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Индиго - Не от мира сегоThroughout the twentieth century all a little bit different from us we strongly altered in normal, healthy", such as all. And he did it with the best of intentions, "for their own good". We were told the child that his unusual features is bad, it is a disease or deformity. The child began to be ashamed, fear, hating himself, all his mental strength left for attempts to be made or even to seem like everyone else. For opening and especially the development of their own identity, their abilities and purpose forces have no choice.

If earlier the adults believed that children are the clay, from which until the child is small, one can model everything that you want, then Indigo as if at once are born fully formed human beings. They cannot be altered. They did not respond to the accusations, deaf to the comments. If adults continue to pressure them and this pressure hurts their personality, threatens the integrity of children are protected. Using unscrupulous means. Remember? Rules for them does not exist.

Convenient for teachers wording "the Golden mean" and especially "gray mouse" is not about the Indigo children. They rapidly, immensely talented. Doctor of philosophy, Dorin Vertu said: "the Indigo Children are born gifted from God. However, our ossified society accustomed to traditional energy exchange, strangling them talents".

Indigo children are not like us, they are not children of wisdom. Specialists of Turin research center "Osservatorio del Immaginario" tried to find out what would like to receive a birthday gift Indigo children aged three to eleven years. Were interviewed 1 100 children. The test results are striking. It turns out that all they want intangible gifts. For example, to have recovered grandfather or brother that parents did not quarrel. If speech comes about some subjects, they, as a rule, are simply not available. For example, "the broom like my mother, where you can fly" or "the goat that can sing."

Psychology of superdata" still not fully understood. It is noted, for example, that they take a dim view of the school curriculum, are in development at its own, special way. Therefore, the United States has already opened several special schools for children of Indigo.

Their knowledge, observation, experimentation, associated with the new generation, Lee Carroll and his colleague psychologist Jane Tauber collected in the book "the Indigo Children", In the twinkling of an eye which became a bestseller. In it they called the 10 most common qualities of "new" children.

1. Baby comes into this world with the feeling of royalty (and often behaves accordingly). One five year old in a Moscow kindergarten asked the question: "do you know what the most significant event happened in the last hundred years?" The children looked at each other, then to the teacher and said "don't know". Then the kid sincerely said: "I am!"

2. The child feels that "deserve to be here", and sincerely surprised if others do not share his opinion. Each of the Indigo children have the original theory about his mission, his secret name and a mission. They know in person personal guardian angels and are constantly in contact with them. Each Indigo hidden (invisible) friend and if you find him talking animatedly with emptiness, no need to round eyes. A child with a violet aura may declare mother: "there Was a time when you were on earth... I lived when Suvorov..."

3. the baby is no absolute authority, he does not consider it necessary to explain their actions and only recognizes the freedom of choice - both personal and other people.

4. The child has no doubt about its importance and often informs parents "who he is".

5. The kid never makes some things (for example, intolerable for him standing in the queue).

6. These children lost contact with conservative systems, where the more strict rules than a manifestation of creative thought.

7. The child often sees a more rational way to do something at school or at home, but others regard it as a "violation of the rules" and unwillingness to adapt to the existing system.

8. Baby seems incommunicable, being in a foreign company.

9. He doesn't respond to allegations of misconduct.

10. The child does not hesitate to make it clear, if something is in need.

Your little too clever for her age

Parents of Indigo children often encounter difficulties in their upbringing. So, people who are involved with such children should change the approach to them. If the parents have discovered that the family is growing Indigo, they better show the child the kind of love and respect, as if he was the Christ Child.

When bringing up children from the future" psychologists recommend to follow simple rules.

1. Contact with the Indigo children is justifiable. Greet their appearance in your family.

2. Never humiliate them! ( Perhaps this is applicable to all children.)

3. Don't tell them who they are now, or what they will be later. They know better.

Changing attitudes, moral norms and values in the history every time occurred with difficulty, with repression and "hunting for witches". But a new era whenever still came. Perhaps, now it's time for a fundamental change in values.

As noted by the famous American prophet Edgar Cayce, the "new people with advanced consciousness can recreate the original energy field of the Earth." In General, the modern mankind is hoped to return to harmony...
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