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Неуязвимые ИндигоIn the beginning of 90th years there has been a new sensation - came to light another amazing child. Both parents of the boy were HIV-positive, and the kid inside gutturally inherited their deadly disease. Repeated blood tests boy, taken within six months and one year, clearly showed the presence of infection.

However, when the child was six years, doctors not found in his blood of the virus. Even a trace of it left! Scientists from new York and Seattle, independently from each other, began to explore the wonderful phenomenon. On cells taken from the baby and placed in a Petri dishes influenced by a variety of viruses. But they have not suffered any damage and was not ill, remaining immune. Then tried the HIV virus. Moreover, the rate increased to 3 000 times the concentration, many times fatal. And again cells has not changed. Immunity boy was so high that the child was not able to get sick. After analyzing DNA miracle baby was that its code is not typical for the average person. "Normal" human DNA contains 64 codon (a unit of genetic information encoded in the DNA molecule), of which only 20 always on, other inert and do not work. The mysterious child were included in the action 24 codon.

Perhaps the boy and would refer to the category of phenomena, unique scientific facts, if soon there was discovered another child with absolute immunity to disease. Then hundreds, then hundreds of thousands of such children. Geneticists have found that Indigo-generation Sometimes included 32 and more codons!

In the book Dr. Satino faith "Breaking the codes of the Bible describes an interesting experiment. When professionals working with well-known codes of the Bible, has entered into a corresponding computer program of the word "AIDS", the system produced instant regroup and appeared the words: "AIDS"

"the blood" of "immunity", "death" And a number of other concepts related to the requested disease. Out of the total number of logical were beaten only one phrase: "the end of all diseases". This is the first time brought scientists on the idea that the planet is born a new race of people with previously unseen on Earth immune system and structure of DNA. ACCORDING to special research, studying DNA peoples indifferent world, today 1 percent of the world's population has changed the structure of DNA. Considering that the population of the Earth has already exceeded six billion people, it is easy to calculate that more than 60 million small earthlings have absolute immunity. In the United States, according to statistics, the incidence of AIDS due to the birth of Indigo Children in recent years, fell 47 percent.

Why is it that there is such a major change in one of the most permanent, transmitted from generation to generation cellular structures of our organism's DNA? Many experts believe that this is primarily due to the change in diet. Millions of years by primitive people, gather roots, regardless of their place of birth and skin color was only one blood type is "On".

15 thousand years ago people began to eat meat, and changed not only his ability, but DNA is a new type of blood "d". Later, people started cultivating the land began to eat vegetable products. New amendments, submitted to the diet, resulted in a type of blood "B". And recently had a blood group "AB", which is also connected with a change in our system of power. Never before man did not mix of diverse diets - for example, the Ecuadorian bananas and Indian papaya with Russian bread...

It is still not clear how the children will be affected by inclusion of additional genetic codons. The exact answer, most likely, will give only time.

Guests from the future

Further investigation of the "inner world", "blue" children, researchers found that the range of electromagnetic waves emanating from tel Indigo kids, is from 3 222 000 to 11 350 000 Hz, while the average person is three times less. In the esoteric concept of "high vibration" means enlightened existence. So among the younger generation has all chances to become prophets. 10-year-old John drew on paper the events of the near future concerning his family. When his parents were in the ski resort, he suddenly counted the minutes, depicted falling from the high mountains of the father. On the same day it became known that the father during descent fell and broke his leg.

The factor of intellectual development Indigo-children on average equal to 130, whereas previously this figure was only one person out of ten thousand. This is confirmed numerology noticed that all the Indigo children in the digital code of personality, there are a large number of "nines", indicating a developed intellect, reasoning, great analytical skills.

Both cerebral hemispheres the Indigo children equally developed, and it will open up huge opportunities in the possession and use of the paranormal: most of them almost from the cradle to catch the essence of the subtle world have the gift of healing, see the aura of people have an amazing telepathic abilities, often "reading.> people's thoughts. One three-year-old boy was surprised to see over the head of his older sisters shining rainbow. But I found the reason: at the moment the girl was in love. A five-year old Kolya had saved his mother from a severe attack of urolithiasis. From the pain of a woman fainted, and then the boy leaned over her and made a movement as if pulled the ball from tight holes. "It will be over now, mother, " he said. - I'm stone removed..."

Called at first "American"phenomenon Indigo long Pere stepped the U.S. border. Now there are no cultural and language barriers. The emergence of the Indigo children are already marked on tricontinental. They are born even in these economically underdeveloped countries like Mexico and China. Although the structure of DNA these children has not been studied, they have already struck scientists with his inexplicable powers. For example, some of them can look at capacity with the same DNA and its structure will change. They are able to take a sealed vial tablet, put it on the table and move all of them through the glass out. One young girl, speaking before a huge audience, was presented to each according to rose Bud. Then a single movement of the hand - and everyone in the hands of Bud blossomed flower.

Such children look not only with the eyes, hands, feet, nose, and tongue they "SEE" not worse. Young Mexican woman with tied tight bandage eyes took the photo that anyone who attended gave her, held her hand and accurately determined what it depicts. Moreover, she called the names and addresses of the people shown in the photo, even their driver license and insurance documents. Sometimes the names of the photographers. With a tightly-closed eyes she's pictures could move at a stranger's house and indicate where what the room is. When on the floor in front of it laid out the logs, girl, stepping on each, read the information feet as if held edition in my hands and read the text eyes.

Americans believe that Indigo children is the result of the evolution of mankind: the environmental revolution, computerization, Etc. Intellect and intuition of this new generation is so developed that the computer is a continuation of their brain. When they communicate with the machine, for example, play, always prevail: it seems that the very principles complex processor understand them fully.

There were also a purely physical features "violet". Their liver is different from usual: she is able to digest any food, even that which ordinary people food is not considered.

It is quite clear that the new race soon may become the most numerous. Even 30 years ago about this phenomenon and not heard, and today in the aura of 70 out of 100 babies prevails unusual color, and scientists now believe that in the foreseeable future 90 percent of all newborns will have a blue aura.

They say that the emergence of a generation Indigo is not accidental. According to some theories, in the most dramatic moments in history when, it would seem that a disaster is inevitable, the Earth will begin to go beyond information and cradle of civilization. Indigo children - its representatives.

They also say that until 2012 humanity must move from the current Third dimension, ruled by the mind and senses in the Fourth, in which all what we think and what we feel, instantly becomes a reality. Indigo children - bridge.

On Earth we often talk about love, honor, peace, happiness, but rarely bring it to life. In the Fourth dimension will have to learn this. And Indigo children are ready for it now. We have just begun to realize that war is vanity, and that attempts someone to humiliate just one of the ways of committing suicide. And Indigo children already know it. According to Nancy Ann tappe, "Indigo-children open the door to another world - a world in which there will be hatred, racial discrimination and humiliation".

Most likely, in the future they will slightly change the shape of the head, but it will seem quite natural. After two years of existence in a new dimension humanity will understand, what should be further changes, in what direction to move.
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