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Мы ждем перемен… Результаты международной конференции астрологов2013 is the most controversial of premonition. On the one hand, we, as always, hope for the best, on the other - sad to see that the world crisis continues, natural disasters have not become less, and the mighty of this world is wiser and far-sighted...

When Razvodnaya?

Actually, it is in order to answer this question leading astrologers of the world gathered in the United States to an international conference United Astrology Conference. Such conferences are held with the 90-ies regularly every four years, before the presidential elections: astrologers predict who this time will inherit the helm in America, how will the events unfold in the US and in the world.

We offer to your attention, friends, the conclusions of the international conference-2012, as well as predictions for the near future specialists

Going global restructuring

According to the results of the international conference United Astrology Conference

We are waiting for a sea change - this applies to the entire world: it is the unanimous opinion of the participants of the forum United Astrology Conference.

Since the conference was "tied" to the presidential election, the most heated debate revolved around the question of whether there will be Barack Obama for a second term. Astrologers considered that Obama will Pereybere - and, as we know, was not mistaken. However calm presidency him, alas, is not promised, soon after the victory at the elections he can have a very big problem - until the forcible removal or impeachment. Well, that we still have to check.

Of course, discussed the issue of the end of the world, "assigned" on December 21 this year. However, rather, from a humorous point of view: none of the participants of the world astroforum as no self-respecting astrologer, not ready to seriously consider this issue.

But when it came to the forecasts for the coming years, all was not amused...

Experts unanimously stated that we are at a key moment in history, our time is intended to define the future of the Earth for many thousands of years ahead.

It is not just words, from whom are all tired. Such things are seen in the sky is very clear. What is happening now? Uranus, Neptune and Pluto specularly reflected the picture that was in heaven at the turn of the 20-30-ies of the last century, and this promises a serious change the world.

One of the participants of the Conference, the famous astrologer Raymond Merriman interprets this heavenly configuration: "has Already started and will change the whole structure of our world: the geopolitical map, international law, civil law, the boundaries of the permissible and impermissible".

Alas, astrologers do not promise "world peace." The stars do not predict a global catastrophe, but are encouraged to prepare for local war. Dr. Kotamraju Narayana RAO, the head and founder of the largest astrological schools in India, predicts the war with Iran, from which Israel will be the winner and will skyrocket. Another prediction of Dr. RAO says that disappear Pakistan, and Russia is a rich country, but far from democracy. By the way, we are especially concerned with Dr. RAO inspires our far East, where highly probable military conflicts for the property redistribution.

Not too optimistic look and predictions of astrologers about the behavior of the elements: these or other outbreaks will it to happen all over the world. It is caused by the unfavorable impact of higher planets, about which we have already spoken: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Uranium provokes man-made disasters (Fukushima happened on the day of entry of Uranium in the sign of Aries). In doing Neptune are water (floods, tsunami - his doing) and epidemics, as well as unfavorable mutations, and, consequently, the emergence of new viruses. As for Pluto, he snuggled negatively, provoking earthquakes, accidents at nuclear power plants and bouts of mass aggression. Merriman notes that Neptune besides creates a "smoke screen" to the media, so now we practically have no opportunity to know what is really going on.

Of course, everyone is interested in what financial projections do astrologers. Merriman, a leading financial astrologer of the world, back in 1994 predicted that in 2008 will begin a serious crisis - which is what happened. The crisis, according to his calculations, will last at least until 2015, and the consequences will be felt by 2020. As for the dollar, he, in the opinion of Merriman, may lose the status of a world reserve currency, so that the astrologer does not recommend to keep savings in "bucks". The Euro also does not inspire Merriman trust: with him all possible disturbances. He advises to pay attention to the yuan or buy gold.

So, the forecasts are not too favorable. What is hiding under the Cabinet? There until 2020 will not outstay... Remains quote the words of the participants of the Conference, the chief editor of the publishing house "World of Urania" Irina Antonyan: "The hardest aspect, Uranus square to Pluto, over the next three years will be folded seven times. At the end of June we have survived the first exact aspect and see its effects.

Further more. All the problems were not resolved, the next convergence of the planets again "saranut" us on the head. Not watching the objects of increased danger it, certainly, will break. Conclusion? You need to follow to get to every corner, watch where the spark switch. I speak metaphorically, but it works and on the physical level.

And the same are advised to do in his personal life. Now is the time to resolve deficiencies, unsolved problems. This must be the meaning of our life. This is a unique time that gives people the ability to make profound changes: the whole situation is favourable for that. There will be an incredible chance to take off. This big wave is able to cover, and maybe smoothly to bear on new coast".


Lydia Nevedomska, astrologer

2013 - year Eastern Snakes and Zoroastrian Crow, as 1917. Only then the Serpent was red, Fiery, and now there will be Water, black. So, unlike open aggression and military dictatorship 1917, now we have to wait for the "submarine flows" and "pools". This happened last year Crow and the Black Snake (1553), when he died Vasily III and began a series of political turmoil around three years of Ivan the terrible. At the same time, despite the payment of a large ransom gold, was destroyed the capital of the Inca Empire and executed its ruler.

April Eclipse of the moon in 6 degrees Scorpio remind you comet chumacero-levy-9, after the fall of which key events each year to coincide with the symbolism of the major Arcana of the TAROT, read from the last card to the first one. The first half of 2013, corresponds to the "Emperor" (YHWH). YAHWEH is unpronounceable name under which the Creator revealed Himself to the chosen people. Hence, the call of the Israeli reservists started in Eclipse 14 November 2012, will have a major impact on the course of Affairs in 2013

The second half of 2013, corresponds Arkan "Empress" ("Venus Urania"). And what? on August 26, Venus will stand in opposition to Uranus and would close a configuration aspects of the "big cross" with participation of Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. It is a reminder that before we unite we need to disassociate. In 2013 we will have to withstand natural disasters and human cruelty - terrorism, sadism, sexual violence. Setevaya the Moon symbolizes the sphere of the collective unconscious, which will be mercilessly "bombardirovschika" fragments collapsing hierarchical values parental authority, the traditional family, the world religious doctrines.

We are in charge of the future

Boris Basic, astrologer

In the middle of 2010 Uranus entered the sign of Aries, where he came under the influence of militant Mars. The combination itself is not easy, besides Uranium was destructive aspects to Pluto and Saturn, that for the astrologer means one thing: the world has entered a new phase of development, which I dare to call the Epoch of fundamental renewal.

Why? Pluto and Saturn have a leading role in the formation of life values; when comes into play

Uranus, the planet of the reforms and revolutions, it remains to be seen dramatic changes in the public consciousness and in the world. Regardless of whether we want these changes, or hope that things will remain the same...

The first in resonance with the cosmic vibrations update came in the middle East, followed by North Africa: there is a wave of mass demonstrations and protests. Not stay aside and Russia, the country Vodoleyskaya and-Aquarius, let me remind you, it manages Uranium. No wonder that on the movement of Uranium we replied in a loud political shares, the requirements of democratic freedoms. So, thanks to the star changes, there are rapidly increasing change, the world is exempt from the usual views and values.

In the coming 2013 this trend will continue, but the creative processes will face a lot of obstacles. Particularly complex will be the period from the end of August until the middle of the third decade of September, when to destructive influence of Uranus and Pluto will be added the impact of the dark moon and Jupiter, moving Cancer. At the same time Saturn in Scorpio will meet with North node of the moon, triggering a new round of financial crisis. It was at this time particularly dramatic social activity - and they may lead to irreparable consequences. In short, PRostite for the pathos, but I have to say, the future is in our hands. The more quiet and vzveshennoi will be not only political leaders but also each person, the more we are likely to stay afloat, to avoid disaster...

Nothing is more constant than change

Andrey EXPLICIT, molfar, spiritual teacher

The end of the year, the end of an Era Fifth Sun on the Mayan calendar, the end of the astrological Age of Pisces... troubled World, the world is experiencing a systemic crisis, scrapping eras - and each of us feels this as a series of negative events: money depreciates, here and there happen disaster, collapse established relationships. Growing internal tension, melts hope...

Friends, no doubt about it: the world is on the threshold of serious changes. And change is always scary. But let's think: there is nothing more constant than change. Updated our body: the skin cells, blood, internal organs. Updated our homes. Relations. Thoughts and feelings. What does not change is dying. Going frees space for the new.

In the near future the world will not only shock, but bright and positive events. Russia I predict growth of well-being, political changes, the emergence of a new player on the political arena. The middle East is possible effort of the conflict, after which Israel's position will become stronger.

The core capital will be concentrated in Asia. The US will not be able to strengthen its position, the country will face a crisis.

Mankind will advance in the treatment of cancer, will be made giant steps in the development of space technologies. In the next decade will have a base on the moon, and the program will launch on assimilation of Mars.

The forecast for 2013 for Russia

Alexey Ryabov, psychologist, tarologi

In 2013, we expect not the most promising change. Their shoots we see today. Economic crisis, which, strictly speaking, is nowhere and disappeared again will become aggravated. The dollar will decline, however, the Euro can be salvaged. Ruble, of course, also falter, and will be, at least, is unstable. Russia will be in such position that it is better to swim alone.

Will attempt to become economically independent from the West, and this attempt will be fruitful. But the price you have to pay is high and had to tighten the belt. It is clear that first of all it will affect ordinary people. The beginning of realization of the policy of economic independence should be expected in the second half of the year.

With increasing economic independence will be inextricably linked foreign political isolation of Russia, the deterioration of relations with the leading world powers. Russia is again into the age of if not the cold war, the "cold peace".

Domestically, we expect a surge of propaganda, not always true, further centralization of power, defamation and suppression of the opposition. There will be surprises, in particular, the possible permutations at the top, I do not exclude the resignation of the Prime Minister.

But will reduce inter-ethnic tensions within the country, and the important role this will play the Russian Orthodox Church. Her position will be further strengthened.

The world is on the threshold

Eleanor GINZBURG, astrologer

The world forum astrologers is an important event, but for us until exotic. It is not customary in our country to listen to those who are seeking answers to the major challenges of time in Space. It is a pity, because it can help to explain many problems. Including, and economic. It is clear that the biggest number of questions today is connected with the world crisis. I would point out in this thread several aspects that relate to periods when possible downs and changes in the world economy.

The nearest foreign countries related to the fact that during his 18,6 year cycle of the Lunar Nodes turned so that the Descending Node is now in the Body (he went there in late August 2012 and will last until March 2014). The lunar Nodes associated with tasks that lie ahead as humanity as a whole and to the individual. Descending Node usually gives us to understand that it is not worth much to expect in the sphere, to which it has at the moment. Being in a Body, he, most likely, will cause stagnation in the economy, lower living standards, the production decline, lack of resources and, possibly, the instability of world currencies. The key point can be considered a solar Eclipse on may 10, 2013 in Taurus - the real trouble begins after it. The way out of the crisis indicates Ascending Node in Scorpio, which means striving for development: bold investments, the Association of large financial corporations.

In 2014 will be a period of relative stability. But the next round of tension in the world economy is not far off: it will be associated with the occurrence of Uranium in the sign of Taurus at the beginning of the year 2019. The planet will remain there until 2025, and will require a completely new approach to the economic development and resource use. The crisis associated with the Uranium, will affect those who are not capable of updating, who holds conservative views and attitudes.

There is still a danger of natural disasters and technogenic catastrophes: 2016 will remain the square surface of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, which may result in earthquakes, explosions, nuclear disasters. Neptune, which is included in your own sign of Pisces, increases the risk of water disasters, especially in the beginning of 2013, when the "master of the ocean will be in a devastating degree, and at the same time in the sign of Pisces is a large concentration of other planets.


Maria Duval, the astrologer

In a world undergoing a revolution, this is the beginning of a new world. Of course, without suffering and surprises here will not do. But still, through thorns we will come to light.

All the major role will be played science: the opening allow you to create a managed computer thought, microprocessor capable of reproducing mechanism of view, clone living beings... Judging by the stars, we have a risky choice, which may lead to the emergence of a new human race: Homo Transgenicus.

In the near future we'll move away from the classical understanding of the family: a new family will form a pair of "mother-child".

Means of "folk medicine" will again become very popular.

The genetic revolution will accelerate the emergence of vaccines from any disease. Will be created artificial blood.

We can go to one of the ancient spiritual doctrines, by which man was created for life to 140 years.

Alas, the negative aspects too short. We are now on the threshold of the collapse of major political system of world importance. Possible crisis that will bring hunger, disease, a whole series of religious and ethnic wars, ecological catastrophe...

Crisis: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Sergei Simakov, the astrologer

What we see today? The crises that from time to time and before shook civilization, financial, economic, political. War as a result of these crises. Natural disasters that have always been since the times of Atlantis and the Vesuvius. In short, nothing new. The earth has not changed its axis, the Moon had not left the orbit of the Earth, and other planets continue eternal flight in a given program. So what to say about radical changes for no reason. Remember "the Revelation of St. John the divine, there is literally written: "And the stars shall fall from heaven, and the sun shall not give her light" - that global change, space. But for now all in their places. But the agiotage round of disasters and crises - not more than search for sensations.

The causes of these crises lie outside the sphere of interests of astrology: this is a battle for resources and power.

With astrological position interestingly, in examining these processes, we see the deployment of some cosmic mystery. All events unfold in a certain myth of interaction between planets and stars. Now realized demiurgic mythologeme year of the Dragon: the world is on fire. Then begins the mythologeme of the transformation of the world in a completely new quality. Then the world will begin to seek ways of applying their new qualities and so forth.

Don't be afraid to live: this is the main lesson that taught us the stars.
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