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США и Новая Зеландия тайно создавали цунамиThe US and New Zealand conducted secret tests of underwater super bombs to generate a tsunami. Interestingly,the tsunami in 2004 to Indonesia that killed around 300 thousand human lives whether it was the tsunami natural?

Tests were conducted in the waters around New Caledonia and Auckland during the Second world war and showed that such weapons are, in principle, possible to create and it will achieve the goal. A series of 10 large marine explosions can potentially create a tsunami 33-ft, which is able to flood the small town.

During a top-secret operation code-named "Project Seal", was tested "doomsday device" as a possible opponent of nuclear bombs. About 3700 bombs were exploded during a test, first in New Caledonia, and then on the Peninsula of Whangaparaoa (Whangaparaoa), close to Auckland.

Light on these plans was shed during the research of the author and filmmaker from New Zealand, ray Varu (Waru), who studied the materials of the war in the National archives.

"Most likely, if the atomic bomb would not have been created, such as we know it today, perhaps, we would have people "victims of the tsunami," said Mr. Varu.

"It was absolutely amazing. First, someone came up with the idea of developing weapons of mass destruction based on the tsunami ... was and New Zealand...and, it seems, the operation completed successfully - it has reached a phase when the new weapon was able to achieve its objectives. "The project was launched in June 1944, according to the American naval officer, E. A. Gibson (Gibson). Blasting work was done to clean the coral reefs around the Islands of the Pacific ocean. Sometimes there was such a big wave that the possibility of a bomb-tsunami" no one is in doubt.

Mr. Varu said that the first test was positive, but the project was eventually postponed in early 1945. Although the government of New Zealand was still reports about the experiments, back in 1950-ies. The experts came to the conclusion that one powerful explosion was not enough, and for the production of tsunami will require about 2 million kilograms of explosives lined up about five miles from the shore.
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