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Всё-таки экзопланета у звезды Фомальгаут существуетIn 2008 was discovered exoplanet the star Fomalhaut, but when the data were re-examined by another group of scientists, open planet discovered. Astronomers did not give up and images from the telescope "Hubble" reviewed again, and lost earlier exoplanet found, because astronomers managed to fix the traces of the shots of the star, which is located in twenty-five light years from earth in the southern constellation Pisces.

Significantly in excess of its size, our Sun is a star Fomalhaut is the star is still young and very bright - eighteen times brighter than our star and three thousand degrees Kelvin hot. The name of the star Fomalhaut is translated from Arabic as " the mouth of a whale". The star belongs to the main sequence of class A3. Russians can observe that star in southern areas of our country in autumn of the year. Star, which now causes great interest astronomers, was known in ancient times. In ancient Persian sources, which describes certain magic rituals, the star is mentioned as a member of the ritual. Mention of Fomalhaut date back two thousand year BC. Occultists of the middle ages called the star "fourth guard of the North gate" or "fallen angel".

According to the estimates of astrophysicists age of the star should not exceed two or three hundred billion years, presumably her age is about a billion years.

Fomalhaut surrounds the dust cloud and the cloud of astronomers from the University of California, manages the Floor Calas, discovered a giant planet, announced in an article published in the astronomical journal. The results of the survey astronomers group Calas, dedicated to the star Fomalhaut, the authors of the new research criticized because they failed to discover traces of the planet in the designated area.

But after a while the group of astronomers, led by Curry, due developed modern algorithms, "cleared" the images from the telescope "Hubble", from the noise and artifacts. And had the opportunity to detect exoplanets in three ranges - in infrared spectrum at the wavelength in eight hundred nanometers in yellow and violet part of the spectrum of visible light.

According to scientists maximum mass discovered planet does not exceed two Jupiter masses. Such conclusions were made after attempting to detect exoplanets using infrared telescope "Subaru", which is located on the Hawaiian Islands. This attempt was due to the fact that the Earth is not very great distance in space scale, from the star Fomalhaut. But as soon discover a planet failed - this testifies to its small size. Presumably after a time, the mass of the planet will increase by feasting the substance of the dust disk.

As reported by the " market Leader", astronomers on the basis of the images came to the conclusion that the exoplanet, called Fomalhaut b, is moving in its orbit slowly. Astronomers concluded that the orbit of a star wrong and its brightness range that had led scientists to the decision to refuse the release of existence in this universe the planet. Its rotation is equal to the rotation of the dust cloud that surrounds it. That Fomalhaut b is not dense clump of dust and gas, namely planet, says the characteristic movement of grains of dust, and it means, that the state protoplanetary disk effect it is a gas giant. Protoplanetary disk consists of a space dust and emits infrared rays. The disc is tilted at an angle of twenty-four degrees and has the shape of a torus. The center of the disk is located in fifteen astronomical units from the star Fomalhaut. Although at the moment these data are approximate. Protoplanetary disk some astronomers called "the Kuiper belt of Fomalhaut". This so-called zone has an unusual shape, because the inner and outer edge "pointed".

In may of the current year telescope "Hubble" held an additional series of observations of the star Fomalhaut. The data obtained gave the new group of scientists who are trying now to clarify the true nature of exoplanets and on the basis of the obtained data confirm or refute the published conclusions of the astronomers group Curry.
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