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Луна и Юпитер спешат на свиданиеAmazing celestial event will be able to watch January 21, not only professional astronomers, but everyone. The moon on this day will maximally closer to Jupiter. The culmination of this event will occur at three a.m. in the constellation Taurus. The distance between celestial bodies, depending on the place of observation, will be equal to approximately one disk of the moon. And the inhabitants of South America and the Pacific will be able to see the Eclipse - Jupiter will slip behind the moon.

Celestial phenomenon can be observed with the naked eye. But more interesting is to use binoculars. Then next to the planet-giants can see four of his companion. If you have the opportunity to use a small telescope, you will see even the clouds of Jupiter and the moon craters. The best will be an increase in the 30 - 40 times. All the important details would be thrown into the lens.

Astronomers recommend to watch the event about nine o'clock in the evening local time. It will look good from any point of the planet. However, in "rush hour" (January 21 in 03.02) the merger of two bodies will be available to look only to the inhabitants of America.

Contacts of the moon with other planets in the Solar system not happen so rarely, but such a clear convergence will not be repeated until 2026. So, do not miss a moment!
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