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Над империей зла не заходит солнцеThe statements that Stalinism and Nazism, they say, brothers, now already not a surprise to anyone. "Why in some circles have not condemned the crimes of communism? asks the U.S. The Wall Street Journal.

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (front row, second from right) has arrived on a meeting with Adolf Hitler

- Many people say that if the crimes of Nazism have been proven and are convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal, the crimes of communism are still in need of the investigation". "In the twentieth century European countries experienced two powerful totalitarian regime, the Nazi and the Stalinist, which brought along genocide, violations of rights and freedoms, war crimes and crimes against humanity", - shares her the resolution of the parliamentary Assembly (PA) of the OSCE. So, maybe two most powerful totalitarian regime" and actually have roots? Or the Nazi regime close somebody else's ideology?

To understand this, you will need to take a closer look at the origins of the ideas of Hitler. Where did the idea, just in a couple of decades convicted at the Nuremberg Tribunal?

Kill them all, Lord knows its own!
Strangely enough, all the foundations of German national socialism, honoring yourself gentlemen, racism, antisemitism, and genocide "beasts" - existed long before the birth of Adolf Hitler. And successfully used in practice by the country over which never the sun went down, - the British Empire.

For example, the mass murder of natives in the English colonies was the same routine as hunting. In 1830 on Tasmania soldiers of the 40th regiment were driven into a bunch of natives, who dared to be "ever", killed the men, and then beaten to death of women and children. In Australia, one of the local colonists told traveler Charles Lumholtz that it kills all who met him on the way aboriginal men, because "they are the essence of scotopic, women - because they generate scotopic, and children - because they will be kotobelli". "Humiliated, depressed, confused, they are once natural owners of this land - vegetate here in his melancholy existence, waiting for more melancholic the end," described indigenous Australians Polish traveler count Strzelecki. Rich experience of the British massacre and has adopted Hitler wanted to do with "the beast folks", by mistake inhabited rich territories of the Soviet Union, just as the British did with the natives.

The situation is similar to concentration camps. The British were among the first to use it as a tool of genocide in South Africa, where driven beyond the fence wives and children of farmers have died from hunger and epidemics. According to the official statement of the British government, it was done in the name of "security of the peaceful population of the Boer republics", therefore it is not surprising that in a few decades English society more than graciously accepted the Nazi camps. In 1935 the veterans of British Legion (organization of veterans of great Britain) gave a high assessment to the concentration camp in Dachau and personally to the Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler ("modest person concerned for the good of their country"). The mayor of the British city Bethnal green after visiting the concentration camp in Kislau announced that "Adolf Hitler worthy deals with his political opponents". As one British obozrevatelya and does indignantly rejected the allegations of inhuman treatment of prisoners: "I would be safely entrusted to this kind of man (the commandants of the concentration camps. - Approx. auth.) his son.

How can one consider such a person, living peacefully with his family (as, for example, Rudolf Hoess, commandant of Auschwitz. - Approx. author) capable of sadistic meanness?"
During the Second world war in territory of the great Britain worked as a Nazi concentration camp, in which there were Soviet prisoners.

For five years, from 1940 to 1945, the English administration of occupied Germany the channel Islands collaborated with the Germans. Suffice it to say that the only person who called for an uprising against the Nazis on the Islands, was... a German soldier Paul Muhlbach.

With the arrival of the Germans, the English administration of the channel Islands adopted a law against Jews, which immediately together with the Gestapo began to catch the British police. And it is still unknown who of them was more hatred.

Judenfrei in British while

In 1920, the English newspaper the Morning Post tore all veils and told readers that "for centuries there is a secret plot, mostly Jewish, Jews have been trying to revolution, communism and anarchy, with which they hope to achieve world domination, setting his despotic rule". Moreover, they have already started to perform his cunning plan that exposed defense Minister Lord Alfred Milner, who had warned the Cabinet that "the revolution in Russia led by the cunning Jew." Milner was supported by Winston Churchill, like Adolf Hitler, who believed that international Jewry - "the main source of every subversive movement" - was "undisputed master of Russia".

The British Union of fascists, heated tirazhiruemye printing office of his Majesty "Protocols of the elders of Zion", in 1936 demanded (as Hitler five years later) the deportation of Jews from the country.
And Arnold Liz, founder of the Imperial fascist League, in 1931, 1936 and even 1948 (!) calling for the establishment in England fascist dictatorship, promoted the solution of the Jewish problem by using the "chambers of death", i.e. the gas chambers.
Hitler such an innovation from progressive British had like.

School of life for leaders

But as an idea, as the mass murder of using toxic substances, could be an appropriate response to the British and the German society?

And the fact that English and German educational system educated citizens, for whom killing subhuman or "nigger" as a terrible thing stood somewhere between burnt toast and spilled a glass of milk.
"Educational tools and tasks of the British public-school - public schools - appropriate and in our schools", - noted with satisfaction in 1938, the SS Obergruppenfuhrer August Heitmeyer. This was confirmed by the British Royal Institute of international relations, the report of which in the same year it was noted that the Nazi educational institutions "in many ways built on the model of our English. All their training is directed to instill belief in their superiority over others..." "Heaven knows how many there are educated future of a Hitler," concluded the Director of one of the English educational institutions J.. Tate.
Many Nazi leaders with admiration for the British public school. So, Obergruppenfuhrer SA Robert Ley preferred their German Napoles (national-political educational institutions). Foreign Minister Joachim Ribbentrop wished that his son had been educated in one of the English schools, as well as the son of the head of racial and settlement management SS Walter Darre.

But Britain's inspirers appreciated the Nazi system of education: since 1934, the future of English and German leaders have regularly carried out "exchange of experience", dealing school visits each other. So much so, that Obergruppenfuhrer SS Josef Dietrich offered to share with England security forces, that is, to the SS life-standard of the Hitler could stand in the guard at Buckingham Palace. The proposal, however, was not adopted, although the commander of the British Mediterranean fleet Admiral Barry Domville from German life-Shtandart was in raptures - the same Barry Domville that the words Himmler's "God save the king" said "Heil Hitler!".
However, in some ways currency units was held: the soldiers of the British volunteer corps of the SS fought with the coming of the "Asian hordes" to the end, fighting with Soviet troops even in surrounded by the Reichstag. "The only error Hitler is that he was not born an Englishman," so, according to one British SS, was due to unfortunate fact of his last battle.

"Hold the thief!" the loudest screams...

In connection with the above statement, the U.S. Embassy in Estonia that the USSR together with Germany responsible for the beginning of the world, looks like another passage of Goebbels newspaper "Feliciter Beobachter". England gave to the Third Reich ideology, weapons and "green light" to the East, ripping off all negotiations for the collective security system in Europe and give Hitler States on the continent, one after another.
Then what is the country responsible for genocide, human rights violations and war crimes referred to in the resolution of the OSCE PA, the USSR, Germany, or maybe some other, which, knowing of Nazi war rhetoric and to wage genocide, did all that happen?
It will ask "netotalitarnoy" the British.
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