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 КармаWhen we come into the physical plane in each of his life, regardless of the age of the soul, we set ourselves a task, select the experience that I want to get. We choose parents, knowing their roles and shell, often we share a life together in previous lives or loops.

We know who will be our brothers and sisters, have an idea of grandparents and the environment in which our parents will be us to grow.
We know all this even before birth, because with the help of teachers with causal plan in advance we study the life plans of our future family, recorded in the Chronicles of akasha.

We decide to become part of their overall picture of life.
Although our plans may vary depending on the circumstances in General, our plans remain the same as we stated before birth.

From his parents, educators, local culture we are in the early childhood receiving a certain imprint ("footprint")to help us prepare for a planned our lives.
We decide which people and circumstances will meet us at some stage of life, defined lessons that are necessary for our soul in this age level and for a given set of past lives.
The main mechanisms for the implementation of our plan and the study of certain classes with specific people is karma and agreements.

Karma is emotionally intense experience, which gives a sense of imbalance to the person experiencing it. The law of karma is the following: if you experience intense emotional feelings for other people, then eventually you will experience intense emotional experiences with the position of sensations such individuals. If you hit someone in the nose, then sooner or later (during one of our lifetimes) that someone, too, will hit you in the nose, so you will experience both sides of this situation.
The law of karma is constant and inevitable. Partly stay on the physical plane is the purpose of experiencing intensive nature, enabling us to learn. We accept different shell, imprint and role in order to learn, seeing life from a different perspective. We are taught with the help of a strong, dramatic experiences. Not every karma is fulfilled in one life. So we live many lives, giving us the opportunity to work out all of your karma. Thus, we learn balance and the universe maintains a balance We always attain both sides karmic experience, while staying on the physical plane.
People usually don't work out karma immediately. Time for its working out is always required about as much as needed to initially drawn karmic situation. This process may be slightly faster, but man is capable of processing up to a certain amount of karmic energy per unit of time.
There is not a positive or negative karma, all this is only a question of intensity. However, there are karma that more pleasant man, and karma that do not give him such pleasure. For example, you can be incredibly happy and feel that your life is saved when the agent real estate found the perfect home for Christmas. The agent may also feel a sense of great satisfaction that goes beyond the usual joy from receiving commissions. Here is the situation of reckoning for the karma. The agent had paid good for you that once you have saved his life by finding the ideal refuge in the cave, where he was able to shelter before winter solstice ritual. Since you and your agent have entered into this situation in karma, you felt a strange need for joint cooperation, regardless of what you were saying about it your relatives, friends or colleagues.
Karmic experience may lie in the fact that a person becomes a victim of a drunk driver. This driver is precisely the person you crushed his chariot in 40 B.C. after a night of carousing with colleagues at your Roman Legion. Neither side of this experience is usually not considered "nice".
Karma is not necessary to initiate. If you see that go towards a karmic situation, you may decide not to pick up the end of this karmic thread, regardless of whether this situation is the beginning of karma or retribution by the present karma. However, starting karma, you stay with it to the end. Choices about karma is only possible in the following ways: you can opt-out of initiation, to defer the payment of karma for later, or start to do karma immediately. When you are in the process of karma, you can't tell, what will be its end, if this is payback, or how long your essence is going to continue it, if this is a new karma. You, however, will notice when karma will end, feeling its intensity will leave you.
You cannot "forgive" karma or ask to do it the second participant of karma. There are, however, certain "transmutation" of karma, if you pay for the karma of infant souls, being at the level of the old soul. Perhaps instead of take away somebody's life for what you once were killed, you can ask of a person in karmic debt to you, to save your life or give a new life, becoming your father or mother during one of our lifetimes. Thus, both sides will have the opposite direction karmic experience that will allow them to come to equilibrium.
You can try to consider karma possible rational and positive, from the point of view of Agape, and can make your life a painful and miserable and let karma spill nakemyksia area of your life. One way to mitigate karma is the awareness of its participation in it and attempts to act within its framework, and not to make more reckless behavior. You can do karmic intensity as pleasant as possible, if you take your choice: will understand that at the moment you need some intensity in this area of your life, and that if you don't do it now, it will attempt to avoid the necessary experience.
The first age cycles, from infant to the middle levels of the young age of the soul, you are busy with making many of karma, that you will later have to deal in the older ages. Some of karma you end up in one life. Some are drawn through a series of lives or age cycles of the soul.
You create most karmas each cycle at the fourth level and cleans them on a pole. However, at each level of the cycle you create and clear away any karma. In General, old soul much more engaged in the clearing, than creation, and the infant soul - Vice versa.

Sexual karma

The most intense and obvious kind of karma-sexual.
People perform sexual karma constantly, people are constantly falls in love with someone, not realizing why it happens.
People may not have anything in common, but they can't end the relationship.
But suddenly there comes some point, when all the stops.
In nakamichis sexual relationships you have a choice, but in the karmic relationship does not.
You may hate what is happening, or it may be you like, but, in any case, you can't stop.
What most people call "love"when beating heart and the object of desire covers the whole world, is really sexy karma.
People really do not love your partner for some of its special qualities: he likes the state of mutual karmic intoxication.
This condition is in no way connected with the personality of the object of love.
Real love, not karma is when you love a person, clearly noticing all his attributes, and they like you.
Sexual karma can, at the end, turn in nakemyksia relations, but this is rare. When karma is completed and relations have to be built on other factors, such as compatibility, 85 percent of the participants of these relations decide not to continue them.
When karma is finished, excitation takes place.
Own karma
Own karma is a serious test that you define for themselves, for each life. Own karma can only apply to you, or to include your relationships with other people, but it does not apply to other people. For example, you constantly drawn to the arrogant, empty women (or men). Your lesson is that you must learn to build their relations with arrogant and superficial people is to understand how to treat them, how to get them something, how to avoid them, how to preserve the dignity with them - so you always enter into my life all new and new surface and arrogant people. Some of them may be shared with you karma, some don't. To determine this, you can ensure that affects whether the tensions of your relationship with your partner. If the partner is also involved in intense feelings towards you, then, there is a mutual karma. If the person, towards whom you feel tense karmic experiences, do not even suspect about your condition or is neutral to you, then it's only your own karma.
Even their own karma can be associated with your habits. You may experience physical habits, to which you experience intense emotions such as Smoking, overeating, starvation, binge drinking or drug addiction, addiction to gambling or extravagance, passion to underline their glamth appearance, insomnia or inability to stop any professional activity. Any personal challenge that you can't handle and in respect of which experience intense emotions, is your own karma.


Unlike karma, arrangements are not immutable: they can to disrupt or change at any time. Although you have a certain attraction towards implementation of the agreements they lack the intensity of the inherent karma.
In the case of the agreements that you decide during the production of his life plan, with whom in the future life are going to establish relationships and what it is. You can open with people like General business in order to understand whether you will be able to work, go on trips together, to teach each other, to become best friends and generally to exercise any joint project. In the moment when you make this plan, your life has not started yet, you calculate your status at the time of the meeting with one of these people, taking into consideration the social conditions in which you will have to grow, and their shell. You can not be sure that your planned will be carried out exactly. Therefore, when you meet such a person, you can perform an existing agreement or to evade its execution, depending on what is better for both of you.
So often it happens that you meet person, take an interest in it, but to know him better, know that this is not the man that you need. Then you decide not to follow the agreement. For example, you have agreed to the marriage with anyone. And here you are met. You have going on a few dates. You have each other, a kind of attraction, but not too intense. Then you need to make a choice.
Sometimes arrangements are vague, and you have time to understand what you want from a man. In General, however, the agreements are clear: "We will meet when I am 37 years old, and you - 33. We will continue to work together, because we are interested in spirituality. We will try to work on the development of the consciousness of a New Era". Then you attempt to execute the agreement and see what comes out of it. If the arrangement does not work, you usually do not experience intense (karmic) experiences about this. You lay it aside and begin to attempt to use the person in any other way, feeling the slight disappointment.

Our life plan
Having dealt with the basic tools of learning - by karmas and understandings, we can examine the scheme, according to which the fragments are typically use these tools in their lives.
Human life is divided into seven periods or cycles, during which there are certain psychological and physiological changes.
By and large, each of the seven-year cycle correspond to their lessons, which one will have to learn.
Although this scheme may be some changes, usually plan seven-year cycles, the most natural plan physiological development, is quite clearly.

the seven-year cycles

Age 0 to 7 years:

You are born on this planet, having parents or any adult of the people called to take care of your survival. During this period you get the most deep imprint and acquire most of the skills that will be used later.


Your imprint is a product of learning, they have to be with your parents (guardians) and the society. An imprint determines the kind of person you should be when you grow older. Such training takes place mainly in the first 14 years of his life. An imprint of your sets the moral norms, your conscience, your dislike, determines the development of your talents and abilities. It is an imprint determines your uniqueness. He distinguishes you from the masses of people that have the same roles, shell and cultural heritage. Your parents, the circumstances of your birth, relations with your relatives in past lives, your grandmothers and grandfathers, teachers and other influential adults, books, TV shows, fashion trends - all these "random" influence add something to your scheduled uniqueness. You build ties with society and chosen by the parents in order to shape their future Outlook on life.
Your imprint prepares you to perform certain kinds of karmas and arrangements. For example, if your father is a very powerful man, dictator (probably the King, prone to tyranny or with a mode of domination), and the mother is very soft, sacrificial, prone to subordination of the woman (possibly Minister to conquer or using the martyrdom as the main feature), you will learn how to identify himself with the father, and with his mother. Training both roles will leave you a deep imprint. This influence will form to you so that you could go through karma, coming to you in 14-28 years. Perhaps your use of domination against relatives will lead to trouble. Maybe karma will connect you with the Ministers in charge of. You can get rid of purchased prevaccine weaken their action if they will not be useful for you.

Age from 7 to 14 years:
You get the last 20 percent of their imprint and begin to improve the "form" of person you when you become an adult. Up to 7 years until you know how you can be easily influenced, your parents (guardians) ensure that you comply with their standards viability in society. After 7 years you begin to do that is largely to do with our lives, and parents and other adults still are your mentors and guidelines, examples of how you would (or would not) be. In the period from 7 to 14 years you start to take control of their lives into their own hands.

Age from 14 to 21:
This is the age preceding the adult life. It was at this time you are the most "heavy" karma. Hormonal and physiological changes associated with your growth, help you develop the ability to experience karmic tensions. You become intelligent and educated enough on its own to solve many issues, but you are still young and not aware of many things and allow themselves to get involved in karma, which would try to avoid, as adults.

Age from 21 to 28 years:
You are still in the most intensive karmic period of his life, but he was not as intense as between 14 and 21 years. You have grown up and learned a few to control yourself better, and you already know a little more about who you are and what you want. You often have to make independent decisions, and you become less of assistants and advisers - parents, teachers, friends and peers, is affecting your karma. In this period there is a lot of sexual relations, tied and worked out a lot of sexual karmas. During this period, you can perform the karmic agreement against children. Can be nakemyksia agreement, if you have reached this state of being ready to have children, but the priority is given to those children, with whom you or your spouse have a karmic connection.

Age from 28 till 35 years:
During this period, you learn about yourself, consider its imprint, you know who you are, and get rid of old schemes that helped you get through karma in the period from 14 to 28 years, but no longer required. You start to become really what was going to be in this world - grown man and a member of the society.
After 28 years you are dealing with smaller karmic intensity. (However, if you are on the sixth level of the age of the soul, you still have to do a lot of karma.) You are less focus on karma and switch to the agreement. In the period from 28 till 35 years, you begin to learn who we are in relation to their parents. If you have children of your own, you can also examine their relationship with them. During this period, you have a greater sense of himself.

Age from 35 to 42 years:
You begin to manifest itself as an adult member of society. You begin to live and to make a career in accordance with their vision of a successful life, doing the monetary aspects of life and usually have a permanent job. Some in this period form a stable marital relationships, if they had not done this before. Many tear karmically serious relationship that they began, perhaps, in the period from 14 to 28 years. From 35 to 42 years formed the most appropriate treatment. Is the most karmic arrangements against children. After 35 years you are more engaged in their own problems. Most of your karmas in this period - tests that you have set out for themselves, i.e. their own karma. In the second half of life you do a lot more of the agreements and its own karmas. You also feel that you have far more choice in regard to people and events.

Age from 42 to 49 years:
You become a mentor and leader, devote yourself to your surroundings, family, friends. You become a pillar, the Foundation of society. During this period, your essence is studying his life,task, and looking for funds for its implementation.

Plaza task

Goal in life is the main lesson that you want to complete in this life, one of the purposes of, or tricks, this life. Everyone has one, two or more tasks of life. Life problem may be related to your career. For example, you may want to become a great healer-such a task in itself makes a payment on karma and contributes to the welfare of mankind. Often, however, lifennye tasks connected with the correction of errors in the emotional sphere, solving the problems related to the field of philosophy or with its own position, outstanding with past lives. Your goal in life may be that you have to learn to be a good father. You can set a task to be an optimist. The task may be to improve the sexual and family relations. You can decide to learn how to establish good contact with plants or animals. Or maybe you want to become an influential politician of world scale. Your goal in life may involve four or five items at a time. You can decide what is your goal in life, having understood, in what area you always draws to get more and more lessons.
People are starting to realize their vital task in the period from 21 to 28 years. In the next period they begin to focus on it. Most people ripen to perform their vital tasks in the period from 35 to 42 years, although by this age, their skills in areas of interest is still imperfect. Until that time, people also do something to solve this problem, but the scale is still not the same. For 42 years, they have much more active, and after this age - fully involved in the solution to your problem.

Age from 49 to 56 years:
In this age comes a feeling of completeness. If a person dies at the age of 56 years, his life can be considered fully implemented in the global plan. By this age, you have studied all the major phases of life. By this age is almost all karma, though, due to the increase in life expectancy, people can and do in this age to create karma, if you plan to live long. During this period, you get used to what you really are. During this period, you can get the most pleasure from life.
Conversely, if you have never allowed myself to have what I wanted, or if you have not studied their imprint in the period from 28 till 35 years, the cycle from 49 to 56 years can bring you pain and torture and force you to abruptly break your life scheme. At this age people find their sexual partners a much younger than themselves, so as to return to his youth and start all over again. They try to return to the way of thinking typical of the young, and to solve the issues, which they lost in 20 or 30 years. So do only people who are dissatisfied with their achievements. In other cases it is a very pleasant time when you can achieve prosperity and when people will be on your credibility.
If you die before the age of 56 years, usually you return to live a very similar life you this time complete. (From time to time it happens that you fully complete its life and at an earlier age, possibly even in 40 years,a) If you die before the age of 56 years, it is commonly associated with karma. In such cases, you will soon return in cultural and social terms, to similar (or the same!) parents and start all over again, changing circumstances in such a way as to make a new life successfully.

Age from 56 to 63 years:
This is the period revaluation. Life is more quiet. One thinks about the completion of their cases, From 35 to 56 years you enrich society of their own Affairs. In 56-63, you reduce energy, quietly leave the bustling scene of life and turn to him. You are preparing to rest during the later phases of your life, think more about who you are and what you are, you will form a more philosophical mind. Many return to religion or spiritual practice of his youth, find religion, faith or philosophy, explaining their lives. You start to tell many things to their children, the younger generation. You feel that you can relax. You start to pay more attention to themselves, and not on the younger and older generations. For 63 years, the majority of people want to leave the work.

Age from 63 to 70 years:
Revaluation is becoming more intense, You leave her social role and spend a lot of time alone or in the narrow circle of close people. Most people in this age decides that lived enough, and dies.

The age of 71 years:
You are enjoying the fruits of their life's work. You also get some lessons related to health, dependence and independence, karma concerns (related to the people who should care for you in old age). Perhaps you are required before someone to linger longer in his life and leave their imprint in it, as in the case when your children die and you have to take care of .
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