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Нашел что то необычное? Лучше скорее забудь про это!Not so long ago a Peruvian farmer found more than 10 thousand unique artifacts stones of different sizes, where the ancient artist was engraved absolutely incredible scenes where people have entered fight with dinosaurs, was sitting at the telescopes, had the difficult surgery, etc. Stones soon got the name "Stones IKI".

Stones IKI representatives of the official science prefer to call a fake and not notice.

In order not to change radically ideas about the history of the evolution of mankind, "the pillars of science" publicly declared these phenomenal artifacts fake, semi-literate farmer nearly took him to prison allegedly for their counterfeiting, and further study of "stones IKI" has lost its meaning. Gradually about stones forgot.

Very typical in this respect, and the history of the acclaimed book "Forbidden archaeology", written by American researchers artifacts Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson. This book describes and analyses the cases of detection of amazing discoveries that prove that modern man appeared much earlier than the conventional chronology.

Several years ago the contents of this book have been used in the transfer of NBS "Mystery of the origin of man"; transfer caused in circles, scientific community a real shock. In the address of the Corporation faces a flood of letters from angry luminaries who called the authors of the books and programs by criminals and crooks, but the program itself a hoax. Moreover, they sought to prohibit further show that TV programs, contact the Federal communications Commission.

In his time geologist Virginia McIntyre from the Federal geo-logology USA, was sent to Mexico to archeological excavation site to determine the age of some found there.

In the analysis, Dr. McIntyre used the most modern equipment and, nevertheless, determined the age of the artifacts four different ways to four times to verify the correctness of the obtained results. And to doubt in their correctness she had good reason. Archaeologists were sure that the found objects of everyday life of about 22 thousand years, and just wanted to get a scientific and accurate confirmation of their estimates "eye". Instrumental same methods showed that the age of artifacts is... 250000 years!

But the thing is that the amount of 22 thousand years (maximum 25) is critical to the classical theory of resettlement of people on the American continent "land"because it is so much years ago, according to modern concepts, formed divided Asia and America Bering Strait, which until then was drying.

The head of the archaeological expedition rejected the results obtained McIntyre, because they contradicted the theories mentioned above, requesting to hold a new test. She held her and got the same results - found items, created by ancient people was 250 thousand years!

Female geologist gave specifically to understand what she ' better to abandon their delusions"and accept the results ridiculous. Stubbornness is not brought promising specialist to good: proceedings McIntyre stopped typing, and was fired from the Department and it was forbidden to teach in the University.

Here is another typical example of non-recognition of science evidence contradicting the conventional installations. This event, connected with finds mysterious mummies in the desert So-La-desert, Western China. Anthropologists have identified in rare finds the type of people belonging to a previously unknown, Caucasian peoples inhabiting these lands before the appearance of the first Imperial dynasties in China. They were blond, blue-eyed people, wore the clothes and shoes of beautiful and colorful blossoms. This discovery caused a tide of optimism neither the scientists nor the authorities, and they decided to give it as little as possible publicity, although in some cases together with amazing mysterious mummies of people found the mummy of ordinary Chinese. In order not to stir the layers of history, mysterious burial just... buried.

In conclusion, it is appropriate to mention the archaeological and anthropological mystery, disturbing the minds of scientists for many decades and is associated with one of the oldest and most neglected of the civilizations of Olmecs (the Americas), traces of which are found on the territory of modern Mexico. Somehow among the monuments of the culture of this people were statues 5-6 meter head, which belong, according to the unanimous opinion of experts (however, it is clear and the layman)it is clear that people blacks who lived in those times exclusively African continent!

Recently, one Mexican anthropologist patriot "decided" this insoluble riddle. He announced that "the head of the Olmec" depict not Negroes, and representatives of one of the local tribes! Scientists Orthodox breathed a sigh of relief...
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