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Второе рождение гибнущей звезды рассказало о судьбе СолнцаIn a few billion years dying Sun for a short time back to life, throwing gaseous shell in the surrounding space. Something similar happens in the planetary nebula Abell 30, located 5 500 light years from Earth, as you can see in the combined image that is composed of pictures of a space telescope "Hubble" in visible light and x-ray data of orbital observatories XMM-Newtonи "Chandra".

Planetary tamanodelpene the objects were named by the astronomers of the XVIII century, who misinterpreted what he saw in their primitive by our standards telescopes. Despite the inaccuracy of the name, it stuck.

Stars whose mass exceeds the sun no more than eight times, to the end of life turn into red giants, losing the outer layers. Ultraviolet radiation Nude star kernel then highlights reset shell, creating a spectacular sight.

The light in the center of Abell 30 first met with death 12.5 thousand years ago, when its outer shell tore off slow, but dense stellar wind. But about 850 years ago the star suddenly came back to life, shaken by violent cough, which led to the release of material rich in helium and carbon. Wrap expanded, but then quickly fell again in just 20 years. In the stellar wind accelerated to present 4 000 km/S.

This thread is catching up and interacts with the material of the previous, more slow wind. Is the sticking together of old and new material, composite education, including something like a comet tails that can be seen in this image near the Central star.

If the luminaries were a planet, and they somehow managed so far to survive the red giant phase, this event they definitely would destroy. Several billion years later, the distant observer will see how the planets of the Solar system will flash amber drops on the x-ray images, evaporated stellar wind.

Based on the materials of the European space Agency.
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