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Неуправляемые ИндигоChildren, it is not like normal boys and girls, were born in the late 70's - early 80-ies of the last century. Their strangeness was apparent already in the first months of life. Doctors were amazed absolutely adult eyes babies. Unlike other newborns who can't focus glance, these children looked straight and not a child closely. The older they become, the more strength and stubbornness changed their model of behavior compared to "normal"peers.

Soon in health centers and psychological consultations around the world began to turn confused parents complaining of their children: with the child, they say, it is impossible to establish good communication. 't learning does not listen on educational measures does not respond, not diligent, flighty, it is difficult finds contact with classmates, lessons of no interest for him. This seems to be surprising: in all times were the "problem" children. To instruct them on the right path, there are teachers, educators, doctors, psychologists.

At first specialists and believed that these children differ from others only because they are difficult and practically no learning. At least the old classic methods. Psychologists put ensured that students diagnosed with ADHD - "syndrome of deficiency of attention" + "hyperactivity" And was treated with psychotropic drugs. Teachers were confined to the Council: "Your child is the devil incarnate, so move it to another school."

But, excuse me, the one who suffers from hyperactivity, can not long be concentrated in one lesson, the slightest difficulty, obstacle, and he switches to another thing. While the "new" children, on the contrary, it is impossible to separate from the classes that they are really interested in, the difficulties they are not cool, but, on the contrary, add to the excitement, and they do dizzying success, moving forward with great speed! They are diligent and focused until, until you satisfy his curiosity.

In addition, hyperactivity and sometimes a separate symptom of a completely other diseases and conditions, particularly mental retardation. But when the "problem" children examined, the results of the testing struck and scientists. Even with the apparent lack of attention and extreme hyperactivity intelligence children was extremely high, they were well-developed and well educated, often beyond compulsory education.

And they were issued "on the hill" uncharacteristically for children judgment, told an adult about the world, shared their transcendental experience, remembering past lives, able to control energy...

Psychologists have noticed that mistaken diagnoses and following them long-term use of psychotropic drugs "muffled" personality characteristics. Sometimes children with higher levels of intelligence school barely pulled on Troicki and even stayed for the second year. How here not to recollect Einstein, considered in the first class of mentally retarded!

But some of the "not such" children are lucky: they were in the hands of caring, imaginative thinking people - psychologists, teachers and parents sensitive. It was found important: inadequate behavior is not caused by a disease of the child, and painful reaction to the attitude to him. Children's revolt provoked adults themselves, the child only fought for the right to be yourself.

Children ultramarine colors

The official term for these children did not exist, although attempts to invent it was made more than once, and each of them had a Foundation. They were called "children of the new Millennium", because these young creatures have unusual mentally opportunities. Were talking about them "children of Light", as the worldview kids sharply differs from the familiar to us. Permanently stuck to him the epithet "gifted": for any test fixes the level of development of these unusual children is much higher secondary(school grades had nothing to do with it). In France unusual children called "Teflon", as they are not "stick" common stereotypes of behaviour. But most caught the American term "Indigo".

In 1982, was published a book by the famous American psychologist, bioenergy, clairvoyant Nancy Ann tappe "As the color helps to better understand your life". It was the first scientific publication, which defined the model of behavior of "new" children. Nancy has classified certain types of human behavior for the colors of the spectrum of sunlight and, guided by intuition, have created a remarkably accurate and visual system. Dr. tappe believed that changes in society is largely due to the total change colors auras. For example, in the XIX century the most widespread were biofield fuchsia, today their people, almost none. Find one person with such an aura in palm springs, Nancy was very surprised because, as she thought, this color "fell out of use at the beginning of the century. From the series, but "overused" And Magenta. These two vital colors should be replaced, then decided clairvoyant. In the early 80-ies she realized that it was time to add to its new color - bright blue, Indigo. For the first time "violet" biofield Ms. tappe saw above the head of a newborn baby when his father turned to Nancy with the request ( can try himself in a half dozen types of creative activities, learn to play five or six different instruments, but, reaching adolescence, will choose one of them and become a master in the chosen field.

The fourth type of the children of the future - those that live in all dimensions." They can be bullies and bullying, because much larger than the other three types, and not able to adapt. These children know all about everything. Already in infancy telling their own parents, all and always try to do it themselves. Of these know-it-alls grow outstanding personalities. Those are the people that are in the world new philosophy and new religions. Today Jesus Christ, undoubtedly, would apply to this category of people Indigo.

The world is slowly changing color. Indigo-humanists currently replacing the "yellow". Conceptualists gradually replacing the "Golden'> And "green". Indigo-artists replace "blue'>. Indigo, "living in all dimensions", substitute "violet>. So, apparently, soon we will have a color Indigo at all levels.

But in modern conditions the Indigo children life is difficult. Together with talents nature has given them, and some drawbacks. Such children have an unstable psyche. At one point they can have fun and be mobile, and presently, apathetic and without any mood to sit in the corner and think about something else.

The existing system of education is sometimes so unacceptable for such children that because of improper attitude to them, they can easily become a Child-murderers. Indigo feel that they have a special mission, and when they meet obstacles when their block, they have no choice but to remove that, in their opinion, interferes. To achieve their Supreme goal Indigo not stop at nothing. In them there is no fear, they have no authority, no idols, neither idols. They believe only in themselves.

Some researchers explain the phenomenon of Indigo children, because THEY have too many internal energy which have nowhere to adapt: to implement all the Ideas that are swarming in their heads, sometimes it is simply impossible. After all they are the children of the future, which, apparently, has not come...
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