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На следующей неделе можно увидеть три «звездных дождя» November rich streams of Meteora, and next week you will see three streams, the most well will be seen Leonids.

In the night from 12 to 13 November in the sky will be visible threads Pegase. According to scientists, this is a good year, in order to watch them. The thread you will see about 22 hours.

In turn, from 14 to 15 November, will see Andromedid - weak stream, the Moon will not prevent them to watch. This thread is famous especially beautiful meteors. The best time for observation from 22 hours to two hours of the night.

Maximum flow Leonid will be visible from 17 to 18 November. This year observation will not prevent the Moon, it means, that you can see even the faint meteors.
The meteors - dust particles left behind by comets. The size of these particles ranges from several millimeters to several centimeters: they enter the atmosphere and burn up, showing people the so-called "falling stars", visible to the naked eye.
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You are reading news На следующей неделе можно увидеть три «звездных дождя» if You liked the article На следующей неделе можно увидеть три «звездных дождя», prokomentiruet her.
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