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Аномалии в биографиях президентов СШАJanuary 20, 2009 in Washington hosted the inauguration of the 44th US President Barack Obama. This event gives us an occasion to remember a strange anomaly in the lives of American presidents. You mean some kind of coincidence important dates, which you explain by mere chance. But not too many coincidences of this kind have been accumulated in the biographies of these outstanding personalities?

For many years, thousands of Americans anxiously awaited presidential election year, a zero-terminated! The above anomaly in the biographies of presidents and is that those who occupied a high position in the year ending zero, soon died, being in office, enforced or natural death! For example, Henry Harrison, was elected President in 1840, died from cold 32 days after the inauguration! Abraham Lincoln elected for the presidency in 1860, was assassinated in 1865, James Garfield, who took a high seat in 1880, was killed by an assassin's bullet in 1881. Next, Warren G. Harding. elected in 1920, died his death three years later, in 1923, John F. Kennedy, who became President in 1960, was also killed in three years.

Legend has it that a certain regularity in the periodicity of these tragic events was the result of a sinister curse uttered the dying leader of the defeated local Indians!

The details.

Sometimes, as appropriate, the President was killed or died his death in a matter of weeks after the inauguration, as it was with William Henry Harrison. Or "curse" was overtaken by his sacrifice is not the first, and the next presidential term. That is what happened with William McKinley and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was elected to the presidency in the years n e a zero-terminated (McKinley in 1896, and Roosevelt in 1932). But they were re-elected in years ending with zero (McKinley for a second term in 1900, and Roosevelt on the third - in 1940). And, as you know, McKinley was assassinated in 1901 and Roosevelt died in 1945.

Talking about astrology?

Some experts seeking solving the mystery observed anomalies to the classical astrology. It turns out that this science has existed for more than five thousand years, demonstrates a certain frequency celestial events. For example, every 20 years, the two largest planet of our solar system - Jupiter (with circulation period of around the Sun, 12 years) and Saturn (with circulation period of around the Sun, 29 years) converging or, as they say, the astrologers, "is fixed in the connection between us." These periods and recorded in the history of various disasters.

So, while all eight of the last "connections" of Jupiter and Saturn (except one) U.S. presidents have died in their offices, and the U.S. and other countries were plunged into economic and social chaos! These events, in principle, can be explained by known scientists reasons, but their strict periodicity not be explained. Moreover, according to astrologers, it is the "connection" of Jupiter and Saturn provoke on Earth severe economic and social crises.

The heyday under the sign of Fire.

The American nation prospered during the presidency of James Monroe, elected to high office in 1820. Considerable role in this prosperity was played by the so-called Monroe doctrine, which provided a powerful economic development of the country and delivered her from foreign dependence. James Monroe survived his presidency and lived for many more years. However, this exception to our rule only confirms it.

Ancient sages believed all things term of four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each time, when the "connection" of Jupiter and Saturn is in the sign of the Earth (the constellation of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn), this process continues from 140 to 160 years. However, before the year ending zero (1840), "connection" giant planets is in the sign of Fire! Why James Monroe survived his presidency and no cataclysms when it was not?

The fact that Jupiter and Saturn are conflicting worlds.

And if we imagine their "connection" as a collision, you can get an overview of developments in each of the four fundamental elements of reality for 20 years. Since there is no planets, showing only positive or only negative manifestations, it can be considered that Saturn represents the difficult times, and Jupiter - blissful! When Jupiter is dominant on "connection", we expect the good times, and when the role is Saturn, waiting for the chaos and destruction of the presidents!

The attempt on Ronald Reagan.

on March 30, 1981, just two months after the inauguration, there was an attempt on President Ronald Reagan. When you exit the hotel "Hilton" in Washington, the President and his two attendants were wounded. The gunman was some John Hinckley, formerly persecuted US President Jimmy Carter and treated from a mental disorder.

About 14.30 when Reagan left the building of the hotel. Hinckley spoke from the crowd and three seconds released in the President's revolver W e s t e (!) exploding bullets caliber 5,6 mm! None of the bullets didn't explode! The first bullet hit in the head of the press Secretary White house, the second - in the back of a police officer, the third - in the window of the house opposite, the fourth bullet wounded a secret service agent, fifth hit the bulletproof glass the open door of the presidential limousine and the last bullet bounced from the case of a limousine, entered his chest President, hooked his rib and stuck in the lung. How do you assess this event astrologers?

Full cycle "connections" of Jupiter and Saturn under the sign of the Earth covers the years of elections of the presidents of the United States in the period between 1840 and 2000. Then this "connection" will take place under the sign of the Air. The following will happen in 2020, and more specifically, it will happen with a certain "reserve". This reservation is needed because of the miraculous salvation of Reagan from bullets suicide, too, is an anomaly.

In 1980 "connection" of Jupiter and Saturn occurred after a long period of so-called retrograde motion is obvious bias of these planets back (this phenomenon can be observed in the box, fast moving train, overtaking near the train). A similar phenomenon in the sky was observed quite often, but in this case, both of the giant planet not only includes the "connection" between them, and carry it under the sign of the Air in the constellation of Libra in the "retrograde"mode.

G. Gordeev
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