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onua.org » Mars » NASA unveiled a panoramic visible Mars obtained by the camera on the Rover opportunity".
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НАСА обнародовало панорамный видна Марс, полученный камерой ровера «Оппортьюнити».Fresh traces of the Rover, the crater formed billions of years ago, and ruddy surface of the red planet around a rock outcrops, which automatically researcher-survivor held its regular winter...

Visible solar panels of the Rover and its deck.

Publication coincides with two milestones in the history of the red planet. 2 July became 3000-m day on Mars for "opportunity"and the 4th of July has marked 15 years of continuous presence NASA on the red planet and its surroundings: on this day in 1997 arrived Mars Pathfinder. The Orbiter Mars Global Surveyorдобрался to the planet when Pathfinder still worked, and Global Surveyor remained in the ranks and welcomed probe Mars Odysseyи Opportunity. Both are not going to retire.

The panorama presented in false colours, in order to emphasize the difference between trapped in the lens materials. It is composed of 817 photos made from 21 December 2011 on may 8, 2012. All this time, "Opportunity" stood on the outcrop, informally known Greeley haven. The latter is a segment on the edge of ancient endeavour crater.

"The image is a rich geological context for detailed chemical and mineral analysis, which the researchers conducted during the fifth Martian winter Rover - emphasizes Jim Bullis University of Arizona (USA). - Furthermore, the amazingly detailed view on the largest impact crater, which we were able to get there.

Opportunity and its twin, Spirit, went down on Mars in January 2004. It was assumed that they will last three months... the Next Mars Rover NASA called "Curiosity" will follow suit in August.

The researchers decided to name the place where the expedition spent the winter there was opportunity", in honor of Ronald Grills (1939-2011), who also participated in the project, and before that I learned several generations of students of the University of Arizona.

Based on the materials of the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.
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