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Оружие боговIn ancient times, all the phenomena that people could not understand and explain, it was decided to attribute otherworldly forces. This was especially the case of natural disasters of various kinds. Perhaps it is because in the ancient sources as often mention the mysterious aliens or gods, which have their invisible part in the life of the earth's inhabitants.

There is another version, according to which the gods really existed and people "of the past" has kept in memory their images and events, connected with their presence on the ground, and after you started to describe it in myths and legends, paintings and sculptures, books and other documentary evidence. They probably wanted to tell his descendants very important information, and now, for modern people it is a chance for a fresh look at the history of all mankind.

In confirmation of the last assumption is backed by the fact that on our planet, researchers are regularly strange drawings and sculptures. For example, such as the sculpture "Cosmonaut", which people even could not imagine a few hundred years ago, not to mention the millions! And in various sources describe a variety of aircraft, which served as the "ancient" in the military purposes. Such devices have been used by all people and "bad people", but rather: people, gods, demigods and various mythical creatures. The most amazing thing is that the battle was fought not with swords and bows and arrows, and a kind of terrible strength and destructive consequences weapons, which could shake the whole world, to destroy whole countries and make huge area uninhabitable for a very long time. All this forced "contemporaries" seriously wonder: could take that knowledge is in people who lived on earth for five thousand years till our days and had not, from the modern point of view, a single gram of ideas about new cars and other mechanisms, but had the intelligence level of the monkey"?

Hard to believe that primitive people could describe what has never seen, no matter how rich was not the fantasy. But, while they were then described what our "advanced" scientists can boast as a technical and technological "novelties" now.

The range of stories is really great. In the Holy books of Hinduism and Indian epos you can read about ancient civilizations, with its unprecedented power, on the most advanced technological devices, about the fantastic flying devices and navodayam indescribable terror weapons of the gods unseen force. Mentioned in the ancient sources and also about how terrible divine wrath and what can the Almighty gods, if they get angry. Special interest of researchers has always caused the description of the divine of war, the incredible power of which is worthy of the best stories in today's movies.

So, about the terrible weapon destructive power lot written in the "Mahabharata". If you believe these ancient records, during the battle for world domination, arrows flashed, like thousands of lightning and everywhere was thunder, as if from the game on thousands of drums. That was followed by a series of violent explosions and thousands fire vortices. The world was shaking, as if from fever, animals were lit up by themselves and in a panic rushed through the earth without a path. The water was boiling, and huge trees with a powerful trunks fell as knocked down, though fragile branches. The earth was shining and hot winds blew, and even the corpses did not like the "former" people.

What kind of weapon was discussed in the "Mahabharata", to say very difficult. However, there is the fact, as far as its effect is analogous to the use of nuclear weapons. It was intended for killing all living things, turned to ashes all those who were close to the epicenter, and the rest is rapidly fell hair and nails. Even the food under the influence of the mysterious force came into disrepair, and whole peoples were subject to his influence, and the sun was hidden behind the grey smog for many centuries.

There is interesting information that during the development and testing of the atomic bomb, Professor Oppenheimer involuntarily recalled multiple excerpts from the "Mahabharata" and, apparently, a reason.

In the Indian epos you can meet a variety of names weapons with super powers. But it was not named, General has always been one: the destructive power that could paralyze and cause a panic fear whole army or even to destroy, to burn down the whole of our planet.

In the Bhagavata Purana there is also a description of the super-weapon. The story describes how terrible over-gun was among the ancient people. Their weapons, according to manuscripts, had "characterized by" a principle of action and is applied only in extreme cases, due to unpredictable consequences and fear of even his own masters.

So, in the story is told as Ashvatthama decided to use the weapons, only when nothing else he did not have, though, and knew not how then to stop its action and just praying, hoping for a higher power. In the Bhagavata Purana, described how in all directions, immediately after application "brahmastra"put into action only sung the hymns, in an instant spilled dazzling light, to endure that it was not possible. Isn't there a colorful analogy with nuclear weapons? With the only difference that our scientists are still unable to come up with such a simple way to manage as the singing of hymns.

In the story explains that even calling for God has not helped to stop the action brahmastra. God only could give a hint about what to counteract these weapons can only weapon of the same power. If we return to the present and again to make an analogy, it is clear to neutralize the effects of atomic bombs anything - not invented such a way that no people on earth such knowledge.

Further on in the story above, as released from the second brahmastra a charge connected with the first, forming a huge in scale, fireball, dazzling, like a new sun, blocking the whole earth and the whole cosmos. I felt a strong heat is unbearable and inexpressible words, and it seemed that the universe is living out its last second before the total annihilation...

And this is only a small part of the passages from the ancient records. In fact, sources lot about weapons over-force wrote representatives of different countries and at different times. Some of the mentioned weapons were able to influence even on a nature to cause disasters atmospheric and geological character. Under the power of the weapon instantly began hurricanes, tornadoes, giant tsunami, acid rains, fogs and earthquakes.

Very interesting description of not only the consequences of the application, but even the appearance of weapons and aircraft. You can easily draw an analogy with weapons of modernity, based on the characteristic traits: iron arrows incredible size, in flames - very similar to the present missiles. As described in the manuscript "means of transport" is very similar to modern planes and helicopters. Moreover, among the ancients, they even exceed the modern features. Indeed, it may be that over time our equipment will be gradually improved and modernized, and, eventually, will become fully match had once described aircraft "equipment".

Despite the seeming impossibility of assumptions about the existence of nuclear weapons in ancient times, from time to time people learn about such facts that speak and prove it conclusive evidence was found not only "the letter" - in the spiritual world, but also directly in the material world, so to say "in fact". For example, one time newspaper pages were Packed with information on mountain tops, melted in some places, glass, formed after melting sand, on the ruins of ancient cities, charred so that it is impossible to imagine a fire such a crushing force.

So, for example, traces of the influence of high temperatures etched on the ruins of the Hittite Kingdom. Masonry ancient buildings there simply "sterilise" and cracked in places even have merged in a kind of uniform mass. The researchers were surprised when saw it. According to the famous archaeologist A. Brigella, conventional fire does not leave such traces, and burn this city actually was nothing: not particularly dense development of the territory, the little stone house and a complete lack of combustible materials. How is this possible?

Another story of this kind happened to the ziggurats, which are called prototypes of the tower of Babel.

Ziggurat is a tower built of stacked on each parallelepipeds or, alternatively, truncated pyramids. Parallelepipeds (pyramids) may be a different number from the three pieces of the ancient Sumerians to seven inhabitants of Babylon. One day one of them also have been exposed to extremely high temperatures. The wall is not just a charred, and has had it up to state of the glass-like mass. The same fate befell the Scottish fortress Iverness, made of large stone blocks, which turned into a single substance of unknown origin. Moreover, this building had a colossal scale and was situated in a mountainous area, where practically absent any trees. What could cause such a strong fire, if you try to "knock" the blame on them?

Even more unusual the findings were found in the early 1930-ies. It was the whole field of glass extraordinary clean, practically free of impurities. Studies have shown that the composition of glass 98 % silicone. Deposits incredible glass stretched for thousands of miles away and shocked all scientists of the planet. According to one of the theories, glass once became the sand after the fall of some cosmic body that triggered the heat emission, but this version does not hold water. On the surface, had not found any traces of the crater, and accumulations of this kind found in two different areas of the desert, a good distance from each other, and once again found such glass deposits in different parts of the globe. But in favor of the theory that the ancient nuclear weapons, on the contrary, demonstrated by the fact that during the tests Americans atomic bomb, desert Sands have become nothing more than molten glass greenish hue. What other evidence needed when there is a clear example of using experience?

About regular nuclear tests at least several thousand or even millions of years, ancient ruins tell Islands ind. Among the ruins found everywhere spravivshegosya collections of minerals, including clay, which, having hardened instantly, turned to glass. By results of the analysis, the scientists managed to establish that the samples were melted under the influence of temperature over a thousand degrees, which at that time was just unreal to get, the more open space. Moreover, destruction are specific: clearly defined the epicenter, which simply were collected ancient buildings and gradual reduction of destruction in the direction from the center to the outskirts of the city. All this is very similar to the horrific consequences of the atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

All these unexpected findings forced to think of even the most distrustful of archaeologists. According to them, none of natural disaster from all known to mankind, could not have such influence on these artifacts.

Thus, we can conclude that all modern discoveries, whether sculpture or ancient texts is nothing but the echo of the events that happened on Earth many thousands of years ago and reflected in "folk art". And if we consider this assumption is no inherent in many of skepticism, it looks not so surreal and even more plausible than the idea that the legend began only the offspring of wild fantasies stupid primitive artists.

So, the question about the possibility of the existence of nuclear weapons can be considered resolved. Unresolved is the question of in whose hands these weapons were in the hands of the gods, aliens or representatives of ancient civilizations? And whether they can come back and punish the Earthmen for what they are doing to the planet once had risen from the ashes?
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