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onua.org » News » Energy-saving lamps can cause skin cancer
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Энергосберегающие лампы могут спровоцировать рак кожиEnergy-saving lamps can be dangerous for human health. Such preliminary conclusions made by American scientists, according to LiveScience.

Employees of the University at stony brook compared how radiation ordinary and energy-saving lamps acts on cells of human skin. The researchers carried out an experiment in which these cells were exposed to radiation both types of lamps, writes EVROSE.

The results showed that the radiation of energy saving lamps is much more ultraviolet radiation, which damages the skin cells, and with long-term intensive radiation can cause cancer. Cells, subjected to radiation from energy saving lamps, was heavily damaged, and the cells irradiated plain lamp, were absolutely healthy.

Manufacturers saving energy lamp has already reacted to the publication of the results of these studies, stating that "the level of ultraviolet radiation is within norm.
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