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 Уникальная находка: со дна Днепра достали 500-летнюю лодку из дуба Workers of the National reserve "Khortitsa" taken out from the bottom of the Dnieper old boat, which age of about five hundred years. Experts suggest that such vessels Dnieper water was cut off our ancestors in the times of Kievan Rus. But a more exact date will be determined after conducting radiogennogo analysis. The finding was discovered senior researcher of the reserve Valery Nefyodov in 2011 in line with the Old Dnieper river in two kilometers from the island Baida. "In June of this year we carried out a more detailed investigation and found that it dugout boat - boat-odnodnevki made of solid wood of a large oak. The image of such boats can be seen in the engravings of the XVI-XVII centuries," said Valery. Length odnodnevki - about eight meters, width - up to one meter. According to historians, it could accommodate up to eight people.

Now the ship has already moved in the repair hangar, where the future Museum is being prepared for conservation (special procedure, which will allow the boat is not to fall down in the dust). "About 20 thousand UAH, we need to restoration equipment to make it to the pool. This core costs, which we plan to cover their own. The main thing now is to preserve the boat, and not to give to break down the main detail that it is. The tree is so fragile that we are all very surprised, as it was not destroyed when we rise", - told the Director of the reserve Maxim Ostapenko.

wpid dsc 0238 Unique finding: from the bottom of the Dnieper river got the 500 year old boat from oak

Ancient craft. In eight oak boat that could easily accommodate up to eight people. Photo: reporter-ua.com

In the future archaeologists plan to get to the river bottom several ancient vessels. By the way, according to the scientific Secretary of the reserve Sergey Tatarintseva, river near Khortitsa can store numerous similar antiquities. "The fact that the island is actually the first land after overcoming the Dnieper rapids. Our island was an important transit point on the way "from the Varangians to the Greeks". It was moored or before you start to overcome rapids, lifting up the river, or have rest after. Therefore, shipping around our island at the time was quite developed," said the historian.

Repair - for years

To see a new item in the Museum visitors will not soon. "The process of conservation and restoration will take years. For example, the conservation of the gulls that were raised in 1999, took five years. The status of the wood was better than now raised the boat. So, when the restoration process, it is difficult to predict", - said Sergey Tatarintsev.
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