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The threat comes from a spot which recently has produced a plasma. Giant sunspot, which received the designation AR1515, erupted coronal ejection 2 July. He was not focused on the Earth is billions of tons of plasma, fortunately, flew past. But the planet slightly "hurt" ionized radiation, resulting in Europe was broken radio.

Experts attributed the outbreak July 2 to M-class is the penultimate in force in the adopted scale. Now from the spot AR1515 comes a much more significant threat. According to the data obtained with the help of the apparatus SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory), specially running to monitor the processes on the sun which is already possible flash X-class - ten times stronger. X-class - last in scale.

The forecast is: the probability of the flash X-class in the coming days, 25 percent. If it is "shoot", then the Earth will feel the impact 10-11 July - spurted from the Sun substance need 3-4 days to reach our planet.

Northern lights - the most harmless phenomena accompanying the sun "bombing". After a powerful flash can be seen even in the sky Sak Petersburg. And even Moscow.

But, as experts warn, and complications. Specific problems with electricity. Until the damaged transformer substations and short circuits. Not to mention the failures in computer networks and mobile communications.

Meanwhile, on 6 July solar laboratory SDO recorded in the Sun a new large spot. She has appeared with the left edge. And only aggravated the already existing threat powerful coronal mass ejection. Restless now the Sun.
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