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Amazing place, which is called the Valley of ghosts. is located on the top of the mountain demirdzhi in the Crimea.

Ghost valley attracts tourists by a group of randomly scattered cliffs.

Stone idols of the Valley of ghosts is a unique miracle of nature. Almost all geological guides these idols named figures of weathering.

Millions of years of wind, like a skilled sculptor was working on this material and eventually managed to create sculptures and amaze people.

Крымская Долина привиденийКрымская Долина привиденийКрымская Долина привидений

Rocks of the Valley of ghosts consist of rocks, the age of which is from 800 million to a billion years. Such species can be seen only in the Crimea. Geologists say that the massif demirdzhi consists of pebbles and boulders of the ancient river, who long ago were pressed in conglomerates, and then rose as a result of plate tectonics to a height of about 1350 meters.

There are several theories of the origin of the name of the valley: one of them is that in some time the shadows fall from the cliffs of unusual forms. The form of shadows and fast moving, according to the testimony of people who visited this place, produced a terrible impression.

According to another version, the members of tour groups staying in these places for the night, in the morning was very disturbing hallucinations. As it turned out later, the reason for this were the endemic plants (growing only in this place, which emit in the early hours of substances that can cause people a temporary mental disorder.

Крымская Долина привиденийКрымская Долина привиденийКрымская Долина привидений

Researchers of paranormal phenomena say that the Valley of ghosts - the most that is, the present anomalous zone, with signs typical for the so-called "godforsaken places", Maybe that is why the valley became a place of pilgrimage for people with psychic abilities. Many of them are sure to visit mount demirdzhi in order to gain energy that at certain hours exude a stone sculpture.

To give the local legends, these rocks are nothing more than petrified while escaping from the battlefield enemy combatants. And the rock which resembles a human head, often referred to as "head Catherine".

Крымская Долина привиденийКрымская Долина привиденийКрымская Долина привидений

The legend of the mountain is very exciting. Once the leader of the nomads looked at the top demirdzhi and saw rising over her smoke. "Real smithy! "he exclaimed. There we will forge weapons for soldiers", and beckoned to one of the military leaders whose nickname was Blackbeard: "You will take in the near village of strong men, and lead them to the top of the mountain. Let them build forge and begin to forge swords".

From that day on the mountain was burning flame, it slopes down black smoke, and the earth shook from rattle Molotov on the anvil. It was rumored that the black beard was a witch, so the warriors armed with swords forged in the high mountain forge, became invincible. The flame, bloated in the forge, drying room earth, and burnt vineyards and gardens, destroyed rivers and lakes. The country began a hunger and pestilence.

And then on top of the mountain went to a girl named Ekaterina. Overcoming her fear, she went to the black beard and began to beg not to destroy her people and to extinguish fire in the forge. But the sorcerer just laughed in response, and then grabbed her and stared at her lips with a passionate kiss. Catherine pushed the perpetrator, and he snatching from his belt dagger plunged steel in the throat unhappy.

Крымская Долина привиденийКрымская Долина привиденийКрымская Долина привиденийКрымская Долина привиденийКрымская Долина привиденийКрымская Долина привидений

Say, the mountain not made such a crime. From the top of her flames shot out, slopes trembled, and they rolled the huge lava boulders. All around were wrapped in impenetrable fog. When the fog had lifted, people from the surrounding villages saw that on the slope demirdzhi froze amazing stone sculptures reminding people fleeing. One of the stone pillars 25 meters high was like a black beard. It is called the Giant. And next was a boulder, forms resembling a female head. He was given the name Ekaterina's Head.
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