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Веды:Десять секретов успеха. Запас благочестияHow to become a successful person? What is the main secret of success, whether tangible successes or spiritual?

Now in the Internet you can find a lot of "secret", "cunning" esoteric ways to achieve success in a particular activity or sphere of life. There are a variety of seminars, lectures and trainings, promising to those who will receive this knowledge and skills. In this article, we learn that the Vedas say about this.

This knowledge given to us by the Holy sages who passed them on from generation to generation is the first orally and then in writing. Having tried them in practice, we are able to ensure their effectiveness. Sometimes people do not see that its success is connected with the implementation of the recommendations of the Vedas, but once you try it, and he begins to understand how it works. Without practice will not understand.

First, consider the most important law of success, without which no one no progress. And he is the accumulation of godliness. Then we pinpoint and consider the ten secrets of success, allowing to accumulate piety, which, in turn, will allow to achieve greater and greater success in any sphere of life.
The stock of godliness
Religion, in this case is a combination of good works, that is committed by the person who brought the good (real good) around the world, including, of course, himself. That brings real benefit, unlike the imaginary, we'll talk later when we study the secrets of success.

The stock of piety is like a Bank account: you put money account, and then can use it for their needs. When the account is over, you can no longer use that account to get those or other goods.

The more you have accumulated money, the more you can afford to plan purchases and acquisitions. It is the same situation with the supply of piety: the more you have gained good deeds, the more you can afford, because life will always go to meet you, giving you what you want - because you deserve it for his good deeds. Everything in this world is fair.

When the supply of godliness runs out, the life forces to "tighten their belts", because, no matter how you try, whatever you do, whatever efforts are neither worked and what would be the cunning use if piety no, you don't get the success you leave.

Some narrow-minded people in this situation are trying to get what you want, you break the laws of God (Scripture), or the laws of the country. At this moment they are connected, as they say esoterics, to negative egregors, i.e. the energy of evil, and can get what you want, but the price for it too big for a man who is a little bit reasonable. Those interested in this subject seriously, study the Vedas, there are answers to all questions.

Therefore, you can make quite logical and reasonable conclusion: if you don't succeed, you replenish your stock of godliness, good deeds, and everything will work out.

Let us now consider the 10 secrets of success, that is those actions that replenish our stock of piety, which promotes and material success (prosperity) and spiritual advancement, because the material and the spiritual are interrelated. People with a large margin of godliness get on top of the world (in Paradise), and with "minus in the account" (the accumulated sins) is the lowest in the world (ad). We will talk about it at the end of the article, since not all that interesting.
Now, ten secrets of success in the Vedas
HELPING OTHERS. There are two types of assistance: to relieve the suffering and assist in achieving success. Whenever possible, we need to help people (not just family and friends) for their psychological, social, physical and spiritual problems, that is, to try to alleviate their suffering. Also we need to help them and to achieve success in these four areas of life. However, to help was effective, you need to be reasonable and not to do "disservice"; then it will replenish our stock of godliness, not the stock of sin. By helping others, we thereby attract success in your own life, because God (or Life) paid us on merit. What emitted is what you get. One of the secrets of success is the dissemination of the wisdom, as this spiritual help, and this is the most useful thing you can do for a person, forgotten their true nature.

ASSISTANCE TO SENIOR. This is the secret of success is a continuation of the preceding paragraph, expanding it. Let us consider, as this is an important point.

We can distinguish three types of aid senior: this is the help of parents, teachers and helping other people who are older than us. Parents need help, you must also follow their directions (if these guidelines are reasonable). You also need to help those who gave us education, especially for spiritual teachers. Needless to say that such people should be respected. You should refrain from disrespect, rudeness, or abused elders, even if they are not right. You can try to reason with such a man, if he's wrong, but this is done at the appropriate time in an appropriate setting, with respect and reverence.

The CHARITY. This action to help those who really need it. As already mentioned, to distinguish real help from disservice can only someone with intelligence, and intelligence is increased as the study of the wisdom of its application in life and the monitoring of impacts, i.e. results. There are a total of twelve kinds of charity: plant trees, dig wells, provide medical assistance, to light the dark public place, to feed the needy, give shelter (shelter), to provide education, to build the road, share food, to distribute essential items, to give his daughter in marriage. Each of these items is described in the Vedic materials. Charity is a great secret of success, should not be neglected.

TO RECEIVE GUESTS PROPERLY. The man who came to visit, according to the Vedas, is considered to be the guest of God, so it must be taken as accepting the messengers of God. If we in the house, a man came up, exhausted with thirst, you need to give him to drink. If hungry - feed. Tired needs to rest. There is also need the wisdom, and as you try to apply any other secrets of success. If you regularly comes neighbor(ka)to ask for money for a drink, or to talk about news, politics, discuss someone, be careful as you are at this moment in the balance of sin. Everyone who comes to us in such a way that only comes because we are his debtor in previous lives, and he will not stop its "walking"while we will not pay off as expected. It is best to feed the minor is consecrated food, talk about spiritual matters and mentally sincerely wish him happy - perhaps this is the best help you can provide in such moments.

MAINTENANCE OF CLEANLINESS. External cleanliness is to maintain the cleanliness of their bodies, clothes and shelter. Every day you need to take ablution (ideally in the morning, afternoon and evening), walk in clean clothes and take a blessed food. If we touch something dirty or bad, you need as soon as possible to wash the part of the body which were related to dirt. Man must maintain cleanliness in their private possessions, and also, together with others, to protect the environment. It is also important secret of success.

As for inner purity, it is supported by the pious deeds and lack of sins. This includes, in particular, moderate food, we recommend that vegetarian food that was offered to God (at home to perform simple ritual of consecration of food by offering it to God).

Excluded products, which contain the energy of violence and killings (fish, meat, eggs), as well as the products mentioned explicitly sinful people, because such food is our mind is defiled bad energies, and then our defiled mind attracts trouble.

The most powerful method of the inner purification is always try to remember God. This is one of the most important secrets of success. Also we are purified, when committed by bathing in the sacred springs or rivers, and when we contemplate the image of the Lord in the temple. Cleansing helps sacred music, chanting the names of God, Voskresenie blessed or Holy of tars and etheric oils. Man gets great piety, making the pilgrimage and communicating with the Holy people, the spiritual teachers and the sages, which greatly assists in cleansing and deliverance from the evil desires. At the time of the inner purification of man often feels relief and comfort. Other methods of purification described in the Scriptures of the various religions.

FOR HOLIDAYS. There are three types of holidays, family, social and religious - and all of them need help to adequately organize and conduct. Especially it concerns religious holidays, because they are associated with God and, therefore, create an atmosphere of piety and purity. Veda is especially recommended to take an active part in the celebrations, which are full of devotion to God, as they involve the most powerful spiritual energy, and any success largely depends on spiritual energies.

THE DISCIPLINE. There are three kinds of discipline: physical, spiritual and social. Corporal discipline involves the following mode : mu day, the diet, the fasts, bodily practices (useful for keeping the body in optimum condition). The replenishment of godliness promotes abstinence from useless and foolish practice and restraint of the senses. With this secret of success is familiar to many famous people.

To spiritual discipline is a spiritual practice, which recommended a spiritual teacher in accordance with the Scriptures. Its purpose is exclusively spiritual development, although material success may well be a nice bonus for such activities. One of the important secrets of success - it is a spiritual practice while fasting, to direct the released energy in the right direction, focusing on the God in one way or another. Eventually, the cause of all causes is God, the Creator, therefore, focus on it is very favorable lesson for everyone.

Social discipline implies adherence to the rules, rituals and ceremonies, which are accepted in society.

PROTECTION OF ANIMALS. Animals, like other forms of life, play an important role in maintaining life on the planet, and unjustified their destruction (whether for food, for fun or with any other purpose) is a sin that burns accumulated stock of godliness. This is especially true of cows that produce milk, with which you can make as many useful products, and the manure is a natural fertilizer, better still nobody came up with. As for milk, you should know that most people it is not absorbed by day in a raw form, so it is better to drink in the evening or early in the morning, or afternoon to cook him meals. In India the cow is considered sacred animals and is under protection. And the milk from the cow, according to the Scriptures, promotes the development of the delicate tissues of the brain, allowing for the attainment of spiritual wisdom.

PROCREATION. It is a pious activities, but only under the following conditions:
- children are born as the result of a legal marriage,
- they receive appropriate care and education,
- children help "to get back on their feet and to start a family,
they provide religious education.
If these conditions are not met, procreation, not bring proper piety to parents.

GOOD BEHAVIOR. This includes: courtesy, integrity, honesty, generosity, mercy, wisdom, gratitude, his duties, refraining from stealing (all kinds), detachment from the material (detachment), respect to the Scriptures and the true priests, pilgrimage to Holy places (including communication with Holy people and real spiritual teachers) and the worship of God (of any religion).

These are ten secrets of success, 10 proposed Vedas ways accumulation of godliness.

Any of these items, if any, adds us piety and contributes to success. Of course, ordinary people may not immediately begin to follow all these rules, so they should be introduced gradually as possible. Watching the results, we begin to understand how it works, and get a first taste of success, continue to gradually change your life for the better. To better understand the details and subtleties of the process of accumulation of godliness, you can listen to lectures and seminars on the Vedas, read by different authors. They can be found on the website "Audiowed", ibid listen online, download or to read in the text version. In addition, you can use the knowledge of Vedic astrology, which reveals to us the secrets of success for each day of the week.
Piety, karma and reincarnation
Reincarnation depends on karma, or on our piety, which is practically the same, we get to where he deserved to get his actions.

Piety is good karma, which gives a person the opportunity to get to the top of the planet, that is, in heaven, if the Bible. In the Vedas it is said that when in the heavenly planets stock of personal piety exhausted, he returns to the middle of the planet. This can be compared with the leave of the sea: when the money runs out, we have to return to its normal life in their city.

Bad karma, that is sinful actions, makes a person to go to hell, that is on the lower planets. There the person paying the price for its sinful deeds, and then, too, returns to the middle of the planet. So we "walk" on the higher and the lower worlds, depending on how much piety in our account.

And there is a spiritual world that is beyond the material creation with its superior and inferior planets. In the spiritual world there is no birth, old age, disease and death, there is no suffering. There soul lives eternally in bliss and wisdom, as they say in the Veda. But to get into the spiritual world, pious activity insufficient, since the supply of piety can give the tickets to the higher planets. So, to return home to God is to know his true nature, which has nothing to do with material existence. That is why it is important to have self-knowledge.

The man who knew himself, no longer susceptible of reincarnation, it no longer is born in the material world, and for all returns home, where his true nature is happiness, knowledge and eternity is fully manifested.

Self-knowledge is the ultimate goal of life in the material world and a ticket home in the spiritual world. There are different ways of self-knowledge, and everyone can find the path that it is most appropriate at this stage of spiritual growth.
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