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Новая теория возникновения живой клеткиScientists bill Martini from the University of Dusseldorf and Neal lane from the London University College offered an interesting theory for the origin of living cells with different bioenergy properties. In their opinion, the emergence of life is a by-product of the reaction energy.

First protocells needed a huge amount of energy for the implementation of the metabolism and replication, as the enzymes catalyzing this particular reaction, came later. Most likely, most of the energy was never used protocells and simply dissipated.
In the course of its research, bill Martin and Nick lane tried to figure out how to protocells managed to use energy to sustain his life.

They also considered the question, where does this energy come from and why it is accumulated by living cells. As explained by scientists, biochemical processes occur in the cells in closed compartments". The presence of the membrane is one of the key factors that allowed the protocells in the course of evolution to become a full-fledged living cells.

Living cells keep obtained in the process of respiration energy on their membranes in the form of ionic gradients. This fact is also peculiar to them, as the genetic code. During his studies lane and Martin showed that carbon and energy metabolism of bacteria growing on carbon dioxide and hydrogen, is very similar to the chemistry of the processes, which occur in the deep sea thermal vents.

Done by researchers measurements prove that natural proton gradient, acting through the thin walls of sulfur and iron, can ensure the assimilation of organic carbon. In the end, could have been formed protocells, initially deprived of their own shells and living in a stone cell.

Minerals, according to scientists, served as catalysts for processes ancient metabolism. After some time protocells got its own membrane and left a stone vault.

Thus, the first time scientists were able to trace the entire path from stones, carbon dioxide and water to the formation of today's living cells.
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