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Там происходят чудеса...Anomalous zones that are found in different parts of the globe, we hear already for a long time. As a rule, it is quite inconsistent stories of eyewitnesses, "eyewitnesses" witnesses, not witnesses, Amateurs sensations about what strange things happened in a particular "enchanted setting". In the anomalous zone go to gawk at local miracles happen, and do not return there. However, very few people paid attention to the similarities and differences between areas, namely in it, may be found the key to unraveling this Mystery.

The notion of "anomalous zone" allows for multiple interpretations. There are places on Earth where the probability of meeting with any abnormal phenomenon is much higher than in other places. However yourself anomalous phenomena there more or less "normal", and found out anomalous zones. There you see a flying saucer and talk with their inhabitants; walking in this area you can find ghostly glowing translucent ball or stumble upon something extraordinary creature that in the next moment will disappear. If you're in this area, you can be the most strange coincidence - you will not be cut paper the sharp scissors or stop completely reliable watches. That may appear on made in these places photos to tell just useless, the camera can record anything. This unusual places, we and our habitual things there are behaving differently.

There are anomalous zone quite a different type - in these places there is something that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. In some places you can meet there quite material (and, perhaps, it is ready to use you as food) monster, in some places one can go to look at floating in the sky picture of another world, and some areas are destroying everything alive, got there. All these properties have anomalous zones "of the first kind", but they are shown there is much weaker, as a rule, instead items appear only their images. However, anomalous zones "the second kind" occasionally start showing the properties inherent in the genus first, however, to a small extent.

And now, as the reader, I think, in quite intrigued by this entry, consider the history of the discovery of some anomalous zones, not having bypassed by the attention, of course, what happens in them of the event.


The first observation of this phenomenon belongs to the late 1920's - early 1930-ies. In that year, in the Hangar (and the action of our story takes place there was little water, and farmers were forced to drive a herd of cows, hold on meat, on the banks of the river lie in wait in Bratsk. The way they lay from the village of Rozhkovo through the villages Kovu, Uyar and Karamyshevo. During one of the stops lost two cows. Farmers, heading in their footsteps, discovered a large (200-250 m) round meadow with bare, as if scorched earth; places in it lay the corpses of taiga animals and birds. Hanging above the clearing branches of the trees were charred, as if from a close of fire. At a distance less than 20 meters from the last trees lay the corpses of the missing cows. Dogs, barely running out to the field with a squeal jumped back and soon died. Then the farmers were able to establish that the locals know this place. They called it ' devil's cemetery".

Following the news of the existence of the phenomenon dates back to 1941 year. C. Kulyukin then worked as head physician of land in the village of Oblique Bull Hangar. Arriving one day in a village located about 25 km from the confluence laid wait in the Angara river (the name of the village narrator is not remembered), he heard together with the surgeon local hospital Century Prikhodko the story of a local hunter that upstream is the Appropriate feature "deathtrap", which killed animals accidentally wandered down the cattle, flying birds. Dead cows vivalacult from the glade hooks. The dead animals unusually red meat hunter had ever seen.

S.N. Polyakov, Karamysheva, said: "my Grandfather drove elk and stepped into the clearing. The elk jumped on the flat top of the mountain, then on the meadow in front collapsed and has burned down. Had a high fever."

IVAN Yermakov, also from Karamysheva: "My father brought me to the glade in 1926 or 1927. To come close to the place I was not allowed, but through the trees one could see that the trees near meadows charred, the meadow was covered with bones and skulls. The father said that here something fell from the sky, it is under the earth before there was a hole here. Then the hole was covered with twigs, grass... It happened ten years ago, but a few years the cattle and the beasts have failed, and then they have remained on the glade and never vanished". Lost in 1942 agronomist Century. C. Salagen also noted the hole in the center of the clearing, and even tried (though unsuccessfully) to measure its depth with weights on a string.

In 1952 year I. N. Bryukhanov, stumbled, most likely on the same phenomenon (only significantly weakened and reduced) - anyway, who accompanied him, the old hunter said that this is the "devil's cemetery":

"Went dry stream, then the stream, on which stands. Immediately after it starts up to the ridge. Topping over him, went on descent (passed nearly one kilometer), the road was blocked by the obstruction. Before the dam trail around. From the bypass trails left goes well trail. Walking along it for about a kilometer on the right hand side saw the light, similar to the clearance from vyroba. This is the "Devil's cemetery". Around the clearing - thickets of kokoshniki... the glade about 100 m, not all, but rather G - shaped. On ZOLOTOGO color of the surface of the earth is rare colored moss... very rare and small. Just beyond the clearing guess some kind of stream - obviously, a tributary of Kamimori... the place Itself is located on a small hill. From "Devil's cemetery" to Karamysheva no more than a half hours walk". The modern stage in the study of "cemetery" began in 1984, in fact, the study of the anomalous zone that was happening on the Hangar is difficult to say, because this place was never able to find. However, in these searches were killed and disappeared 73 people! Three groups simply did not return from taiga! The researchers missing cards, but which marked the area of search!

The most successful was the expedition Vladivostok ufologists 1991. That's what tells her party A. Rempel:

"On Decembe we set up camp and began the search. On the second day we found the old road. New, as already mentioned, was moved three kilometers away. On the third day, after about seven miles along the road on the gentle slope of the hill we found a post, or rather, a tree trunk, but no branches and tops, with carved "person" feature and an arrow. Round small eyes, long and thin curved nose, thick lips, and horns. The arrow points to the right from the road and was much darker than the trunk. The bark of the tree is removed.

Compass needle froze and persistently showed strictly to the North. The sensor of the determinant of electromagnetic radiation glowed crimson color. Such a bright glow we have not seen even under power lines. We decided to split into two groups. One went in the direction indicated by the arrow, the other had to communicate. In the evening the members of the first group began to feel in the body tingling. All also noted the growing excitement. In the tenth hour of the evening we came to a clearing. She was surrounded by black trunks of trees, the grass was seen yellow and white bones. The relationship has ceased, the transistor "dumb". It was getting dark very quickly, and we decided to break camp kilometre from the glade, and the next day to begin work...

In the morning we went to the meadow. Turning camp, decided to return to the river. In the trees we left the notches and ink wrote on trunks "In 1991". The way back was proporcionali, left about a dozen notes in the cellophane packages on branches of trees. In the near Winterland left a map of the route and detailed route description. On a cliff near the mouth of Desemba are memorable posts expeditions "Cova 87", "the Cova 88". We also put his mark, engraved on the plate names Vladivostok ufologists who took part in the expedition "Cova 91": "Century Lewandowski, A. Pohilchenko, V. Sychev, A. Rempel, Yu. Malanowski, Century khmaruk."

More we never had "Devil's cemetery". The destiny has disposed so that each of us has changed the occupation, Hobbies, world view". In 1992 a group of researchers from Naberezhnye Chelny lost in the taiga as a whole. After this study anomalous zone were reportedly stopped.

What could this be? Fallen chip Tunguska meteorite? Strange place is exactly where flew this body, moreover, in this place, according to F. Siegel body made the first turn. May be in this place of earth emits toxic fumes? Apparently "cemetery" is located on the border of the Tunguska coal basin, and coal deposits, there is always the possibility of an underground fire. However, released during this gas cannot ascend upwards, close to "godforsaken place" would have felt on itself its action. In addition, the possibility of allocating such highly toxic gases rather doubtful. In addition, underground fires could not have clear boundaries and location. No plausible hypotheses that explain the existence of "cemetery" was not created. The most bizarre incidents, connected with the place, the incident is far beyond any reasonable point of view as a rule in printTB is not exposed, so most of the researchers looked at the fact, as a typical anomalous zone of the second kind is slowly but surely turns into a zone of the first kind. And this is quite typical, many "enchanted places" after the wide distribution of information about them are quickly becoming the mouth and the reports of the researchers (and nasledovanie) the most strange and mysterious details. It happens only in our imagination? Maybe it is a natural "lifecycle" anomalous zone? Or not only anomalous zone?

Eluu Cherkekh

There is a place on the Yakut river Vilyui, which is unusual for us words "Eluu Cherkekh", translated meaning "valley of death". Wrote about it in the last century R. Maak, arguing from the words of local residents, on the Bank of the river Algy timerinit (drowned boiler) is a giant pot of copper. The value of the researcher could not be determined, since most of the "boiler" hidden under the ground, but in acting from the soil the edge is growing more trees.

Another researcher Yakutia N. Arkhipov wrote about this place is the following: "Among the population of the basin of the river Vilyui immemorial there is a tradition in the upper reaches of the river enormous bronze cauldrons-Kolguev. The tradition that deserves attention, as these prospective areas mythical location boilers dated several rivers with the Yakut names "Olguydah"means "Boiler"...". Legends tell protruding from the ground arch, under which there is a lot of metal rooms where warm even in the severe frost. But those who remained in the room for a long time, was dying. They say also about smooth metal hemisphere with a sharp edge (cuts a nail), serving from permafrost so that it can enter riding on reindeer. Researchers from the town of Mirny A. Gutenev and Century Mikhailovsky told about the old nomad, who saw in "Valley of death" any "metal hole", which are frozen "very thin, black-eyed people in the iron clothes". And he's not the only person who had seen the like!

Mikhail Petrovich Koretsky from Vladivostok writes:

"I have been there three times. For the first time in 1933, when I was still 10 years - together with the father went to work. Then, in 1939, already without a father. And for the last time in 1949 as part of a group of young guys. "The valley of death" stretches along the right tributary of the river Vilyui. In fact - is a chain of valleys along its floodplain. All three times I was there with guide Yakut. We went there not from a good life, and from there, in the desert, it was possible to wash the gold, without waiting for the end of the season robbery and bullets in the head.

As for the mysterious object, there's probably a lot, because for three seasons I saw seven "boilers". They all seem to me quite mysterious: first, the size is six to nine meters in diameter. Secondly, made of a strange metal. The fact that "boilers" does not take even a sharp chisel (tried it several times). The metal is broken and not forged. Even on a steel hammer necessarily would have left a noticeable dents. And this metal is covered with another layer of unknown material, like sandpaper. But this is not the oxide film and not the scum is also no chopping, nor to scratch.

Extending deep into the earth wells with rooms referred to in local legends, we are not met. But I noticed that the vegetation around "boilers" abnormal - not like that grows around. It is more lush: large idiots, very long vine, strange grass is taller than a man and a half to two times. In one of the "boilers" we slept the whole group (6 persons). Nothing bad he felt, went quietly, without any unpleasant incidents. No one after seriously ill. Except that one of my acquaintances three months completely fallen out hair. And I have on the left side of the head (I slept on it) appeared three small sores size of a match head each. I was treated them all my life, but they have to this day never passed.

All our attempts to break at least a piece from a strange "boilers" failed. The only thing I managed to take away the stone. But not simple - half the perfect ball with a diameter of six inches. He was black, had no visible traces of processing, but was very smooth as polished. I lifted him from the ground inside of one of the boilers. This souvenir I brought to the village Samarka Chuguev district of the Primorsky region, where my parents lived in 1933.

He lay idle until his grandmother decided to rebuild the house. Need to insert glass in the Windows, and stekloreza was not in the entire village. I tried to scratch the edge (edge) half of this stone balls - it turned out that he cut with amazing beauty and ease. After that my discovery, many times used as a diamond all our relatives and friends. In 1937 I handed the stone grandfather, and his fall was arrested and taken to Magadan, where he lived without trial until 1968 and died. Now no one knew what had happened to the stone..."

There is a local legends and the mentioning of the original cause of these mysterious events. This fire, isriaany of a steep metal tubes, covered with "slamming the lid", and railway corridors that lead deep into the bowels of the earth... There, according to legends, lives "the one who sows the infection and yells fire balls" giant FEP Uzumu Tong, Duuri, which means "criminal aliens, programebsi the ground and hid in the depths, fire storm sweeps all around".

If we were talking about our time, you might think about the base of the rocket mines, but the tradition of these recorded long before the appearance of such databases. The only "natural explanation", which comes to mind in this case is already known for paleoastronautics surveys hypothetical transfer information back in time. Whether so it? Known cases, which can be interpreted as "anachronism" typically include legends - and those who are these legends speak of the subject in his stories never seen. In our case, we meet with the stories of eyewitnesses. And what are themselves "boilers"? Fragments of space launches? The remains of the exhaust-speed space rockets? Given the current trajectory runs, such debris can fall in the upper reaches of the river, however, and the strength of space materials is not so great, and they have a different form.

Koretsky still believes that it is manmade. Strength "boilers", though very large, having, apparently, some sort of limit. In 1933 acutronic said that 5-10 years ago, he discovered several kolovanov (they were completely round), which is high (above) was made from the earth. They looked brand new. And later the hunter already seen them divided and scattered. Himself Koretsky notes that for several years he had saw "boiler" markedly plunged into soil is apparently of its own weight.

May be these "boilers" someone methodically splits? Looms very strange picture - picture worthy of a science fiction novel. One word - the Mystery. And this Mystery waiting to be explored.


About the strange illusions that sometimes occurs on the Volga, in the last century, wrote A. F. Leopoldov in the book "Notes on the Samara region". In 1927 year N. A. Steppe recorded in those places the following legend:

"And when it rises in the East over the river, the sun, visible above the river palaces and city walls a Peaceful city. And he stands in the old way, and waiting for when the wealth of his people would need... peaceful city - this is the main Palace of Princess Volga. Here its warehouses, different rooms. And in them something which she, Princess, did not put. ...The Princess saves accumulated guards..."

Here we need to introduce some clarity. Princess - the one that Stenka Razin drowned. And he is represented in local legends as angry dwarf who everyone will see.

"Boat Stenka Razin had not fly. So it gold, silver, pearls Yes diamonds that she had grown in the land at the very top of the mast. But the owner runs around the boat, trying to pull, rave, but can do nothing".

Stop, where did this come from? What flying boat? The legends, however, suggests that Stenka this was, but if I can believe legends? Of course, at these words, many will want to link these stories with a certain type of flying dishes, but the reality here, as in many other cases, it may be much more amazing.

The fact that these legends sometimes have an amazing sequel. Proud Cyrus-Corners (in Russian legends his name is Peaceful city) sometimes appear above the river in the vicinity of Lada as surprisingly bright and unusually clear Mirage. But even in this there would be nothing incredible, but a Mirage is an optical phenomenon that shows more or less distorted things that are not actually in the place where we see the image Mirage. The strange thing is, places that show us the Volga mirages, it seems there is not only around, but also anywhere in the world.

This "city" (some eyewitnesses call it "temple") is a dome, surrounded by an openwork turrets. Environment it varies - some see it on the Bank of the water (a lake or the sea, others on the edge of the cliff, and others on the hillside.

Observed Cyrus-Corners for a long time and quite often (local residents say that it is visible at least once a month), but the first documented case of Mirage refers to the 60-th years. Author observations wished to remain anonymous:

"Out of the fog rose city. He shone different colors, like night rainbow, descended to the ground. Ascended above the night the river walls and towers, an amazing singperformance communications and multi-colour, like a handful of jewels was thrown with a starry sky on the earth. But it was obvious that many marvelous towers were destroyed, and from many of the palaces were left in ruins. And all this vision entangled some tangle feelings, someone hatred, blind, and pressottawa.

It seemed as if time other worlds reigned here. We thought that we hear a strange pulsing sound a funeral song, skimming over the waves and on this magical city. The sound was soft and gentle, it became violent and caused pain. The sound grew, became unbearable, and then froze. But the feeling of horror was not lost. And in the glow of this city, all that was just a legend for our familiar world was very real, creating fear and terror.

The city disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. But we from this night the trouble began. The expedition began to ache." August 9, 1990, at 22:20 on the Zhiguli on the North-East of Vasilievsky island, was observed a huge red ball. N. Busin gives the following sequence of its evolution: "Ball. Then the red circle, like a ring. Next glowing object." N. Torskaya: "Like a spider in the center "moon" red-orange color. "The Orb went dark on his background began to appear volume greenish image. They quickly replaced each other. Attempts to fix this phenomenon on the film sensitivity 250 units were unsuccessful. Then there was a classic "flying saucer", with a pair of dual lights located on the vessel and equidistant from the middle. Then "plate" disappeared and reappeared a crystal. It "unfolded" wonderful Tower. The huge dome was in the sky, and over it went up, and they come back up, a certain construction, if dialed from a variety of thin convex lenses. This tower had inverted reflection in greenish ripples "heavenly water", which occupied the lower part of this strange world.

This image was the last one at 23:00 ball disappeared. But before that, we felt a crushing opinion, some anxiety, as if coming from the depth of centuries. What was it? We immediately remembered stories about lost somewhere in the Zhiguli the Temple of Griffins Riphean Gorge and on Tower Green Mages of the moon. It is supervised by accident. Again, a special search yields no results. Accidental eyewitnesses tell about the huge dome with many large and small towers. They are covered with creeping plants and trees growing right out of the walls. The dome is very heavy. His vast object exerts on the ground, causing water and making moist soil even the strongest heat..."

Zhiguli mirages are amazingly bright and clear, and that gave rise to the hypothesis about the work of some ancient mechanism. The mechanism of this or not, but there are sometimes these descriptions:

"Already on the way back, when he returned to the shore, erupted over the Zhiguli storm... Suddenly in black clouds appeared almost a perfect square hole. Along the perimeter ran a red light, as we thought, fired from somewhere out of the ground. Then in heavenly window, as if on the TV, there was bright color image. It was a landscape of sea Bay, surrounded by low hills covered with strange and intense violet color, forest. And over the sea stretches pale, almost white sky. The image slowly shifted, as if transferring it to the "live" turned clockwise. We are all waiting for the same appears on the "screen" openwork towers crowned with domes. But, alas, their't seen him. Sustainable picture we saw about fifteen minutes, then she began to slowly TouchNote...".

And here is another observation: Breaking desert hills were raised above the ground pier. The reflection of the moon trembles in its metal cells, and somewhere far below the noisy Volga. In complete silence on the overpass sweep the soar silver bullet, followed by another. They soar in the air and fly away to the stars. Passes a moment, the platform starts to flicker and disappear. And again only desert hills rise above the river". Not touching the complex question of the validity of messages (such observations very much - it is possible to doubt any of them, but it's hard to ignore them all) set the first explanation to come to mind the question "what was"? This stage it is appropriate would look in a fantasy novel forties or fifties of our century, when it was assumed that the spacecraft will launch with similar platforms. But when the technique was able finally to realize such runs, the idea of the overpass was already discarded!

However, mirages and tradition (as an example we can cite, for example, dogankoy mythology), does not always correspond to present views on the technology. Sometimes they are ahead of them, and this is quite reasonable and clear, and sometimes, as in this case, clearly lagging behind. Such observations are not even fit into the framework of assumptions about the transfer of information back in time - since neither in the past nor in the future cannot be transferred not constructed pier.

Samara regional ethnographer Yakovlev told in the past century that in the Zhiguli mountains appear from time to time some strange white substance. "The people not the people, the animals are not animals. God knows what! One man saw them, without memory ran home and Prokhorov some time, died. A place that is surrounded by mountains covered with forests and earlier here there was a road." (the Fund 85/246. Legends of the Samara region. Samara scientific and local lore society.)

Such creatures appear from time to time in anomalous zones "of the first kind". In Perm ' anomalous zone, for example, they are called "Minotaurs".

As in most of the areas, there is a Zhiguli place, visiting which in a suitable (or more precisely the wrong time could disappear forever. Old legends say that this place is celebrated two burning candles. Later the witnesses speak of the pillars of the white cold light that inspires horror ("Wings of Motherland" 9 - 1990; "Anomaly" 1990 p.12).

"They appear close group of two to heel pieces of different colors and brightness. Especially observed green. Their height varies from one meter to five, a diameter of about two meters. On land there are often above the hills on a clear moonless night.

In addition to the light of the posts here are other luminous objects: balls and pseudomona. Balls often appear in group of five balls. Four large and bright, the fifth - small, mobile, he appears and disappears. According to some sources balls occur most often to the South, Samara. ("Wings of Motherland" T9, 690, S. 30; "Anomaly",1990, p.12.)" Near the village "Small Ryazan" is the entrance to the so-called "cave Razin". Legends say that moves from it stretch on all Lada is and allowed famous ataman appear and disappear suddenly. It is quite natural that speculations communication mirages and caves - but check them difficult: the entrance to the cave is filled up.

Related mirages-ghosts with a cave or not to call the displayed Mirage image Cyrus-Angles, Peaceful or mages Tower Green moon - you still have to admit that there's got to be the source, the real structure that we see in the Mirage. Where it is - on Earth or in another world, as some researchers? Storytellers mention pale, almost white sky above Cyrus-Angles, but a Mirage may slightly change color gamma of the image. On the other hand, architecture, judging by the sketches, very similar to buildings made with hands of men.

Similarities and differences

That anomalous zones are grouped on the surface of our planet is not accidental, guessed for a long time. In order to place became "enchanted" requires the concurrence of at least two circumstances. First, the area needed energy mechanism leading her into action. In the vast majority of known anomalous zones this same mechanism is circular movement of large amounts of water: making the turn, the river or a slow circular movement of groundwater. How does the energy of this movement is converted in the anomalous phenomena in the area, hard to say, but a clear connection between these two facts can be traced.

However anomalous zone does not occur on every bend more or less large river, and consequently, there is at least one other factor that makes possible the existence of zones in a certain place. This factor, most probably, is the presence on the surface of the Earth's original meshes", sites" which, if they are located close to the circular movement of water masses, and give rise to abnormal zone.

The hypothesis about the existence of such "nets" have been expressed in the clearest form it was formulated in article N. Goncharova Century Makarova Century Morozov "In the rays of the Earth crystal", published in the first edition "Techniques Youth" for 1981. From geological evidence from the location of the cultural centres and centres of ancient and modern civilizations, ways of migration of animals, the authors deduce the existence of the planets surface structures of two types - one of them is in the base of the triangle, and the other - the Pentagon. The location of major components of the structure, named authors IDSS (Icosahedro-Dodecahedral System Ground) can be seen on the attached map.

Smaller structures divide each side of the triangle at nine, then four and then again at nine. The physical nature of the phenomena is based in the hypothesis on the assumption of the existence of a ring of matter flows in the mantle, due to the structure of the earth's core.

Hypothesis IDSS satisfactorily describes the second factor is the existence of "godforsaken places", but taking into account only two of the above reasons of their education, we will not be able to describe the distinctive features of anomalous zones "the second kind". Why, for example, in the Zhigulith zone see mirages, realistic, clarity and brilliance unlike anything found in other places? Where did dome in Eluu Cherkekh? We can assume that there is a third factor that generates abnormal zone "the second kind", and this factor, it's quite possible, is to use something (or someone) energy opportunities anomalous zones.

This assumption is at least one proof - typical zone "the second kind" may, under certain share of attention from our side, long and imaginatively to pretend, to produce a Ghost to light glowing orbs - in short, to behave exactly as anomalous zone "of the first kind", but do not open your "the main secret". It's like mysticism, and most researchers explain this effect observation errors and exaggerations of storytellers. But not too many mistakes and exaggerations? The impression is that in anomalous zones have some feature that prevents us to penetrate to its main property? It looks as if researchers someone interferes. What could it be something (or someone)? Yet with a certain reliability managed to install only one power source of the anomalous zones - the energy of flowing water. It is not a very powerful source of energy - modern steam turbine (near which, according to some observations, there also are anomalous phenomena) provide a much higher concentration of energy.

Energy anomalous zones are not too high, but it, probably, there constantly, until the Sun shines, rotating planet and there is water on its surface. May be this the key? May be anomalous zone - a kind of external "accessories" biosphere, and the biosphere in General can use these or other opportunities anomalous zones? Perhaps there is "break time" (and perhaps, and space) - is now and has always been going on, because biosphere blind... And who knows what monsters (or creatures from other times and maybe worlds) sleep now eternal sleep in the metal room, Eluu Cherkekh.
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