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Сенсационное открытие: на метеорите обнаружены следы внеземной жизниScientist Chandra a Leisure (Chandra Wickramasinghe)who examined found in Sri Lanka, the meteorite, claims to have found evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

In the journal, devoted to cosmology, appeared detailed article entitled “Fossilized diatoms in the new carbon meteorite”, whose author is astrobiology the Chandra Leisure.

The publication said that the group of scientists examined the remains of the meteorite that fell on December 29, 2012 near the village of Polonnaruwa (Sri Lanka), by means of an electronic microscope and found out that it is strong evidence that life in the Universe exists.

The leisure which the Director Buckingham center for astrobiology, reported that he found in the meteorite, “microstructure and morphology, is typical for a wide class of terrestrial diatoms”.

Based on these data, Chandra and his colleagues concluded that “the presence of structures of this kind in any extraterrestrial material can be interpreted as a clear proof of biology,” in other words, evidence that outside the planet Earth is life.

It should be noted that Leisure is a supporter of panspermia hypothesis, according to which all life on our planet appeared due to the “germ of life, that was brought from outer space.

“We are absolutely accurately identified diatoms found on a fragment of a meteorite. Thus, the results of our study confirm the hypothesis of panspermia”, - says the Director of Buckingham center for astrobiology.

However, his article is caused not only positive feedback - astronomer Phil Plate criticized the words of famous astrobiology.

“Leisure assures everyone that living cells come to us from space, but its proof is rather doubtful. Geologists who first examined the meteorite said that perhaps this is a common stone struck by lightning. Personally, I doubt that a piece of rock fell from the sky” - this is the opinion of Plato which he has shared with readers of the magazine Slate.

It should be noted that previously the Leisure stated that pathogenic microorganisms, causing epidemics on Earth, also included from the interplanetary space.

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