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В Китае проходят массовые аресты сторонников культа АпокалипсисаThe Chinese authorities continue to arrest the followers of the cult of the end of the world, predrekli quick death to all living things. The members of the sect "God Almighty" claim that after the occurrence of the Apocalypse will be saved, only those who will join their ranks. In China, this organization is forbidden, according to the British broadcasting company BBC.

Last night police arrested more than 900 supporters "Falun Gong" is the Chinese name is quite widespread in the country pagan cult. The detainees believe in the Mayan prophecy, according to which the Apocalypse is supposed to occur on December 21. They also believe that in this day, the Sun will go out exactly three days.

Supporters of the cult of the Apocalypse are accused "spreading deliberately false information and violation of public order under the cover of religion". Interestingly, in addition to the message about the imminent end of the world, members of the "God Almighty" announced one of its goals the overthrow of the ruling Communist regime. It's funny that the popularity of the cult "Falun Gong" began to gain momentum across the country after several years ago fiction film 2012 broke all records in terms of box office in China.

However, not only the members of a banned sect believe that the world would end on December 21. So, the farmer Liu Kiyan of Hebei province has built seven shelters made of fiberglass, each of which can accommodate 14 people. They are located on the water and, in the words of Kiana able to withstand even a very strong storm. The police of Beijing, wanting to reassure citizens, posted on its website the announcement that any information about the imminent end of the world is nothing more than rumors and believe it not.

Sect "God Almighty" was founded in the Chinese province Henan about 20 years ago. The organization's leaders say his supporters that after the Apocalypse will come a new era, which will be accompanied by the coming of the "women-Jesus". Members of a banned sect remain anonymous, the Charter they are forbidden to have mobile phones. Previously, Chinese media reported that women who share the views of the founders "Falungun"use "sex intercourse" for trapping in the organization of single men.
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