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В ожидании суперурагановLeft behind due date on the Mayan prophecy. According to the chronology of ancient Indians, the modern era began on 12 August 3114 B.C. and was to be completed on December 21, 2012. The singularity of this prediction is that the exact date is specified, but a description of what happens there.

Era is over, and what further? If the prophecy is true, then the upcoming event, as a rule, is mentioned in the other predictions. In addition, grain, of which grows in the future, always in the present. They are small, and to see them is very difficult, but possible.

Fire The Bible

The doctrine of Maya consistent with the teaching of the evolutionary cycle races (its distributors - Helena Blavatsky. Nicholas and Helena Roerich, replacing each other. According to this concept, the Earth has happened four shifts races (Apocalypse). During this time there were five races of intelligent beings (angelic people, presrciption people, the Lemurians. Atlanta, Aryans, i.e. you). Almost time for the 6th race and 5-th under the account of the Apocalypse. Very importantly, the upcoming event, unlike the previous four, this is not the end of the world, but only a good shake-up for humanity. Future 6th race - the same people, but with a different consciousness.

A similar vision of the future, but using another terminology, we find the doctrine of Maya. On Earth was already four races of intelligent beings, before there was modern people. All of them were lost during great cataclysms. "Fifth Sun"that shines us today named them as "the Sun of movement".

Almost time for "Sixth Sun" and 5-th "Suns". This coincidence can't be mere coincidence, this masks some very deep knowledge, the origin of which, by and large, we do not know.

The validity and importance of the doctrine of the cycle races on advantage will be estimated only by our descendants. This was said Wang: "There is an ancient Indian doctrine. It spread across the world. About it prints out new books, and they will be read everywhere on Earth. This will Fire the Bible. Exactly white, it will cover the earth, and thanks to him the people shall be saved. The new doctrine will come from Russia. It will be the first to be purified."

"Holy hell"

Among the many prophecies about the near future provided one. Grigory Rasputin predicted "a terrible storm that erupted on August 23, 2013. This day coincides with the date of the Maya, the difference in eight months insignificant. In the world of predictions exact dates are extremely rare, but the coincidence of the two is almost the only case.

Prophecy of Rasputin only at first glance it seems something insignificant and incidental. He talked about his own death, the death of the Royal family, revolution, Second and third world wars. However, only in the prediction of storm specify the exact date. The author hardly knew about the Beaufort scale (natoa world meteorological Association for estimating wind speed), and, probably, it is not about Bure, but powerful hurricane.

Great hurricanes

Today, we know about 17 predictions that in the near future on the planet will be
rage heavy duty hurricanes. Their power can be judged by the forecast of the American visionary Valdes (Junior): " I saw a huge building tumbled down to earth, powerful and huge trees were uprooted and raised in the air. I saw large concrete and steel construction buildings that have been twisted and torn as tiny toys. I have seen human beings, up in the air, and the beasts and the birds in the air. I saw them as they were broken from attacks against buildings, and their bodies are crushed. I saw human torsos, arms and legs no goals, no".

The events will develop gradually. According to Ruth Montgomery (1913-2001 years), "in the beginning of the next century the Earth's poles will change its position. Fierce and the incredible power of hurricanes will sweep away everything in its path... In the West remains California will disappear in the boiling sea. Offset will be preceded by a warning. Changes will happen slowly, not suddenly, in the last years of the XX century. Hurricanes will become more and more strong..."

Boiling sea

A hurricane is a wind with a speed of more than 120 km/h, which is caused by changes in atmospheric pressure. Seers say that the cause heavy duty hurricanes will become volcanoes, and the first submarine, which will cause the sea in a literal sense to boil. Monstrous temperature changes cardinally change the usual circulation of air and water in the oceans.

Ellen white from USA (1827-1915 years): "the Storm is coming... the mass of molten rocks fall into the water, there will be shaking from the viscera, hidden in the ground. Will boil water".

ST. Tsvelev (auris): "And you shall live thousands of volcanoes, and buzz unbearable fill shake the earth. And will the terrible hurricane. The strongest and unseen you might wind storms will pluck trees from the ground and destroy homes, like toys".

Richard Keninger: "Intensive earthquakes will be more than ever were recorded by scientists. All the volcanoes of the world will explode, as well as many new will join them. Due to volcanic eruptions huge number of heavy gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, will spread in the atmosphere. The gases are cooled in the high layers of the atmosphere, and then falls to the Earth's surface.

Arise air currents such a scale that strong winds will howl on the face of the world. The sky will be filled with dust and suffocating in pairs, so that even the sun will not be seen for several months. Walls of water in a thousand feet will be roaring, sweep all before him, and fill the earth. Sea and land animals, vegetation, silt and sand will be mixed and processed in the mud."

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519 years): -we'll See how the Eastern part of the run to the West and South to North, turning throughout the Universe in the great crash and rage... will Be great winds, when the East will become the West and the midday mostly't interfere with the running of the winds will follow him for many countries. And they will carry through the air, a great many people. Water animals will die in the boiling sea".

Pranks bottom

We can already see signs of future disasters (hurricane, the weakening of the ocean currents of the Gulf stream, and so on), on the seabed has become something to happen. Meteorologists say these anomalies, but not give them values, relating them to the background fluctuations. So, specialist of the leading research institutions of Roshydromet's Spa "Typhoon" Viktor Kornienko writes: "Hurricane "sandy", recently swept over Eastern parts of the USA, can rightly be called the most significant meteogalicia 2012. By origin he was genetically connected with a powerful tropical cyclone, pretty poterpevshim many Islands of the Caribbean.

A unique feature was its trajectory: being in the ocean at the latitude of new York city, he did not leave the classics to the East in the ocean, and abruptly turned to the West to the coastal cities, getting there support from temperature differences already cooling down of the continent, and still very warm ocean. Eventually this led to destructive consequences. The root cause of this behavior of the cyclone was unusual spatial temperature distribution over the surface of the ocean is abnormally warm along the Eastern coast of America to the relatively cool in the North-East Atlantic."

And now we know that while the ancient prophecies did not come true. Which, incidentally, is very good.

"Mystery of the twentieth century", January 2012
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