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Тайны эффекта дежавюSometimes, you know, I saw this street was in this castle, experienced a similar situation, or know that I will answer thee interlocutor, what signs will accompany the words -- That is, deception of the senses? Or maybe you have lived these events in a past life or parallel reality?

Sometimes, you know, I saw this street was in this castle, experienced a similar situation, or know that I will answer thee interlocutor, what signs will accompany the words -- That is, deception of the senses? Or maybe you have lived these events in a past life or parallel reality?

DEJAVU (FR. deja vu is already seen) is a special state in which a person feels that he has already been in a similar situation, but this feeling is not associated with a specific moment in the past, and refers to the "past at all" (Wikipedia).

As a rule, DEJAVU we experience in everyday situations, and program it an effect impossible. At some point, out on the street, in the office or even in a strange new country, there is a feeling that the event was once in our lives. More adds to it a whole bunch of feelings of curiosity and easy anxiety about the unknown, surprise and confusion. There is a vague sense of the supernatural, the illusion of psychic abilities. And, of course, attempts to predict what will happen in the next seconds... But after a few minutes everything falls into place, illusions disappear and events back in the ordinary course.

Remember the famous film "Operation "Y" and other adventures of Shurik"? Hero Alexander Demyanenko came to the apartment to Lida, suffered a similar set of experiences. But they were not surprising: after all, we all know that previously, he was already at this girl... But when you know you in this building had never been before, and wouldn't repeats own words in the same situation, I feel quite strange.

What is this mysterious DEJAVU? Maybe the moment of contact with a different reality? Future for a few moments subconsciously looking each?

Deja vu: the mysterious phenomenon

The concept of "deja vu" was introduced in the late XIX century psychologist Emil Baracom and classified in the same group together with such notions as "gamefu" (never seen), "dejamenu" (already experienced), "degaetano" (already heard). According to the Massachusetts Institute of technology, published in the media, the emergence of deja vu occurs in temporal lobe of the brain - the hippocampus. It dentate gyrus of the hippocampus looking for analogies and recognise the differences in similar images. As a result the person understands what he had seen and what is not, what was and what was not aware of the past and the present.

If for some reason fails in the work of the hippocampus, the seen image is the center of the memory of the brain, through analysis, and in a fraction of a second a request for the presence of knowledge. In fact, people tend to compare the situation with the episodes of the fresh memories. At this time, and there is a feeling of deja vu. Note: the reason for such failure hippocampus may become fatigue, stress and the frequent depression, hypothermia or overheating, the effects of air pressure and various diseases.

Noteworthy is another interesting study modern scientists under the guidance of a psychologist Anne Cleary at the University of Colorado.

It is known that the human brain is associating unknown environment with separate objects they have ever seen. Scientists, evaluating brain activity subjects, offered to look at the pictures of the famous monuments of architecture and famous people - and call them. The study found that even if the subject did not know the answer, then in the temporal lobes of the brain still recorded a surge of neural activity. Questioning of subjects after research has shown that many wanted wrong to call the image in the pictures because it was associated with someone or something.

According to Anne Cleary, this state is similar to what we experience during DEJAVU. To confirm the results, the researchers plan to repeat the experience by measuring biochemical changes in the brain subjects during the experiment.

Who is affected DEJAVU?

About 90% of people worldwide have experienced this mysterious condition than once. Physiologists found two most active phase of life, when the phenomenon of deja vu is often visited by people: the first occurs at the age of 17, when adolescents have already generated more or less adult perception of the world and, according to psychologists, they react very badly to life circumstances; the second stage is the period of 35-40 years, when a person draws a "thick line" under their achievements and is a complete rethink your life status.

Doctors say that people tend to DEJAVU, prone to violations of sensual perception (perception of time) - epilepsy, schizophrenia. As for children, they are faced with similar phenomenon not previously 8-11 years, when their consciousness reaches a certain level of development.

Deja vu: experts opinions

Parapsychologists explain the rendezvous on the basis of the theory of reincarnation. According to the Indian faith man does not live one life, and the countless number of them. Some episodes from past lives surfaced in the memory, causing a feeling of "previously seen." Until recently, psychologists have suggested that deja vu is a means of self-defense of human rights. He starts searching in unfamiliar terrain familiar objects or items to support themselves and not to succumb to psychological stress. Psychiatrists, based on the research, believe that deja vu is a symptom of temporarily-share of epilepsy, which in rare cases dangerous for human health.

Physics interpret DEJAVU using ecstatic concept that explains this by the fact that the future, the past and present exist simultaneously. But human consciousness reads or understands only the present. And when it fails, read the wrong information. Sometimes there are interesting cases, as, for example, a resident of the United States, who came on an excursion to the Fort Laramie, located in Wyoming. Going forth, he described the location of doors and interior before you see them. The group adopted him as a man with supernatural powers, until he fell into a souvenir shop, where we saw the novel "Queen of Bedlam", which once read. In this novel in detail described the interior and the beautiful surroundings of the Fort.

I want to note that if this man did not go to the grocery store, or at the time it did not sell this book, the mystery of the phenomenon and would have remained unsolved.

Deja vu: the opinions of great people

Philosophers Plato and Pythagoras treated DEJAVU as a reminder of past life. Aristotle in his works, supposed that the reason for this is the mental state. Arthur Allin, Professor of psychology at the University of Colorado at Bulgare, in 1896 explained DEJAVU as a piece of forgotten dreams. The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed that deja vu is the trail of memories, displaced some strong traumatic experience, it is unacceptable for Over-Ya

That is, perhaps, this feeling reminds us of the fantasies that we never talk about the unseen, but at the same time, forbidden desires (for example, because of social or religious opinions). Pupil of Freud, Carl Gustav Jung during a trip in Kenya have experienced deja vu: "On the ledge of rock, I saw the figure of a man leaning on his spear. This picture is from a completely seemingly alien world fascinated me - I experienced the state of deja vu. Once I was here, I knew this life! In an instant I like back in her firmly forgotten youth: Yes, this man was waiting for me here for the last two thousand years."

Jung believed that this effect stems from the memory about the life of the ancestors or, as he calls him, the collective unconscious, which is in each of us.

Deja vu: the "star" of history

Since the XIX century mention of deja vu can be found in the works of Chateaubriand, Charles Dickens, Marcel Proust, Arthur Conan Doyle, Jack London, Clifford Simak, Lev Tolstoy. The cinema is also not spared this phenomenon party, for example in such famous films as "the Matrix" (the main character Neo sees how near it passes twice black cat), DEJAVU (story of a man who had lost her memory and experiencing constant rendezvous) and the already mentioned trilogy "Operation "Y" and other adventures of Shurik".

The story of the Madonna, like a feeling came to her when he visited the Imperial Palace in Beijing. At some point she realized that he knows the location of virtually every room in the Palace that she is familiar to every area, from which he concluded that he was a servant of the last Manchu Emperor.

Tina Turner, first came to Egypt, suddenly saw the familiar landscape and objects. In her memory surfaced memories of the times of the pharaohs, when she was a friend of Queen Hatshepsut.

Sean Connery due to a sudden sense of deja vu has told, that, most likely, was a healer in the African tribe of natives.

It is hoped that the phenomenon of deja vu will still be disclosed, and from a large number of theories will remainXia one that dispels the mystery of this phenomenon. On the other hand, among the monotony of everyday life sometimes so eager tales or magic! Maybe you also had the opportunity to experience such feelings?

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