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Угрозу из космоса выявили слишком поздноA couple of days ago the Spanish astronomers discovered the asteroid, rapidly approaching the Earth. Its trajectory is that there is a huge probability of a collision, which should happen in February 2013.

What did stargazers around the world, it is not clear, because the space projectile 2012 DA14, as they called it, the size of "only" 60 meters in diameter are found on the "finish line". Given its speed, to take any measures earthlings using existing technologies will fail.

Based on available today, few data have already calculated that the asteroid, even if our planet will have good luck, and the visitor from space will not attempt to land, will fly too close. The maximum distance from the Earth, set for him who performed the calculations of specialists - 26 thousand kilometers. This is much lower orbits of the earth satellites. Even in this case the consequences of the visit 2012 DA14, which, incidentally, will be held in mid February 2013-wow, can be very disastrous, up to the displacement of the earth's orbit. If a collision, the probability of which about 50%, will still take place, then the Tunguska meteorite will seem easy hail.

I would expect that the Spaniards are wrong, but behind them all these horrible facts have already confirmed American, French and Spanish astronomers.

If to take into account that the world's scientists have warned the population that, in 2013 it is expected and solar storm that will inevitably get to the Ground, and just as inevitably bring a lot of terrible disasters, it seems that the predicted end of the world - not fiction crazy shamans.
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