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At the bottom of a mountain valley, surrounded covered with emerald green mountains, lies the real pearl of the Crimean mountains is the scenic Bajdarsky valley.

The whole territory of the valley, a length of about 16 kilometers declared one of the Crimean nature reserves. This is a great holiday destination for those who appreciate peace and privacy, active rest and swimming in mountain rivers and lakes.

Through the valley flows the beautiful mountain Chernaya river, in front of the black river gorge by dams. Here is one of the largest in the Crimea artificial reservoirs - black river, which provides fresh water foros and Sevastopol.

Байдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в Крыму

Since time immemorial people have settled in this land, called the Crimean Switzerland. In Baydarskaya valley until now remained unique historical monuments - heritage of the past epoch. This cult structures of the stone age - famous skelskie menhirs, remains of ancient settlements and troglodyte sites and ancient burial grounds. If many of the historical monuments can be found only with the help of an experienced guide, skelskie menhirs public. Near the village spring (skelja) survived a huge menhir - cult astronomical construction of the stone age. The most famous of such structure in the world is Stonehenge. Sevastopol menhir is upright in the form of obelisks stone blocks. They survived two of the three. First obelisk in height of 2,m Cross-section - 1x0,7m arrives at. Second lower - m in section 1,2x0,55m. The weight of larger amounts of more than 6 tons, but no nearby quarries, and the nearest rocks are seen only a few kilometres away.

Another interesting monument of history is kalendsky track, which was constructed here the Roman legionaries. The entrance to the scenic road on which walked sandals Roman soldiers, is located near the village of Podgornoe. This is a fairly wide the stone-paved road in ancient times was a busy highway and served as a transition from a valley on the South coast of the Crimea, linking the Chersonese and Charax. Kalendsky track will bring tourists to the famous Devil's staircase. Just off the mountain river flows, the main decoration of which are the numerous turquoise pools.

Many here and wonderful natural monuments, among which the mysterious Skelsky cave, beautiful black river canyon, canyon Uzundzha and the Chelter. Walking through this area is beautiful in any season. Even in summer there is no exhausting heat, forests are being strangled and cool water springs easy quenches thirst and restores power travelers.

The valley is named the largest village Baydar (now eagle). Name it may happen just from the generic name of one of the Turkic tribes, which in turn could happen from the Turkic word including veterinary medicine, herbalist who treated animals. Herbs valley is famous and until now. There are other translations such as Buy-Dere - Bahia valley. In ancient times named so for rich with fruits and game forests and wonderful springs.

Байдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в Крыму

Trails for mountain Biking, riding tourists and peshehodnikov conduct further along the upper reaches of Uzundzha to the Jusupovsky trout pond, waterfall Silver strings and the Grand canyon of Crimea. Owners of SUVs is especially recommended a little-known ancient highway from the Bajdarsky valley in the valley of the river Belbek through the so-called pass Kabany. On cards it is designated as pass bichke, but among drivers has received the freakish nickname due to the fact that the mountain highway climbs up the pass, twisting like a boar's tail. The upper part of the highway is blurred to the rocks, crossed by gullies and ruts. But beautiful forests make travel very exciting, but lovers of antiquity will amaze stone krepidy in the North of elephant pass. Stones dexterously driven to each other to greater heights by Russian sappers in the 19th century, however pack road from canoes in Kokkoz well known in the Middle ages, and the beginning she could put another brand.

The most visited place valley nevertheless remain Bajdarsky gate on the opposite southern tip. Constructed in 1848 in honour of end of building of road Sevastopol - Yalta. Now on this road go, it is possible to tell, only for the sake of Bajdarsky gate and a remarkable kind from them on Forossky Church and picturesque coast below it. Another dynamic creation of nature attracts attention at the sea shore. Rock Iphigenia is the result of ancient volcanic activity. But more emotions it evokes the thought of human sacrifices in the name of the virgin, the goddess of Tauris. Classical tragedy "Iphigenia in Tauris" for three thousand years-set, probably, in all theaters of the world.

Байдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в КрымуБайдарская долина в Крыму

The modern highway between Yalta and Sevastopol passes much lower, through laspinsky pass, DGe on a powerful rock arranged specific platform. The rock bears a name and is decorated with bas-Garin-Mikhailovsky, quite good writer and very talented engineer of railway. It is enough to tell, what even after century of its research and calculations were useful for building of this road. From the site affords a breathtaking view of the Bay Laspi and Batiliman, Cape Ajja.
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