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"Ведьмины круги" убивают и умирают. Ловушка для ведьмOn the plains of South-West Africa often found strange round education, deprived of a grass and reaching up to 12 metres in diameter. The locals call them "signs of the gods", Europeans "vedenie circles". Recently biologist Walter Cancel found that each circle has a life cycle that moves and ruining the grass inside.

Causes of "witch-circles" still remain a mystery. According to one of them, this is the result of vital activity of insects, only it is not yet clear what...

Walter Cinelu managed to study the dynamics of development and movement mysterious stains using satellite imagery. It turned out that they have their own life cycle, which begins with the fact that the grass inside the circle for unknown reasons dies. Then the circle continues to grow, but, in the end, again overgrown with grass and disappears.

Lifetime "witch's circle" depends on its size and on average, according to the scientist, is 41 years. But there are circles-long-livers, the existence of which lasted more than seven decades. It is also noteworthy that in the course of his "life" circles constantly moved from place to place.

In Europe "vedenie circles" or "rings" is more often called a growing circle mushrooms. The diameter of this circle can sometimes be up to 200 meters. Each year adding to fifteen centimeters in diameter, ring can survive indefinitely - from 30 to 800 years.

Such education also called "circles fairies" and attributed them various mystical properties. Thus, residents of Germany believed that these geometric figures identifies those sinister place where they conduct the covens of witches.

And the Celtic, Scots, Irish and Swedes were convinced that the circles are formed where the nights are leading their own dances fairies, elves, trolls and other forest spirits. There existed a belief that if a mere mortal accident will see the dance, then the spirits can call him and offer to join them, and in case of refusal will be avenged on, pouring unfortunate various hardships and diseases. If people agree, then a doomed even more sad fate: the next morning he was found dead in the center of the circle. There were also cases, when mortals who is bewitched! elves, postponed for decades into the future.

Caution: the witch is still there!

The Dutch called "vedminy circles" night gatherings of devils, who had allegedly knocked down here oil. Though why the hell do this woman's work - it is not clear... nevertheless, it was believed that inside the circle cannot feed the cows and the milk will deteriorate. There is another explanation, hell bound is much smaller: it's been hypothesized that "vedminy ring" are formed as a result of stroke of lightning, and milk, as you know, has the property to sour during a lightning storm, due to the passage of electric discharges. Maybe here and belief?

There was a happy and signs associated with "vedenie circles". It was rumored that the one who came across one of them, will be happy for the rest of your life: it is enough to enter the circle and, standing there, make a wish.

Another superstition, related "witch-circles", connected with the treasures. If the mysterious circle, like markings on the magic map, indicate the whereabouts of the treasure. But to find in the forest ominous ring and dig inside, hoping to get rich, is not an option. The fact that the hidden treasures in the "witch-circles", zagovorami and simply in the hands not given. So, before you go under the earth, should look "gap-grass" (and certainly in the period of its flowering) and RUB her eyelids. And blossoms this wonderful herb, as again, says a popular belief, only at midnight on Midsummer day, and not very long. In order to get it, I had to have time to read three special prayers. In short, the task was not easy, it is not surprising that neither the one treasure found in "arrived to Naples circle", mentions not preserved.

Of course, all of the field of mythology. But only in the beginning of XIX century the scientists finally picked up the phenomenon reasonable explanation. They found that the mushroom rings are formed on the old mycelium, the core of which is due to the lack of nutrients gradually dies and does not let the grass grow, and the region continue to bear fruit. But the element of mystery still remains, after all, not all species of fungi form circles. Because "vedminy ring" and to this day continue to interested researchers and intrigue lovers just inexplicable and mysterious.

Margarita Trinity
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