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НЛО как сверхсекретное оружиеChina has announced plans to build the country's first base for the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The big interest in participation in this project already showed more than two dozens of large investors. So, the Taiwanese company "Changquan" is ready to invest in the construction of a unique database of about $ 20 million.

It is noteworthy that along with Beijing topic UFO suddenly was raised in the capital of another superpower - Washington. American scientists are advised to conduct a more detailed study on the issue "flying saucers" and earnest study of this phenomenon. Why Chinese-American interest in UFOs and what actually are flying objects classified as "unknown", "liter-Week" (LEV.) told known Kazakhstan UFO researcher, scientist-astrophysicist Sergei Efimov (SE).

LN: In your opinion, why the sudden interest of the Chinese and American scientists to the subject of UFOs?

S.E.: paradoxically, the interest in UFOlogy and other paranormal phenomena associated with scientific progress. From the moment when mankind found themselves around the boundless cosmic space until investigated, it became afraid of a possible meeting with the more advanced civilizations. So bloomed interest in UFOs, and one of the tasks of science is to explain to people what do they see in the sky.

LN: Are there UFO really? And what is the attitude to the problem of the state and the military authorities?

S.E.: I Think that the state should not stand aside from this process, because the more critical in relation to everything unusual in the person becomes, the less likely that he will be subject to adverse effects, including through various totalitarian sects. Categorically UFO never rejected, except for certain dogmatists. In General a lot of confusion occurs around the term. In ordinary understanding UFO - alien extraterrestrials, but in fact the idea of UFOs is revealed in the abbreviation. Nature "unidentified flying object" cannot always be explained even a serious scientist. Therefore, UFOs, as someone not identified objects, of course, exist.

However, 90 percent initially unknown flying objects end up with planes, missiles and even planets. The question as to whether at least some UFO work of aliens, is still there. And, I think, will remain unanswered for a long time. Science is not rejected the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations, the Earthmen are searching for life on other planets. But not the fact that it has to do with UFOs. But definitely by UFOs are relevant military. So, in the 60-ies in the hands of Soviet ufologists have got the message, which is not related to the aliens, and to top-secret Soviet military developments. Then the authorities did just: banned scientists engaged in UFOlogy. Indeed, certain information may be of interest for foreign intelligence. That's why the military is not the love of ufologists and prefer to stay away from sensitive issues UFO.

LN: What, then, see eyewitnesses in the sky?

S.E.: I am a member of the Commission on anomalous phenomena in the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, which, by the way, recently celebrated its 15th anniversary. In our database there are already about a thousand reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects. The UFOlogy, which we aimed on the study of UFOs, whatever they were. And we only scientific methods. So, more than half of the unidentified objects in Kazakhstan turned out to be space and military missiles launched from local landfills. I also had to watch the start of space objects is not surprising that witnesses accept what he saw UFOs. Were in my practice cases when people talked about this flying saucer, but "alien ship" in the end turned out to be bright planet.

LN: That is UFOs are just violent fantasy people?

SE: it is Human nature to try to identify objects that are not clear to him, the brain requires clarity. The process of information processing in humans is quite complex. What we see, gets into our consciousness with distortion. Since about UFOs and aliens had read and watched all the people, discover something amazing, pre-configures your consciousness so as to be customized information under once he has seen. In the middle ages people saw angels and devils. Then, when came the age of the faith in science and technology, eyewitnesses "observed" in the sky latest airships and airplanes. Today humanity is exploring the cosmos, so "see" the aliens. This is not a conscious imagination, but simply a property of the mind.
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