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onua.org » News » The French authorities prohibited the access of tourists to shelter from the end of the world
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Власти Франции запретили доступ туристам до убежища от конца светаThe French authorities have banned access in the vicinity of the mountain Byugarash, which many consider one of the possible safe havens in case coming on 21 December of the Apocalypse, RIA "news". According to the decision of the prefect of the city of Carcassonne Eric Raseliny, access to the peak Byugarash in the South of France will be limited from 18 to 22 or 23 December.

Local authorities hope to turn back the tide of people who believe in the imminent end of the world supposedly predicted by the Mayan calendar, and hoping to experience him in the mount Byugarash and the eponymous village with a population of about 200 people, and the masses of curious. "We are preparing for the arrival of people who are afraid of the end of the world, but their number is very limited.

Increasingly we are preparing for an influx of onlookers, the number of which cannot be predicted, as well as many representatives of the media" - said the prefect. According to him, security control near the top and at the entrance of the town will be carried by some hundreds of police. Their actions is explained by the impossibility to guarantee the safety of people on the steep slopes of the peak, and care for the villagers.

According to some data, about one hundred thousand people intend to go to the mountains on the eve "doomsday". Some very enterprising businessmen they kept trying to get rich on this legend. For example, some firms from the USA already hard sell trips "one way" for those who wish to see firsthand the end of the world, and residents of the neighboring village of wine to celebrate this event. Let's remind, that on 21 December of the current year in accordance with the predictions of the Maya ends Era Fifth Sun, which began in 3114-m ad is on the date 21.12.12 ends in a calendar of ancient people. This was the reason why so pessimistic people "prophesied" end of the world. However, the Great sorcerer Mexico denies these rumors.

Note that predictions of Mayan civilization, the end of the world in 2012, does not exist, say researchers from the National University of Mexico, studying the culture of ancient Mexico. Ancient scientists have calculated your calendar before December 21, 2012, but never gave it that after the world will end. The calendar has just ended, and all. At the same time Maya adhered to the theory that "history repeats itself at some point", then the time period begins anew scientists Themselves are still not fully learned the history of the appearance of the Mayan calendar and that is the reason for the emergence of rumours about the end of the world in 2012.

The Mayan calendar remains one of the most mysterious objects of this ancient civilization. In turn, the archaeologists found a second confirmation of the forthcoming "end of the world": according to the carvings found on the stone stairs in La Corona, Guatemala, back in April, it will happen on December 21, 2012, the end of the cycle of 5125 years since the beginning of the Great Mayan calendar.
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