 1975 on the glade half a kilometer from skokie under Solnechnogorsk boy Anatoly Malyshev (then 6-7 years old) went to paint the sunset. Behind it landed disk with a diameter of about 17 m, with a perimeter ring light.
From the object went out of 2 men and 1 woman, Malyshev approached three figures in bright overalls, and between them, according to-person contact, happened the following conversation, which was telepathically.
The woman, she went ahead, touched Anatoly hand and removed his consternation and fear: "Hello, don't be afraid of us. We came from another planet. What do you do?"
"Write study". Proposed to go with them...
Flew some lunar base and to the planet, "3 light years". Malyshev returned to 22 hours. The final episode of the contact, when Anatol was taken on the same meadow, ended told him mentally phrase: "All seen tell me the man who's going to believe it"...

The interest of the military to telepathy as a means of classified information transfer without the use of technical means was caused by the article of the famous English physicist U. Barrett "Mysterious phenomena of the human psyche", published in 1914. U. Barrett based on enormous factual material and weight of the experimental data concluded that telepathic signals do not diminish with distance.
After the First world war experiments in telepathy began to receive funding. The results were not long in coming: at the Congress of psychical research, held in 1927, the Frenchman R. Varkala reported sensational experiments on a telepathic link between Paris and new York at a distance of about 6000 miles! In 15 cases the transmission of mental images from new York to Paris match was over 30 percent, which is much higher than predicted by the theory of probability.

After a year of Athenian society for psychical research was repeated these experiments on the slopes Athens-Paris (2100 km), Warsaw - Athens (1600 km) and Vienna - Athens (1280 km). Passed geometric shapes, letters, and pictures. In some experiments, the people who telepathic signals, immersed in a hypnotic state. The transfer was carried out twice in 5 minutes with a five minute break.

In 1885 in France Pierre Jean tried to mentally put patients at a distance of 1-2 km. From 25 attempts of this kind were successful 18. This successful experiment inspired Leningrad experimenters to repeat it for very long road in the 1970s, Experiments were also quite successful.
After the Second world war in a number of countries, primarily in the USA, England, and then in the USSR, started active telepathic experiments on long-distance routes. Were mostly images of the so-called Zener cards: circle, square, star, cross, and wavy
line. This method allowed to unify experiments and statistical processing. However, to obtain the final results was required to spend hundreds and thousands of experiments.

As noted by the experimenters, who worked with Zener cards, pictures on them "cool in the head", so funny things happen: in some cases, the coincidence of sent and received cards happened yet been transferred card or transferred earlier. These results have undermined the trust of many physicists to telepathy.
Good luck accompanied experimenters, used in his experiments, not Zener cards, and real objects. In the world famous experiments Gluchova and Rtega, released in 1976, one man went to another country or even another continent and at predefined time contemplated surrounding landscape, and then mentally passed his picture. The second participant of the experience made sketches uploaded images. The percentage of matches in these experiments was very high and thus confirmed the fact of the reality of telepathy.
Ali in the book "Mysterious phenomena of the human psyche" describes two fixed in the experiment the case of non-synchronous manifestations telepathic a perception of the actual events.

In Le Havre lived known amount of psychic tendencies abilities neurotic Leonia B., which experimented doctor Gibert, Professor Jean and the Professor richer. One day Jean caused Leonie hypnotic sleep and warned her that she was in my dream, went to Paris to see her there richer and Gibert (at this time they were there).
Suddenly tested stated: "There is burning!". Jean tried to comfort her, but she kept saying: "I assure You, Monsieur Jean that there is burning". Indeed, Jean some time later learned that on that day, November 15, at 6 a.m. the fire destroyed the laboratory of Professor richer. Jean-drugged the Leonia in 17 hours, when no one in Le Havre, including Jean-could not yet know about the fire.

There is a time difference between the real and dreaming event is plus 11 hours, if positive to consider the time difference (when the real event precedes dreaming), and the speed of propagation telepathic information (when the distance between Le Havre and Paris 180 km) + 16 km/hour.
In another case richer without any hypnotic suggestion asked Leonia about what is happening with the head of the laboratory Langlois at this time. She quickly replied, "- He has burned his hand. Why he was so careless when transfusion?
-What was poured?
-Red liquid in a small bottle...His skin immediately stood out."

It turned out that two hours ago Langlois, pouring into the flask bromine, imprudent hurry. This red liquid spilled on his hand and forearm, where once stood out quite a big blister. In this case, the difference in time plus two hours.
The distance between the objects, unfortunately, is not known. One can only assume that it is hundreds of meters or more kilometers, and thus, speed telepathic signal is from a couple hundred up to one-two miles an hour.
Along with the positive, there is a negative difference in time between the real and the telepathic event when a telepathic message comes earlier than the signal was sent.

In the documentary story "Chernobyl" Yuri Sherbak describes dreams, Alexander Krasin - the foreman of the Chernobyl NPP. In July 1984, he, being in Pripyat, saw in a dream that blows up the fourth block of the NPP and scatter in different directions plate. Here dreaming and real events separated by a period of 21 months, with a minus sign. When the distance between the Pripyat and NPP 1,5-3 kilometers, the speed of propagation telepathic information will be 0.1-0.2 meters per hour with a minus sign. Absurdity! Such a mess in the speed allows to question the system of calculations of the speed for the propagation telepathic information. But you cannot get away from facts pronounced lack of synchronism points of dispatch and receipt of information. Sometimes such isolation is tens of years. The impression that extrasensory perception has a timeless quality.

It should be noted that in experiments with Zener cards also frequently recorded ahead of the match. About this, in particular, reported in 1984 academician SHE the Kobzarev, describing his experiments with the L.A. Korabelnikova. Similar messages were from abroad.
In the same 1984 Djuna Davitashvili in the experiment in so-called foresight, being in Moscow, accurately described the object that was in San Francisco.

The piquancy of the experiment was that the inductor K. Harari arrived and started to broadcast his way through six hours after Djuna it took...
In 1971, the press Department informed about four telepathic sessions held between spaceship "Apollo-14" and the Land during the lunar expedition "Apollo". Astronaut Mitchell went on telepathic communication during the launch of a spacecraft from earth orbit to the moon. Back on Earth, astronaut learned that from two hundred and sent them to Earth images from the deck of the so-called "Zener cards" coincided fifty-one. The probability of accidents such coincidence is negligible - 0,0003.

In addition to these, around the world were supplied to the various experiments to establish telepathic communications in situations where other channels of communication were unavailable or undesirable. In the principal possibility of telepathic connection was experimentally proved. This clearly confirmed that the channel of such communication exists outside the sphere of influence of all known fields - electromagnetic, gravitational, and so on
Today in the United States and several European countries are continuing work on creation of devices in telepathic communication of information.

During experiments in telepathic communication along the way was a fact of bioinformation contact between humans and plants. Collected many facts confirming the amazing unity of the whole of living nature. The research results indicate that a significant moment due plants and humans, plants, and plants, etc. information is addressed to a specific object. The carrier of this information may be structured way, for example, that plants, interacts with people.

But the results of experiments with two plants cannot be explained by the influence of factors related to man. This substantially increases the plausibility of the hypothesis about the existence of certain biophysical structures psychological image, able to exist outside of detection of the organism. Thus the plant remains biological sensor, capable, under certain conditions, to objectively identify such patterns.
According to the famous parapsychologist A. Martynov, such experiments involuntarily suggest the existence of a highly developed civilization of plants that use to communicate telepathic communication. Probably in the plant world exists as intraspecific and interspecific communication - for example, the pain of one plant can feel all the plants on a large area.

In principle, nothing complicated phenomenon telepathy no to any of us can work out in it and try to "hear" another person. And it does not need any special device, which pick scientists in the laboratories of the Pentagon just need to "switch on" intuition and tune in to your neighbor...
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