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Был ли человек раньше бессмертным?Humanity is infinitely small part of the Universe. All events in a person's life, including his life and death, are inextricably linked with the laws of the Universe. Currently, there are two most considered the theory of the origin of the world: biblical and evolutionary.

According to the theory of evolution, the universe appeared as a result of Megadrive about twenty billion years ago, and our home Solar system 5 billion years.

If we consider the Bible story, the world is made up of about six thousand years ago.

And can be, the two theories are not so contradictory?

Refer to the facts.

In legends and legends of many peoples in different parts of the world they say that in the past lived on Earth giants. They constantly struggled with the giant reptiles for the right to live under the sun.

According to the Slavic legends of giants were the first people on the Earth. They had not only a huge growth, but also unique abilities: they could at a distance to see and hear, read thoughts. Many of them, for example, the underground people "Chud" had a fantastic physical and magical power.

Among the Northern peoples of Russia there are legends about the people called lords. After they are gone away from men with whom they could not get along, ruins of cities, demonstrating the possession of lords of the mysterious culture.

Conclusions about the existence of giants made on the basis of the findings of the ruins of huge buildings, sculptures, processed stones extremely large (they are in the South of Russia and Siberia). For example, on the Kola Peninsula are the ruins of buildings of considerable size, rock carvings, processed rocks and caves. Here you can see the huge steps, passing under the glacier.

Many famous temple hanging stones, located in England. The construction of this cult constructions was started more than five thousand years ago (Stone age). The weight of each of the stones about 5 tons and they were moved from the Welsh mountains at a distance of 350 km

According to the archeologists, the race of the giants could be the Creator of ancient civilization, the more developed than it is today. She died as a result of natural disaster.

Scientists admit the existence of a vast ancient reptiles and plants, but wary of assumptions about the existence at that time the giants. Most likely, this is due to the fact that archeologists quite in a large number of the found remains of fossil animals, but a giant human bones found not so much. E.P. Blavatskaya in his book "the secret doctrine" assumes that the ancient people, first of all, it was the custom to burn the bodies of the deceased (which is why so few of the tombs with the remains of the giants), and secondly, at the time of the Flood most of the giants were drowned with the mainland.

According to mythology giants lived not only in antiquity, but together with people populate the earth after the Flood. Even in the books there is mention that Noah found shelter in the ark of the giant by the name of God. And thanks to this earth again revived tribe of giants.

Very interesting, in this regard, Baalbek terrace, located on the territory of modern-day Lebanon. At the base of the temple of Jupiter are three stone block, called trilioni. They have a length of 21 meters, a height of 5 meters and 4 meters wide and weighs about 800 tons. Blocks processed so that at the interface between them impossible to stick a needle. The Arabs believe that this stone was erected giants at the request of the ancient king Nimrod.

There is another city, which is believed to have built a giant Teotihuacan (the city of the gods), located in Mexico. And again, scientists believe that it was raised civilization of giants significantly older than the Aztec.

Another aspect of the life of the ancient people - longevity.

In the book "the History of cosmology," States that the ruler of Babylon, Alapar lived more than 10 thousand years, and his predecessor ALOR rules 36 thousand years. The average age of the titans was 80 thousand years.

The Bible says that man was first immortal, but because of their sin became mortal.

It is assumed that the life of man before the Flood was about nine centuries. But after the Flood was markedly decrease the average age of people's lives and over 600 years it became equal to 175 years. Currently, he is 70 years.

Versions about the reasons, which significantly decreased the life of people, nominated by many. Here are some of them:
- changes in the genetic code of a person of some higher force;
- DNA damage due to high radiation;
- the degradation of the person as a result of evolution;
- changing environmental conditions.

The findings of scientists suggest that before the Flood upon the whole earth was of a subtropical climate: high humidity (but there had been no rains), solar and cosmic rays did not reach the earth's surface. Damp atmosphere of the Earth and no short-wave radiation influence defended, and the main thing was preventing the aging of all life on the planet. Thanks to all forms of life existing at that time on Earth were larger and more viable.

Scientists of the USA for a long time conducted an experiment on the model of the Earth. It was foreseen water protective screen and no detrimental short-wave radiation. The result was stunning: the species placed in this environment, you not only become larger in size, but also increased the lifetime of the fifth generation, a hundred times!

And because changes in the atmosphere occurred after the Flood, and perhaps the Flood and became the starting point for the progressive reduction in the average age of a person's life. The change in the surrounding atmosphere caused it to fail at the cellular level, inherited from generation to generation. Of course, this version, but like any other it has a right to exist.

In its time the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, using the text of the "Iliad", found the legendary Troy.

It is not excluded that humanity is waiting for the unique findings, which confirm the reality of many myths and legends.

Alchemists of the past considered one of its main purposes is to find the elixir of life. Modern scientists also are taking steps to finding ways to extend human life. And how would this path was not, people must preserve the qualities inherent in him as reasonable and civilized representative of the living world - love, compassion, generosity, magnanimity, kindness, wisdom.

It may seem incredible, but immortality is possible, and humanity in the near future will open his secret. Some are already trying to recreate the recipes of the ancient alchemical elixirs, through which people get rid of diseases and will live forever...
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