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Жить стало веселее: обнаружены 79 новых видов акулThrough genetic testing thousands of sharks and rays (close relatives sharks), the scientists were surprised to find a significant number of new species. The results of the research have generated among biologists heated debate about the pedigree of this family. The data also suggest that some species are under greater threat than it seemed before.

Gavin Naylor, a biologist from Charleston College (University of South Carolina, USA) and his colleagues conducted a genetic sequencing samples taken from 4283 species of sharks and rays. The team found 574 different types of fish, of which 79 are potentially new ones. According to the Naylor, he was "impressed" with the result, especially because his team was able to cover only about half of the approximately 1,200 species that exist on the planet.

A huge number of new species immediately led to the raising of the issue of their preservation. After all, the reason why these species were not found earlier, most likely, is their amazing similarity with other species of sharks and rays. So, the total number of these species is even smaller than previously thought - instead of one of numerous species we are dealing with a small group.

One of the colleagues of Naylor, Australian ichthyologist William white, believes that the study also points to the problems associated with the use of genetic information in Zoology. Thus, the use of new technologies can be critically test the nature of relationships between the sharks and stingrays. During this process inevitably questioned some of the existing ideas.
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