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Болезни времениIt is known that People who got into extreme situation sometimes can inadvertently modify, slow down Time and thus to help itself in a critical or even life-threatening situations. Nature has given us a great abilities, which we can use sometimes once in a lifetime.(Most people really face this only once, at the time of death). We haven for tens of years is not something that "train", even enable" don't try this unknown power. But for a time in the omission of any organ atrophies! Lain just a year in hospital patients already learn to walk again, and here we are talking about the ability to move not on any road dust, and on time!

However, this mysterious "management authority time" (IMC, let's call it so, is constantly in action, each person is constantly changing, however, notice it can be only the finest appliances (atomic clock, sinhroniziranje quartz resonators).

Sometimes "trial workout" IMC conducts "in the environment as close as possible to combat". Remember, dreamed of are you in a dream as you fall from a height? A sample survey showed that it is one of the few typical dreams, some see it even several times a month. Pay attention to what is happening with asleep at the moment "hit the ground"? Sleepy man who just a second ago were relaxed the muscles, suddenly delaetsya, and the force of the pull is clearly above the average force of this person. However, this statement can check any - after such a strong shake-up sleeping very often Wake up:

"...I was flying above the houses and were not surprised with this, fly to me at that moment was absolutely natural. But I was greatly surprised when suddenly for no apparent reason have lost a leg in the air. And then scared - I swiftly flew down. Waved his arms, whether in order to grasp something, or to slow the decline. All in vain! Nothing helps! It was a terrible moment! I think I hit..but at the same moment woke up sweating..." (Oksana K., 1980).

"...Some black spiders pushed me into the abyss. I quickly fell, hit like (at the same moment woke up), jumped up so high that foot (!) hit the chandelier!!!" (Oleg K., 1980).

However, there are some variations raining" dreams: "...how Much I didn't run away in his sleep from the beasts, they still overtook me, one of them opened her mouth and grabbed me in the stomach. O God, how disgusting! It stuck in the intestines and began to pull them out. Already waking up, I hit him with a fist... and broke his hand oak wardrobe! Incredible!.. (Yuriy O., 1982).

...Do not attempt to interpret and search for the hidden meaning of his terrible dream - just your THC test himself. On the contrary, rejoice your body is the Savior "in the form", which means that if everything went really, and he will not fail!

Rather, let's sum it! A large amount of stress, reduces life expectancy. In other words, if we are too often used its THC not spare him, time after time, artificially creating a situation in which he has nothing to wear out, the reaction of our body-the patron Saint of charge time, most often clear - reduces the time allotted to us for life. Nature or God, when he gave us so incredibly valuable ability to manage Time-critical situations, had no idea that people would get excited over nothing, creating yourself a stressful situation on the empty place: family quarrels, discussions with the authorities, disputes in lines and buses. Need I remind that the Caucasian long-liver denied "good" civilization?! Conclusion: to maintain a healthy lifestyle, don't be nervous!

Besides the usual premature aging, our THC may avenge us in another way. Lethargy - than not withdrawn in person?! Lethargy (from the Greek "summer"-oblivion "arge"-inaction)that look like death, may last from several minutes to a few years, though most of the time it is measured by units-tens of hours. All processes in the body during this state is slowing sharply (man can even take over a deceased); the senses (except of view) continue to regularly record only irritation that occur over large periods of time; during sleep, sometimes continuing for decades, the human body does not get old, after the revival of the natural processes in the body prevail awake and age to not get "the passport" tens years 3-4 years (the Time is accelerated again?). The analogy with "tricks" IMC here you can see full - very often lethargic sleep a person comes after a very strong stressful experiences the death of a close person, any catastrophe or accident)...

...Or even in a severe tantrums. The case of the long lethargic sleep, listed in the Guinness Book of records, was the Hope of Artemovna Swan (born in 1920 in the village of Mogilev Dnipropetrovsk region) because of strong quarrels with her husband in 1954 as a result of stress Lebedina fell asleep for 20 years and again came to her senses only in 1974. The doctors had give her absolutely healthy, blame recognized family scandals.

Everything is much more complicated was the case with the storekeeper Grodno district grocery base Grenadines. Someone Swordsman had once tried to kill him: he inflicted a storekeeper fatal blow on the head with some heavy object, was taken into the forest and buried in the snow. After 22 days the body is transformed into" icy"accidentally discovered loggers. The corpse was taken to the morgue, but local pathologist failed to conduct an autopsy the body was too hard. Decided to postpone the inquiry till morning... And in the morning surgeon noticed that the pupils of the eyes are not like the eyes of a dead man, nails clicking slightly flushed. These were signs that the man that lay in the snow 22 days without movement, without food and drink, still showed signs of life. However, Granatkina was not breathing, not promopulse pulse. And the doctor diagnosed a deep lethargy caused by a blow on the head. And soon, "a dead man" by medical ... woke up!

Granatkin saved from complete freezing of the fact that he was warmly dressed and was covered with a thick layer of snow...

For Norway Augustine Laggard stress, drove her into a state of lethargy, were painful childbirth. A few hours after the birth of her daughter she fell asleep ... not respond to the injections, and shock. But he opened his mouth, when she was fed. It took 22 years, but sleeping Augustine remained takoyzhe young. But here's the woman sat up and said:"Frederick probably already too late, the child was hungry, I want to eat!" But instead of a newborn baby, she saw a 22-year-old young woman, like two drops similar to itself... But soon the time had taken its toll: awaken the woman began to grow old, a year later it has turned into an old woman died after 5 years ("PE" 8-1993).

Academician Ippavlova described some Kachalina, having slept for 20 years from 1898 to 1918. His heart instead of 70 to 80 beats per minute did only 2-3 almost imperceptible shock. Instead 16-18 breaths he did in a minute 1-2 imperceptible breath. No signs of life, no reflexes, body temperature is a little warmer air temperatures. I.e. according to these measurements, it follows that biological (and physical?) the time in the body slowed 20-30 times. Because there are cases, not like a dream Kachalina, we can assume that the human organism can change the Time and in a large extent. However, these figures will suffice to sleep 2-3 decades, as is often noticed relatives, "absolutely not later" (more precisely - to age of 1 year instead of 20-30!).

Know the last century and the beginning of our abounded cases lethargy, which is not so often met, how many was on everyone's lips. Ill-sleep then feared by many famous people, including Nikolai Gogol (he, apparently, and fell asleep, he was buried sleeping, it was discovered in the burial). In our time the disease is almost there.

In 1993 it became known that in one of clinics the USA woke up after six years of sleep was under the close supervision of doctors only patient. Other more or less reliable information about the long lethargic dreams have not been reported. What it is: people became more "thick-skinned"not subjected to stressful situations or, conversely, too much stress will gradually lead to atrophy the ability of THC to react to the situation and slow down Time?

Although,according to some British doctors, the percentage of people suffering from lethargy, calculated Giya,amounts to us wrong, in fact, their number is significantly more often just sleeping "powerful dream" taken for dead, and send or under the knife of the pathologist, or in the coffin. A random inspection of coffins with the transfer of one of their English cemeteries, found at least 4 of the skeleton, the location of which it was clear that "the dead" alive, being buried and tried to get out...

As more joyful information, you can recall a brilliant doctors (the number is not too little), which somehow "6th sense" understood that examined them dead "died nenacovice", and urged relatives not to hurry with the funeral, give "corpse" rest up...
<br />Such behavior THC cannot be called otherwise than abnormally painful, the same term could be characterized and defined by science fact of violation of the usual cycle of life for some people. Documented cases of aging and death because of dragline body... five-year ' children"! In certain African tribes considered normal puberty and first childbirth girls in 5-8 years, and old age and death in 10-18 years.

All of the above "terrible" information about an unknown authority, of course, here not for injection of fear. If there's a body there must be a disease in which this body is subject. Agree all the doctors. And if there is disease ... must be the body? Fortunately, our mentioned authority's not so often sick. Rather, he saves us ...

Of course, the existence of THC in humans has not been proven. According to Akishbaia, this body could be placed in the brain, or rather in the hypothalamus; according to Rsarnw and Aprimi, these goals is the so-called "the third eye"; according to other sources, this honorable role claims spinal cord. But most likely, this can not go about the normal body type, spleen, and about a qualitatively new feature of the biological properties of the brain, which, according to research by scientists including academician Wyznaczeni), linked mainly through one common fields (auras).

Perhaps our ancestors were familiar with the described phenomena, in any case, in our time, Siberian shamans and yoga can slow down Time and go out of their bodies.
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