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Всем кто ждет конца NASA ответило на 12 главных вопросов о “конце света”The national space Agency of the USA (NASA) has decided to ease people's concerns and responded to the 12 main questions about end of the world. Recently, on the Internet literally bred predictions of the coming end of the world, supported by the prophecies of Vanga, poems of Nostradamus and, most importantly, the mysterious Mayan calendar. According to the most common in people legend, in December of 2012 the Earth will hit the planet Nibiru, which naturally put a bold cross on the whole human civilization. History has become so popular that Internet users from around the world have started to attack an official laboratory NASA with questions about the existence of a mysterious planet and its possible trajectory, writes e-news.
Finally, the Agency decided to relieve people's concerns and answered the main questions about end of the world. Under the answers subscribed senior researcher of the Institute of astrobiology at NASA David Morrison.

1. Why the end of the world has to come in December 2012?

For the first time that ancient Sumerians predicted the end of the world, said the science fiction Zecharia Sitchin. In his book "12th planet", published in 1976 year, he wrote that he found some unknown official science Sumerian manuscripts and they tell of the planet Nibiru. Planet orbits around our Sun, but to make a complete circle, it needs as much 3600 earth years, so still no one could see.
And recently, this, in fact, the hoax was superimposed on another legend: according to the ancient Mayan calendar December 2012, the last month of the existence of our Universe, then will come the end times. To be more precise, according to the calculations of the Indians he will have somewhere between the 20th and 23rd of December.
Comment: this year a surge of interest in Indian predictions pushed another and advertising campaign disaster movie "2012". The plot is just tied at the end of the world, assigned according to the Mayan calendar.

2. The Sumerians knew their job and did not one reliable astronomical predictions. For example, predicted the discovery of planets like Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. So maybe not mistaken and at the expense of Nibiru?

Name Nibiru appears in the writings of the Babylonian astrologers, and linked by researchers with the divine Marduk. It appears in the Babylonian legend "Enuma Elish"created between about 668 and 627 BC, while civilization of Sumer existed and, accordingly, has created all the monuments of their culture much earlier - between XXIII and XVII centuries BC
The claim that Nibiru is a planet which was opened by the Sumerians, were born out of conjectures and suppositions same Sitchin, essentially based on nothing. Yes, the Sumerian civilization had a stunning artistic culture, advanced technology in agriculture, urban infrastructure and highly developed system of writing. But, unfortunately, the documents attesting to the Sumerian discoveries in the field of astronomy, we have very little. And certainly the Sumerians had no idea about Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. They never knew that planets urawaza around the Sun - the first ideas of heliocentrism appeared in Ancient Greece, about 2 thousand years after the disappearance of the Sumerian civilization.

3. In 1983 the largest world Newspapers wrote that NASA recognized the opening of the 10th planet, which is called planet "X", and then called I played Xena or Aridai. Isn't that Nibiru?

In 1983 NASA sent a 10-month flight apparatus IRAS satellite for astronomical research in the infrared part of the spectrum. And he actually found many previously unknown sources of infrared radiation (about 350 thousand), but none of them was Nibiru, planet X, or any other large object within the boundaries of our solar system.
Hearing about the 10th planet was born later, in 84) Then one of the scientific publications stated that some found IRAS objects are not amenable to scientific classification, and may be undiscovered planets. However, later, in the course of a long research both on earth and in space, NASA officials were convinced that these objects were distant galaxies.
In General, Nibiru - fiction. With the development of astrophysics is no "invisible" or "undiscovered" 10th planet in our system cannot be.

4. The name "planet X" figured in scientific publications of different years. A feeling that NASA was trying to hide the fact of discovery of the new planet

"Planet X" - shorthand for object existence is questioned, and only to be expected based on indirect data. As soon as the object is realistic, given the present name, as was, for example, Pluto, and the name "planet X" disappears. If the existence of a cosmic body is not confirmed or it is not a planet, it just stop writing in the press, that's all.
The last "planet X" was Eris - tiny planet on the outskirts of our solar system. Like Pluto, it is smaller than the moon, and has established its orbit is closer than 4 billion miles it to the Ground just cannot.

5. NASA has constructed the huge telescope at the South pole. Isn't made to secret surveillance of Nibiru?

Yes, on the South pole has a telescope, but "constructed" it's not NASA and Nibiru he doesn't. The telescope was built and is included on the National scientific organization, and this radio-and not optical install, so no pictures or images he can do. And was chosen because on the pole of the telescope does not prevent a change of day and night, Yes, and receive short waves there the best.

6. How to explain that to the full panorama of outer space submitted by the programs Google Sky and Microsoft Telescope, has darkened area? There is a version that Nibiru is hiding there

To hide there Nibiru can't, because this part of the sky was perfectly visible from almost all points of the planet in the winter of 2007-2008. Although, I myself was very curious, where did this "dark spot" on the map of our sky, so I asked this question to my friend who works in the scientific Department of the Google. According to him, this space has disappeared from maps simply as the result of computer errors, and soon this mistake will be corrected.

7. Astronomical Mayan prediction always hit the spot. Why the ancient Indians believed that the world would end it in 2012?

It is worth explaining that the Mayan calendar referenced "foretellers" end of the world, was created to account for the last time, not predictions of the future. Yes, Indian calendar was much more complicated than our and, frankly, take into account the duration of the year, even more precisely, but it does not mean that it can be used to make any forecasts.
As speculation about the end of the world appeared due to the fact that the Mayan calendar simply ends in 2012 year. Here's my desktop calendar last day - 31 December 2009-th year, and what?

8. In 2012, the majority of planets in the solar system will line up, and the Earth is in the middle of the milky way. What consequences will it have for us?

No "parade of planets" in 2012, will not, and what means "the Land in the middle of the milky way", I do not understand. If it's the milky way galaxy, which, incidentally, has a spiral structure, we with our solar system, rather it's edge, that is about 30 thousand light years from the midst, the "midst". Moreover, we revolve around the galactic center, and are always about the same distance from it.

9. The earth will soon become "the dark gap milky way. What will become of us? Is this not the end of the world?

The dark gap in the people called wide ring of clouds of dust inside the milky way. In fact, it closes from our review of the center of the galaxy - and this impact "divide us, earthlings, is limited. I guess the promoters of the end of the world just liked the term words "dark gap" can really scare the gullible public.

10. Online write that in 2012 will begin the strongest in the entire history of the storm on the Sun, and just at this time on Earth will change the magnetic poles. What will happen to humanity? Because the Earth's magnetic field protects it from space objects.

In fact, the magnetic activity of the Sun reaches its maximum about every 11 years. At this time we can observe a large solar flares and coronal emission mass, but life on Earth, they have no effect. The danger they pose to the astronaut, working in outer space or on the moon's surface, but NASA had long learned to deal with it. Sometimes strong solar emissions can briefly interrupt the radio or to spoil electronics on our satellites - but in this case on most of them installed fuse.

With regard to the date of the last solar maximum was in 2001, so the following needs to happen in 2012, 11 years later. However, the previous solar minimum (they also cyclical) proceeded a little unusual, so our experts believe that the maximum "late" about a year andshines in 2013)
Now about the magnetic field: it is true, as the bubble that protects us from the sun's emissions. But no reason to believe that the magnetic poles of the Earth will change in the near future, no. According to our data, this happens about once every 400 thousand years

11. Heard the prediction that in 2012 the Earth is struck by a meteorite. Is it true?

Comets and asteroids constantly hit the Ground, although clashes with large objects - a rather rare phenomenon. The last such case occurred 65 million years ago and led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Today NASA around the clock watching space objects, in order to identify the movement towards the Earth long before the collision. And, I assure you, nothing at least a little bit dangerous we found.

12. Online walks a lot of photos and video-records of the planet, moving toward the Earth. Isn't this proof?

Can't answer for all these images, but most of them captured just a false reflection of the Sun, created by the glare on the lenses of photo-equipment. They can easily "catch" on such grounds: false reflection is directly opposite the Sun, and in the video, the motion of the lens, on the same track its movement. The same illusion is often mistaken for the image of flying saucers, and, frankly, I am surprised that people are still so easily "underway" on this hoax.
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