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Запорожские ученые порадовали новой сенсациейZaporozhye archeologists confirm that the tribes who lived in the Azov sea at the end of VII BC, were the first on the territory of modern Europe breeders.

As said by РепортерUA the head of "New archaeological school" Oleg Tuboltsev, in 40-ies, when the excavations have been conducted on the monument "Stone Grave", had already been found animal bones, Dating back to the VI-VIII century B.C. these were the first domesticated animals.

Stone Tomb is a world historical monument. Ancient shallow Sarmatian sea split into huge blocks of Sandstone and looms among the steppe. Since olden times people believed this place is Holy and settled here. After a strong cold snap, which game has become much less nomads decided to breed cattle and keep it at home.

"Domestication occurred consciously. They took another young individuals and grew them about themselves to Mature age. In the future, if they have not crossed among themselves, they were allowed to eat, the rest were bred and further", - says Oleg Tuboltsev.

This destroys the theory of historians that livestock "came" to the territory of modern Eastern Europe from the Middle East, where he learned to domesticate for the first time. Now it has become the ground for new scientific disputes.

Alena Danchenko, РепортерUA
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