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Солнце уже устраивало нам "конец света"Researchers are not haunted by the mysterious "event of Charlemagne", which coincided with the victories of the Emperor over the Lombards. In the annual rings of trees that era detected abnormal concentration of radioactive carbon-14. American astrophysicists Adrian Melot and Brian Thomas suggested that the reason for that huge solar flare.

Phenomenon related to 774-775 years, was opened only this year. The experts have explained the anomaly increased cosmic radiation and suggested that if it was caused by the sun, then the Sun would have to ascribe a thousand times more powerful radiation than that observed during the largest in the history of mankind geomagnetic storm of 1859. But this level of radiation to imagine completely unrealistic. "We just looked carefully through these erroneous calculations and found that the outbreak was just 10-20 times more than in 1859" - commented Adrian Melot.

Not stand up to criticism and the assumption of a supernova explosion. At that time the Eastern astronomers has recorded such phenomena, but in the above period, nothing like this had happened.

According to Melot, according to the data received by means of space telescope "Kepler", for a sun-like stars, generally characterized by periodic outbreaks, the capacity of which exceeds the standard. This flash and could cause a sharp increase in radioactivity in the third quarter of the eighth century. Besides, he added, "intervention" from supernova excluded, as to the content of carbon-14 jumped so sudden outbreak were to occur closer than a hundred light years from Earth.

As a result of such events exploded star within a few months had even day to Shine in the sky brighter than the full Moon. If it really happened, it probably would have been noted somewhere in the Chronicles and other sources. Moreover, the remains of a supernova in our day could still be seen. Meanwhile, in a radius of a hundred light years nothing of the sort seen.

Unlikely and gamma-ray flash from supernovae. In this case, from two opposite points of stars in the explosion burst dense beams of gamma rays, covering huge distances. For thousands of light years, they can reach a distant planet, but the probability of this is no more than once in 15-20 million years, hence, it is much lower than the probability of solar zverjushek.

If we accept a hypothesis that the outbreak of the Sun, how often such events may occur? According to data of the same "Kepler", approximately every one to two thousand years. So there is a chance that the super flare again in the near future. What this may be fraught?

In the era of the Carolingians outbreak of the Sun could lead to a fall in yields (however, crop failures were not such a rarity), and also easy to increase the incidence of skin cancer due to the partial destruction of the ozone layer. But remember that in those days there was practically no communication. But in 1859 during geomagnetic storms around the world has failed Telegraph. But then not everywhere were electricity and water supply, no telephone, heated using stoves and fireplaces, and computers, mobile phones and Internet could position is that in a fantastic dream...

Experts say that if I happened flash dozens of times more powerful than in the age of Charlemagne, would've blowed constructing oil and gas pipelines, electrical transformers, and most electronic devices. And when you consider that almost all communications are closely linked, there is no doubt: the end of the world will come! Take the recent hurricane "sandy", for a few weeks left part of the Americans not only without electricity, but without water, gas and heating. And if this happened in a country or around the globe? We would be left not only without light, heat, water and sanitation, but could not warm up food, to buy food in the market, to withdraw money from an ATM...

Perhaps the mighty of this world should think: is it really an effective global communication systems, running on electricity and chips? Maybe we should care for alternative "alarm" options for the likely disasters?
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